Sony launches Xperia Z3 marketing campaign: “Don’t settle for good. Demand great”

by XB on 29th September 2014

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Xperia_z3_series_campaign_4You have no doubt already seen the ‘Demand Great‘ tagline that Sony has been using with the launch of the Xperia Z3 series. Well this forms the basis of Sony’s new global marketing campaign for the Z3 series and new SmartWear products such as the SmartWatch 3 and SmartBand Talk.

The line ‘Don’t settle for good. Demand great,‘ will be used across all media (TV, print, digital) to highlight the details that make a “truly great” smartphone. The TV advert highlights the low-light features of the Xperia Z3, capturing snowboarders descending a mountain in darkness and lit up by special suits. The ad features the track Night Call by London Grammar.

The advert is being rolled out globally across 20 markets during October. The ad is also accompanied by 40-second videos highlighting a particular feature of the Xperia Z3 such as water resistance, PS4 Remote Play etc. We have included all videos below.

Sony is also launching a ‘Demand Great’ film series which features real life stories of inspirational individuals who use the Xperia Z3 to help them ‘Demand Great.’ The series can be checked out here: However, it is not live at time of publishing, but should be up soon.







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