Sony SmartWatch 3 receives Android Marshmallow update (MEC24H)

by XB on 6th April 2016

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SmartWatch 3 Marshmallow_MEC24HIt has been a long wait, but Sony SmartWatch 3 (tetra) owners are now receiving the Android Marshmallow update. The OTA update is rolling to the watch and should hit all users within a week. The update will move the SW3 to Android Wear 1.4 and build number MEC24H.

There was some concern that the SmartWatch 3 might not get any updates past Lollipop, so it’s great to see Marshmallow arrive. The OTA link is included below if want to install it manually. Let us know your impressions once you’ve installed the update.


Via Android Police.

Thanks Patrick and Tim!

  • Makiz

    At last!! I was looking every day for the damn update in settings!

  • Liam Hethershaw

    This update isn’t exciting, it brought app permissions and battery optimisations added to marshmallow and there have been some tweaks to the do not disturb functionality. Other than this and improved gestures there is nothing new.

  • azzido

    When Xperia Z6?
    If not I saw new Huawei P9 5.5″ with Leica Dual Camera :P
    Finally something bigger than boring 5 inches from upcoming X series, for me a huge step back.

  • azzido

    Sad, but 100% true about Xperia cameras :(

    this is the reason why I am giving up on Sony smartphones, especially on X series. SAme camera, same quality, same blurr etc.

    The ain point is sooo adequate, Sony focuses on theeses silly AR effects while the picture quality is bad. The only good thing is the video recording, but these phones takes rather bad pictures.
    All the comparisons, details are in this video :(

    By the way, where to find this laugh only? :)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    For me xperia z5 not that bad and not that good either. Still has room to improved

  • Raj Singh

    It’s disappointing to see the idiots at Sony sabotage the company.

    Huawei, a Chinese outfit, is more competitive than Sony. The Huawei Watch is better than Sony’s SmartWatch. It doesn’t even matter that Sony has the rights to the name ‘SmartWatch’. They have no idea how to leverage it. Their “competitors” don’t even care because it’s not even a threat. They make awesome products but have no idea how to position their brand.

    And it looks like Huawei’s Leica phone will be a suitable replacement once Sony Mobile goes out of business. I was waiting for a Z series phone with the 820 but they ruined the Z5 Premium with a sh tty processor and now they’ve killed it off because the execs at Sony have no idea how to sell a compelling product, even with 4K, waterproofing, PS4 Remote Play, high-resolution audio, and all that other technology they have at their disposal.


  • Rammstone

    Sony confirmed the Z series is done

  • Jesús López Sotelo

    Expect a new Xperia X line, the Z line ended with the Z5 family.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Woohoo! This is really good news! I just bought SmartWatch3 over Easter and I am really liking it! Battery life is even better than expected.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    LOL the P9 and P9 Plus is selling for $680 and $850 respectively with a much weaker Kirin 955, no 4K and no OIS. The only reason Huawei sells is because it’s Chinese…that’s pretty much it. What you smoking, fam?

  • MarkG54321

    “Some concern”.. Lol, and what werecthose concerns other then version number???

    Idiots obsess over Android version numbers,,not functionality…

  • Olaf Duits

    Men oh men, what a couple of cry babies. Always complaining on Sony in every topic they find Please, please, by yourself a Huawei and sell your Sony stuff. Or raise your own company if you know it so well how to run a company. I even want to sponsor you for a Huawei and to be sure you leave the Sony forums and start crying on Huawei forums. How much do you need? :-(

  • iia3ezu

    After Huawei acquires Sony Mobile, maybe. Otherwise the Xperia Z series is dead.

  • Lee Jia Hui


  • Jacky

    Snapdragon 820 didn’t even start shipping until after z5 was out..

  • Matt

    Just buy that hideous huawei and tell us later about your stuck software.

    The time frame of z5 does not suit 820 . . but you won’t care really being as delusional as your comment

  • Matt

    Why is everyone like this ? If you want to buy that ughly Chinese phone and you think it is more interesting ,go ahead! Nobody cares.

  • Lorrainemligon

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  • Erico Teixeira

    E a atualização Lollipop para Xperia E4??

  • Raj Singh

    I want a Z series phone with an 820+. That’ll never happen now.

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  • Matt

    Well, people in hell also want an ice water

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  • Raj Singh

    Which one of these points is incorrect?

    1. Huawei is more competitive than Sony is.
    2. Huawei Watch is better than Sony SmartWatch.
    3. It doesn’t matter that Sony has the rights to the name ‘SmartWatch’.
    They have no idea how to leverage it. Their “competitors” don’t even care because it’s not even a threat.
    4. They make awesome products but have no idea how to position their brand.
    5. They ruined the Z5 Premium with a sh tty processor.
    6. They killed off the Z Series because Sony execs have no idea how to sell a compelling product.

  • Raj Singh

    My point is that Sony makes awesome hardware but they have no idea how to sell it.

    Considering that Sony was the first to put out a smartwatch, they should have a compelling product that others should be aspiring to match. Instead, other companies are putting out crazy watches that makes Sony’s watch look dated.

    I want them to put out a watch that bests Huawei, Samsung and Apple. Sony should have the best one on the market. It should look the best and it should be the best. There’s no excuse.

  • Raj Singh

    They shouldn’t have released the Z5 with that sh tty processor. If they were determined to stick to their release schedule, they should at least put out a Z6 or Z Ultra with the 820. I’m choked that they cancelled the Z series phones. The X seems like a compromise whereas the Z was no compromises.

  • Raj Singh

    The 820 was not ready for the Z5. That’s fine. But they shouldn’t have abandoned the Z series. They should have a Z6 with 820 (or higher).

    How many Z5 phones do you think they’re selling? In the US they have the hardware but deliberately disabled the fingerprint scanner. WTF is up with that? It makes no sense. They should have one global product for one Sony. They don’t know how to sell their products.

  • Olaf Duits

    Like I said; annoying! So why are you on this website of Sony?

  • Raj Singh

    I’ll answer your question. I hope you take a minute to answer mine. And please take note that I’m responding to you from my Z3 Tablet.

    I come to this site for a very simple reason: I love Sony products. On my person right now I have the SBH80 around my neck, the SBH52 in my pocket, the MPCL1 in my bag and SGP621 in my hand.

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  • Khillo81

    Coming back to the topic at hand, I got the update yesterday and as expected, nothing much to write about. A few visual changes, app permissions, and new gestures. At least people will now stop bellyaching about not having Marshmallow…

  • Laurie Miles

    I think this is a discussion about the new software for the Sony SmartWatch 3. I takethe prize for the first person to pst anything remotely related to this!
    There are three new gestures available in a tutorial once the software is installed – it requires the phone to be connected to power to update, and took forever to download from my phone. The one thing I don’t like about Marshmallow on the SW3 (and on my Z3+ and Z4 Tablet) is the “Do not disturb” setting (there is only one option on the SW3) rather than the older much more versatile and easy to use options available in Lollipop.
    Anyone else like to comment about the SW3?

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  • Jaissal S

    How are people doing with the update? There is a little lagginess when swiping up and down through the cards. I have a feeling a newer Smart Watch is closing in on us. perhaps a round one?

  • Since the update, my Sony smartwatch 3 became so slow in all conditions :
    – receiving my notifications
    – waking up
    – swiping into the menus

    i look forward to receiving the next update very soon !!!

  • Rene Pedroso

    I own the MP-CL1 also, how are you using it (movies, pictures, presentations etc…). What is your experience so far.

  • Rene Pedroso

    I believe Sony’s Smartwatch 3 (on SS bracelet) is the best out there. Everyone who sees me wearing it ALWAYS ask about it and when I show them the functionality and pull out my XZ5P they are blown away.

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  • Evgeniy Krasev

    For £90 smartwatch I have no complaints. Perfect for me.

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