Xperia X pre-orders now live on Sony Store Europe; X Performance pricing and release date revealed

by XB on 3rd May 2016

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Xperia X pre-ordersSony Mobile has officially kicked off pre-orders for the Xperia X family in Europe. The Sony Mobile Store has opened up pre-orders of the Xperia X, Xperia XA and Xperia X Performance (in select countries only) across various regions in Europe.

We have covered European pre-order pricing from third-party retailers before, but now you can see a list of the official Sony pricing below. The Xperia X will set you back £469 in the UK and starts from €599 in mainland Europe. The Xperia XA costs £239 in the UK and from €299 in mainland Europe.

Sony Xperia X Performance now on pre-order

Sony has also confirmed which European markets will receive the Xperia X Performance, which sports a Snapdragon 820 chipset, a brushed metal rear and is IP65/IP68 certified for dust and water resistance. The handset will cost from €699 and launch in early July 2016. The Xperia X Performance will not be available in UK and Germany as previously mentioned. However, you will be able to purchase the device from France, Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Sweden.

Sony Xperia X pre-order offer

Sony is marking the start of Xperia X pre-orders by offering a 50 percent discount on the SmartBand 2. If you pre-order any Xperia X device through the Sony Store you can pick up the SmartBand 2 for £50.00 in the UK or €64.50 in mainland Europe.

Sony Xperia X pre-order competition

In addition to this, Sony is running a promotion where you could actually win your order. The way this works is that once you pre-order your desired Xperia X device. Sony Mobile will enter you into a weekly draw where one lucky winner per product will actually win their order free of charge.

The draw is live only during the pre-order period i.e. from now until the phones are released. The draw is open to customers in France, UK, Germany, Spain and the Netherlands. To avoid fraud, winners will be only be notified after payment has been made and the item has been shipped. Any pre-orders that are cancelled will not be eligible. Winners will have the full amount of their order refunded.

Xperia X pre-orders_2

Xperia X range release dates in Europe

Xperia X – Late May 2016 (week commencing 23 May)
Xperia XA – Late June 2016 (week commencing 20 June)
Xperia X Performance – Early July 2016 (week commencing 4 July)

Xperia X range pre-order pricing in Europe

Xperia X – €599
Xperia XA – €299
Xperia X Performance – €699

Xperia X – €599
Xperia XA – €299

Xperia X – €629
Xperia XA – €299
Xperia X Performance – €729

Xperia X – €599
Xperia XA – €299
Xperia X Performance – €699

Xperia X – €629
Xperia XA – €329
Xperia X Performance – €729

Xperia X – SEK 5,790
Xperia XA – SEK 2,990
Xperia X Performance – SEK 6,490

Xperia X – £469
Xperia XA – £239

Xperia X Sony Store UK

Xperia X Performance Sony Store FR

  • ramuk

    X Performance is very expensive. Anyone knows how much HTC priced their flagship phone in the Europe?

  • XperiaBlog

    The official price of the HTC 10 is also €699 in many mainland European regions.

  • ramuk


  • D. D. M.

    what?! That price and no IP65/IP68, OK, Xperia X is not for me.

  • Tobias Hedlund

    Uhm, the Xperia X Performance is priced lower then the Xperia Z5 was in Sweden!! The Xperia Z5 price was 6990kr and the X Performance is 6490kr

  • I’m assuming you made a typo here:
    >The handset will cost €799 and launch in early July 2016.

  • Don Bart

    Considering pricing,basically galaxy S7 is way to go atm

  • José Luís Andrade

    I want a Xperia Compact!

  • DBS

    Sony must be completely wasted if they think ANY of these phones are worth the prices they’re asking for them.

    I hope their employees are sending out CVs. ’cause when 2016 is done, Hirai will have to act on his menace and Sony Mobile will be sold or shut down.

  • XperiaBlog

    Thanks for the spot – now corrected.

  • MrM3

    Wow price in Sweden really good for Xperia X Performance I was wrong! Compared to SGS7 which is 700 euro now and SGS7 Edge who is 750 Xperia X Perforamcne at 650 looks really nice. But i still Think Xperia X is way overpriced at 580 euro.

  • ramuk

    Xperia X Performance is even cheaper in Sweden. Nice. Very Nice.
    I also think Xperia X is overpriced. X Performance is a better deal for me.

  • Benjamin Levy

    I wonder how many XAs will sell given that the X Performance is just ~15% more?

  • Ambitious Man

    Sadly! They will unveil 2 model in next week, a 6″ n 5″.

  • Abdul Ghani

    the problem is xp is coming in july and costing that price whats wrong with u sony

  • MrM3

    Yeah Xperia X Performance is the phone to get. 650 euro for that is really nice price. I don’t understand how Sony could price Xperia X for 580 euro. Only 70 euro difference wtf that is just crazy.

  • Aiden Pearce

    Seriously Sony?? X performance at such price?

  • RockStar2005

    So what about the U.S. release??!! July????????????????????????????!!!!

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  • Deads

    Not only are the prices insane they are also coming way to late with the X Performance. By the time the X Performance is released the S7 will have had its first major price drop and might be 150 euro cheaper.

  • haxona

    The X performance price is cheaper than my Z3+ at launch(6990SEK) so this price is definitely super good especially compared with the competitors that cost more or on par.

  • Wolf0491

    why is it cheaper in UK? taxes? I am not from europe maybe i don’t understand lol

  • DBS

    By the time the X Performance comes out? ahahah Sony wishes.

    The S7 is already available for 619€. Which is basically 20€ more than the super mid-range Xperia X.

    And the LG G5 is available for 603€

    At those price points, the only phone the X Performance will be going against will be the HTC 10 and even that one will be released for 730€ (the release price of the S7) and probably drop the price too when the X Performance arrives.

    Sony Mobile has basically committed seppuku with the X range.

  • RMA

    Bye bye Sony,this is insane!2016 and 3gb of ram what?I have same in Z2 from 2014 come on Sony do something inovation.

  • aidy.lucas

    Was seriously considering replacing my M2 with a x or xa but those prices are ridiculous Sony, even for us Sony fans and as for not bringing the x performance to the UK or Germany are you MAD am now seriously considering replacing it with another brand altogether. As the z5 range will be at least a year old soon so that’s out

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Well, my Z2 not worse, cheaper (if I want another one) and with bigger screen

  • Mohamed Deutsch

    its in pound not euro..

  • Wolf0491

    Ahh I didn’t look at it correctly lol. My bad

  • Omarion07

    Can you provide me with the source of this info please?

  • Thoughts_Of_A_Simple_Fellow

    another failed attempt by sony

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  • ramuk

    Its the same price as the HTC 10. So how is Sony’s flagship is higher priced?
    Do you think HTC 10 is also overpriced?
    You can say 10 has more pixel but ultimately XP will perform better than 10 for having less pixel. A SD820 and 1080p resolution is a killer combination for performance. The same goes for the 1 GB extra ram. No need for extra ram for 1080p resolution.

    Only thing I don’t like the XP spec sheet is their lower battery capacity. Sony has the best battery management so it will sure get awesome battery life with small battery. But It would be even better if they put slightly higher capacities battery. They should put atleast 3000mAh to shame all other flagship phone in the battery department. I think they missed a chance here.

  • KarFar

    at these prices the X and XA should’ve been the XP and X respectively

  • Omarion07

    Z5+ with no 4K video recording, no FM radio, and a smaller battery for 700 Euros? No thanks. I’ll pass!

  • Omarion07

    Man I’ve checked multiple currency converter websites and they all convert 6490 SEK to 700 euros, which is the same price for other EU countries. Can you provide me with a link that shows 650 euros?!

  • jonathan3579

    Resolution and RAM have no correlation with each other. Don’t spout your opinion as fact.

  • Timel

    Z5 Camera is really bad at low lights shooting and 4K video recording that the fact in reality that me and most people known

  • Omarion07

    And a much bigger battery, 4k video recording, and smaller bezels!

  • Timel

    X performance come up with lower specs. high price (compare to other flagships 2016) and overall the phone is really boring

    X and X performance will be unsaleable like all previous sony flagship phones definitely

  • Omarion07

    They’ve been using 3gb LPDDR3 RAM for over two years now! This coupled with 1080p screen resolution should bring the price of X performance down to at least 599 euros.. Which is how much the’re charging for Xperia X!

  • jonathan3579

    These phones are literally half steps ahead. So yeah, I agree that their pricing is just way too high.

  • ramuk

    Really? No correlation at all? This answer will disagree with you.

    In essence : while there maybe not directly relation there is certainly correlation with Higher resolution screen and extra ram.

  • jonathan3579

    You seriously expect people to take you serious with your only form of supporting evidence being a Yahoo! Answers link?

  • Solano89

    Let’s put it in an objective way and we should start comparing the HTC 10 and the Xperia X Performance with the price – THE SAME! OK! Now what has the HTC 10 over the Xperia X Performance? 1- Bigger screen, 2- Better screen resolution, 3- Bigger storage variant with 64Gb, 4- More RAM, 5- Type C port (I read somewhere that the X Performance might have it too), 6- Bigger battery (that might not be enough for a longer battery life because of the bigger screen and higher resolution), 7- Filming in 2160p, 8- Is lighter with 3.4g. What has the X Performance over the HTC 10? 1- Higher camera resolution, 2- Higher front facing camera resolution (both the case at 1 and 2 not to be translated into a better picture, we have to see the tests), 3- More compact with the 143.7 x 70.4 x 8.7 mm measurements, 4- Probably a better battery performance knowing the Sony optimizations despite the smaller mAh battery, 5- IP68 certification (HTC 10 is spill proof, U can’t dive into water with it), 6- I would ad a personal stuff – A better design for Sony. A major flop for both devices is the lack of FM Radio and IrDA! Put this into balance and decide if the price is OK or not?!

  • ramuk

    Can you kindly provide me a “Valid” link where it says there is NO correlation at all? I want to know. I’m really curious.

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  • jonathan3579

    I’m not going to do that because I’m not the one making excuses for Sony to continue to charge a premium on specs that are being outdone by nearly every other manufacturer. You can do more research yourself and learn why this is a troubling affair.

  • ramuk

    Could you clear up what do you mean by ” You can do more research yourself and learn why this is a troubling affair”.
    Are you telling me to do the research on how there is no correlation at all? Or
    Why Sony mobile is in trouble?

    I’ll reply to your post properly after the clear up.

  • ramuk

    Honestly speaking –
    I think at €699 the price is right for not overpriced. I was disappointed when I read that it was €799 ( Xperiablog accidentally post it was €799 at first).
    Ultimately I think X Performance will overall perform better than HTC 10 in real life.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I love how people complain about the x performance price. Guess what it its priced like all the other flagships from other manufacturers like LG HTC and Samsung. Atleast here in Sweden :p I will definitely buy the x performance once its released here in Sweden :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Yeah I noticed the price tag aswell, got surprised :) Hopefully Telia will start take pre orders soon

  • Timel

    Sony Mobile and Xperia brand will never be success like Sony Computer and PlayStation 4 or even Samsung Galaxy if Sony Mobile still run business like this, like Disregard customers’re voices , keep making weak phones ( low specs, shitty camera, no new wow innovation) with high price and sell them too late, do less marketing also.

    Sony shouldn’t waste its money with producing phones anymore if it’s clear that Sony never be industrious and devote itself to the smartphone market

  • Shane Falco

    Sony mobile division want to fail!!! ridicolous prices and wrong time to market!

  • azzido

    I don’t care the prices. I don’t care any of above mid rangers. For me they can price it 10000€ for each, who cares? I am just waiting for proper Z5 successors (Z6) as not being interested in X performance mid ranger with too many flops including:
    1 smaller, still 1080p only screen
    2 Smaller battery
    3 no 4K recording
    4 no FM Radio
    5 no matt glass back
    6 plastic frames

    People, just skip X series. Simple.

  • azzido

    Thevproblem with x performance is it is priced like other flagships… Half a year ago, current flagships prices are now much lower + x performance offers mid range specs / materials when compared to other real flagships…Sony really wants to close their mobile division. X series will definitely help them to achieve this, they are on the best way to this point. Sales will show.

  • azzido

    With no frosted glass back and with plastic frames instead of metal ones ;)
    Also no Xperia graving on the side and design is another step back when comparing to Z series. It is 2016, all real flagships offers at least 2K screens and 4GB of Ram – for lower than X performance price :)

    They cannot be so late to the party, offering wirse specs and demanding more than current real flagships. If S7 and G5 are 600euros now, X performance should be 450-500euros as it offers worse specs. Simple. Mid ranger priced as true flagship, sorry Sony, not this time.

  • Bob

    Anything more than 1080p on a smartphone is a waste

  • Omarion07

    says who? and why? please don’t give me the old ”the human eye can not tell the difference between 2k and 1080p… bla.. bla.. bla”

  • Omarion07

    People are complaining so much because the X performance has outdated specs, released 3 to 4 months after the competition and still costing more than other flagships!

  • Omarion07

    All hail Sony the new ‘Nokia’!!

  • Bob

    Says me. It’s just my opinion. After all isn’t that why we post here? To give our 2 cents worth?

  • Hideg Jen? Péter

    No for X Performance in Hungary? K, Shame you, Sony! :(
    I want so bad, the 5″ screen and back metal brushed is perfect for me.

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  • Omarion07

    You’re totally entitled to your opinion.. But you still haven’t told me why is anything more than 1080p on a smartphone is a waste?

  • Bob

    I’m no expert but I would think a 2k screen would drain the battery faster,tax the processor,generating excess heat bla..bla..bla.. With very little difference. To me, not worth it. Waste!!

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  • Omarion07

    In fairness that’s why most people are opposed to the use of 2k displays.. But if you check the Samsung galaxy S7 edge with it’s 5.5 inch 2k resolution display and 3600 mAh battery, it topped most of the performance benchmarks (regardless of the processor inside Exynos or Qualcomm). In terms of battery endurance the Exynos variant scored 98 hours which is higher than any Sony phone apart from the Z3 compact. The Qualcomm variant achieved a battery endurance of 87 hours which is better than any Sony phone apart from the Z2 and the Z3 compact of course!! Therefore Samsung with the S7 edge has managed to debunk the argument that Quad HD displays negatively impacts performance and battery. Let’s wait and see what the X performance performance benchmarks and battery endurance test will reveal!
    Below are the the links that back up my claims

  • Omarion07

    I think it all comes down to Sony mobile’s decision to pursuit profitability instead of market share. So the idea is to release phones with last years camera sensor, 2 to 3 years old display panel with 3 years old resolution, and 3 years old lpddr3 RAM, all in a 3 years old design chassis (And just update the processor). This will lead to drastically cutting cost while attaching hefty price tags to their phones in order to achieve maximum profitability!!

  • Battel

    Mr. Hirai what are you waiting for ?

  • Bob

    You make a good argument but at the end of the day I still can’t see any benefits for such a small display.

  • ramuk

    Your post literally shows how dumb you are. Seriously you need to learn the very basic display resolution, display subpixel arrangement before posting nonsense like this.

  • Omarion07

    Fair enough mate

  • Omarion07

    Just to remind you of Xperiablog’s message on how not to be a troll when replying to someone you disagree with: ”We don’t like to get involved in the comments, as we assume most people here are grown up enough to have a sensible conversation. This is a polite reminder to keep things civil and be respectful to one another. Feel free to post your opinions (good or bad), but no trolling – have some sound reasons for your arguments. Hopefully, these simple reminders will encourage a healthy discussion”.

    I expressed my opinion and provided some sound reasons to back it up but you were not respectful to me when you replied back!

  • ramuk

    I also expressed my opinion about you. There is nothing wrong calling an idiot “idiot” especially when that idiot try to pose as a tech nerd. What you called a “Sound reasons” are nothing but random things without any proper backup. Little knowledge is very dangerous and spreading false knowledge is even more dangerous. What you are doing is spreading idiotic false knowledge which leads people to wrong conclusion. I stand corrected. As long you posting dumb comment I’ll keep calling you tech ignorant stupid moron.

  • En.Pasta.Tack


  • ramuk

    Did you just praise me? If yes, then thank you.

  • ????

    sony is delusional.

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  • Ignacio Fitzgerald

    And this is why I’m gladly switching to the HTC 10. The Xperia Z5 was my last Sony phone…

  • jamie evans

    X Performance is way too expensive. No one would buy it…

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  • Emil Oskarsson

    How is a snapdragon 820 outdated specs? Or are you refering to the full HD screen which is really good and barely any different compared to 2k screens? Or maybe the 3 gb of ram instead of 4 which is still good enough since android marshmallow uses way less ram then lollipop for example? I’d what’s gotten in your head really..

  • Timel

    I compare both phones by myself, Z5 premium and S7 edge and S7 edge display is clearly a winner , better brightness, better color accuracy

  • Timel


  • Timel

    Don’t forget about Huawei P9 , Huawei is taking over Europe market and Samsung is releasing Galaxy Note 6 in next two months , who cares about X(pensive) performance now?

  • Timel

    That’s why most people won’t buy Sony smartphones, they always come up with low specs (compare to competitors at the same time)

    Sony Xperia is in Android world and they will definitely lose if they ain’t try to catch up rivals

  • jxPerience

    Guys, sony are not forcing anyone to buy xperia x performance, it’s your choice and it’s up to you. So for me since their pricing doesn’t bother me, i will still buy xperia x even it cost similar to other brands flagship.

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  • Alex Norris

    Hello my friend! )) About camera on X and X Performance, wanna say – the same c..p. Samsung still king
    Seems to me, iphone too )
    Fantastic stabilisation!!!

  • Alex Norris

    €700 for X Performance? So expensive!
    It looks like middle range phone, even Z5 looks much better

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  • Juniperz

    I ave always liked the idea of a Sony flagship and thought that the Performance might have been the one (having decided that I wanted SnapDragon 820 in my next phone). And then they make it available in some european countries, but not the UK! What are they thinking? Looks like it will be an S7 Edge for me (and I know, no SD820 here either. But at least you can root the Exynos based phones :-) )

  • Jaissal S

    I’m really happy with my Z5 so won’t be upgrading soon. Possible they will make improvements that these phones need to the ‘X1’ range of phones that will come next. I prefer the speaker slits to be like Z5. Don’t like this Z3 style speaker slits. The X Performance seems very expensive yes. I don’t understand why it’s not available in the UK. Maybe to increase the sales of the standard X.

  • Alex Norris

    €700 for X Performance? ) LOL. It real cost must be no more €550

    We see another marketing victory over common sense ))

    It looks like middle range phone, even Z5 looked much better, and looked like flagship

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    I am very curious. Why is 4K recording a deal breaker for you? Do you actually have a 4K TV and/or Projector? Also, FM Radio? Who uses that now a days? Not to mention 1080p @ 5″. I rather take that as opposed to the “4K” screen on my Z5 Premium (due to bad pixel placement, resulting in blurry details in texts etc)

  • Ambitious Man

    :D We will see

  • Alex Norris

    In reality, and not synthetic tests shows that Samsung flagship holds a charge longer than Sony. And galaxy S7 edge screen looks fantastically
    I was surprised that my old 808 pureview, still has highest contrast screen

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  • greetchandu

    Like for X(pensive)

  • Achu kumar

    are u saying 4k display couldn’t match the 2k display, then i guess 1080p will be better than 2. i accept that z5 seems to bit over red side, but color accuracy with samsung is ridiculous my friend has s6 and i have z2,we both took a pic and compared with original and he accepted mine was closer to the real image.

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  • hilios

    You gotta be kidding me. Sorry but I take Moto again

  • czerikcum

    In Norway the X Performance, G5 and S7 is priced approximately the same at $810(6490 NOK), and the HTC 10 at approximately $910(7290 NOK). I think the pricing of the X Performance is “ok”(don’t get me wrong, all the flagships are expensive as hell). I thought it’d be more expensive than the S7 and G5, but it won’t so yaay. :) Now we’ll have to see how it stacks up against the competitors, the performance overall (*drumb sound*) camera, software, audio will be the deciding factor for me since price is quite similar.

  • czerikcum

    I might cross the border and buy myself my new smartphone in Sweden. The NOK and SEK are just as strong/weak atm, so that’ll save me 700NOK($87.5).

  • DBS

    Rumours of “Huawei taking over Europe” are greatly exaggerated. They do have a presence here, no denying that, but they’re far far from being any menace. Most European customers don’t trust Chinese brands.
    The one that will (actually, I’m not sure they haven’t already) take Sony’s place in Europe will be LG.

    And yeah, if the Note 6 makes it to Europe this year, then the X range will have even less of chance.

  • DBS

    The X Performance *may* be 50€ cheaper in Sweden (I doubt it) but the S7 is a vastly vastly superior phone.
    Also…why on earth would any European pay now 700€ for the S7 when they can buy one from another European country for 600€?

  • DBS

    You can add OIS to BOTH cameras on the HTC10.
    That’s right. We’re already adding OIS to the selfie camera and Sony still hasn’t been able to put it on the f*cking back camera.

    Also, on Sony’s having “higher resolution”. It’s true. But that turns out to be meaningless because the software is so so so bad it completely obliterates any hardware advantage.
    You’re right in pointing out that higher resolution doesn’t translate into a better picture. And I’m ready to bet that both cameras on the X line will lose even against the HTC10.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well saying that Sony is way behind in the specs race is just stupid. The lack of 1 GB ram isnt anything you normally will notice in everyday use. And why do i want a 100 ppi more in a screen when i cant see the pixels even with “just” 441 ppi? Its just a stupid powerhug and the only reason i see why you should put a 2k screen on a 5 inch phone is because of usage in VR headsets. But VR is something im not interested in at all and its so new it will be a bigger part in the coming year compared to now.

    Anyway thats my thought about it, you can say whatever you want, i will keep buying Sony Xperias because of the great software experience, great hardware, build quality, maybe not the best camera but its among the best ones out there, great support i’ve had from them etc etc.

  • roeshak

    Devices all doomed to failure.

  • DarkMaster

    1080p and 3gigs of RAM will perform better than QHD and 4gigs of RAM….if you don’t know that then get back in elementary school !

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  • Omarion07

    I think it all comes down to Sony mobile’s decision to pursuit profitability rather than market share. So the idea is to release a phone with last years camera sensor, 2 to 3 years old display panel with 4 years old resolution, 3GB lpddr3 RAM from 3 years ago, and all in a 3 years old design and only update the processor. This way way Sony ensures to cut cost of manufacturing drastically while attaching a hefty price tag to it in order to ensure maximum profitability!

  • DBS

    The problem with that strategy – the Apple-model – is that it requires a very strong fan base to work. Sell fewer devices at higher prices only becomes profitable is there’s a “sheep mentality” towards a brand. Sony doesn’t command that sort of user loyalty.

    There are only two brands that command the amount of brand-power to pull that off: Apple and Nokia.

    So the problem is: with declining sales and market share, attempting that approach will only backfire. Apple can get away with selling 3 year old hardware at hefty prices. Sony can’t.
    Not even Samsung is able to do it. Just look at the differences between the S6 and S7 sales. The moment Samsung tried to “cheap out” on the S6 (smaller batteries, no SD expansion, no IP rating etc) they had sale problems. They returned all that and the S7 – with a higher launch price – sold 10 million units in the first month.

    Sony didn’t understand any of that. And because of that they created these Xperia X which fail in every single thing they set themselves to accomplish.

  • joe

    weak phones ???? hahaha wake up once,

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  • Doubleyoupee

    RIP Sony. I don’t see why companies are trying to go 1:1 with the S7, when they clearly have a worse phone. Just price it 100-150€ under the S7 if you want people to buy your phone Sony.

  • Doubleyoupee

    Yes the HTC 10 is also overpriced.

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  • Timel
  • DBS

    Ahh but that’s only on 5 European markets. Europe has 51 markets (countries).
    But it’s not impossible for them to grow across Europe. They put out very cheap phones. And Europe currently has a big gap waiting for be filled. The truth is, Europe for many years functioned under the 4 big brands: Nokia, Samsung, Apple and Sony Ericsson.

    With Nokia’s stupid decision to go with Windows Phone and what happened after that, they left a gigantic gap in the consumer space that Microsoft wasn’t able, at all, to capture. Sony was the one expected to tale that place. But with Sony’s constant blunders, they also lost a lot of marketshare. That’s why you have the likes of Wiko showing up.
    Europeans were left without any cheap phone options with the withdraw of Nokia. Huawei likely took that place in those 5 countries. And it may take it in the rest. Sony won’t recapture it, that’s for sure. The only menace to Huawei’s growth in Europe is actually…Nokia.
    But since Nokia’s future smartphones will only target the premium segment, Huawei has plenty of space to grow. Although, again, there’s the big mistrust of consumers.
    They may face some competition also from TCL’s Alcatel, specially now that the real Alcatel has disappeared swallowed by Nokia and the Chinese of TCL have acquired the full rights to the Alcatel brand, which is a brand that still resonates with European consumers.

    But all these Chinese manufacturers will, I believe, reach a declining point, specially as people start to want phones to last longer (kinda like PCs). Chinese phones are cheap. They break easily, they have little software support etc. Of course, you get what you pay for. Which is why high end phones always sell so much. As more consumers get acquainted with smartphones and see the value in them, sales of cheap Chinese smartphones will decline in favour of better high end offers. That’s why companies like Samsung and Apple are mainly focusing on flagships these days. Sony wants to do the same but only in the price tag. Which is why they fail.

    By the way, Motorola and HTC were NEVER any serious contenders in Europe.

  • Timel

    Saying bad color accuracy with new generations of Super Amoled display is very ridiculous

    Form S5-Note 4 until S7 , I notice a lot improvement , it’s better and better a lot until now samsung super amoled didplay in Note 5 / S7 is very awesome in all aspects

  • Timel

    You’re such a very disgusting sony fanboy I’ve ever met in my life

    The saddest thing is you dont even know that you are disgusting

  • Timel

    You got the point and I agree

    The point is X performance come up with many flops and overall the phone still ain’t cool enough , so with this price , it’s too expensive.

  • Omarion07

    Processor aside, Sony has been using the same display panel for over 3 years, same display resolution for over 3 years, same lpddr3 RAM for over 2 years, same standard camera setup (small pixels, cheap plastic lense, single flash, lack of OIS) for God knows how long,and the same sensor from last year! And now their camera lacks 4k video recording, there’s no FM radio, and the battery keeps getting smaller (X performance is no longer advertised with 2 day long battery life). My point is that all these outdated specs should bring down the phone price significantly! But instead Sony’s put an insane price tag on X performance to get so much more mulla $$!!

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Will getting the XA first then the XP after price cuts down. Still having fun with z5. Plus the Z5 premium already drop from RM3099 – RM2699

  • Juanita Goodnight

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  • Juanita Goodnight

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!cc658atwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !cc658a:?:?:???? http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsNotesGetPayHourly$98…. .??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??::::::!cc658a….,…

  • Achu kumar

    i really dont get it ,how do you compare x performance even before its been released with s7. this makes me to think are you guys troll because either you hate sony products or love samsung.
    There is nothing largely new in s7 as they added the features they stripped of from s6.

  • Achu kumar

    s5 you must be kidding, really i used that phone it was hell as slow compared to my dad z1,after 6 months of usage it was like snail, i had to wait for a year to replace with z2.
    i havent seen or used s7, i dont know its screen performance, but from the videos available in the net x screen is brighter and sharper than z5.

  • ramuk

    Samsung faggot calling other people disgusting. LOL. The irony.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The panel isn’t the same just because the resolution is??!! They constantly change it to better displays just like Samsung and the other smartphone players. The ram is lpddr4 since z4 tablet and z3+ and Its the latest ram version aswell in the snapdragon 820… X performance is still advertised with 2 days of battery life and comes with a new battery technology that will last a lot more cycles then a normal lithium battery. Plastic lense? It was along time ago they used that. Like back in the Walkman phone days… It has one of the best camera sensors on the market and according to early testings this camera can kick as! The handset it actually pretty cheap here I’m Sweden, lower price then Galaxy s7 for example :)

  • Emil Oskarsson

    The prices aren’t lower on the other high end phones, not here in Sweden…. How many times do I have to say that? :s

  • AllanKafka

    Specs are not everything, but they are very meaningful, and we know them in advance. So it’s not trolling.

  • AllanKafka

    Problem is not what one needs, but what the market offers for approximately the same price…

  • AllanKafka

    The problem is not what you notice in everyday life, the problem is that people compare spec sheets and like having more for the same price. Ain’t it obvious? We might agree that 4GB of RAM are not necessary, that the benefit of a 2K screen is very limited, but that’s not the point. The point is many consumers care about raw specs, and I can’t really blame them.

  • jadukoralim

    Get the fuck out of here Sammy faggot. Comes here only for trolling.

  • ramuk

    Man you are literally wasting time with these trolls. Don’t reply to them.

  • Timel

    “That’s why companies like Samsung and Apple are mainly focusing on flagships these days. Sony wants to do the same but only in the price tag. Which is why they fail.”

    This is so true

    All sony need to do is invest more and more and more with R&D (especially software side) and increase marketing budget for their flagship devices

  • Timel

    Standing O to you

  • Timel

    First, I’m not a Samsung fan, but I admit that recently, their innovations (Note 5, S7 edge, rollable display) really impressed me

    Second, you need to go to rehab your fanboyism seriously

  • azzido

    Yes, I have huge 4K TV, I am using FM Radio as network coverage is not always good, especially when you are traveling. And 5″ is simply too small…

  • Omarion07

    Do you work for Sony by any chance?

  • azzido

    + it was proved that 4K material looks even better also on 1080p screens as well when comparing to 1080p video…

  • azzido

    Omarion07 it’s the same as so called “cinematic experience” on ps4 and xbox one = human eye cannot see more than 30 fps lol! :D

  • azzido

    Exactly, why I would choose the phone with worse specs when I can pick the phone with better specs which even costs less than Sony X???

  • azzido

    “(don’t get me wrong, all the flagships are expensive as hell)”

    The problem is X performance is not a flagship as except processor it offers weaker specs including:

    1. Smaller screen
    2. only 3GB of RAM when real flagships come with 4GB in 2016
    3. 1080p screen instead of 2K – all flagships you mentioned above like HTC, Samsung, LG comes with 2K screens
    4. 4K video recording – again, all flagships you mentioned above like HTC, Samsung, LG comes with 2K screens
    5. no FM Radio

    + the build quality decreased as instead of aluminium frames X performance comes with plastic ones… + …

    Do not see the reason to pay the same price for worse phone. And in most of the countries S7 and LG G5 are already way cheaper than X Performance.


  • azzido

    exactly to the point

  • azzido

    seems same for me, but still maybe they will decide to abandon the X mid rangers and will get back with proper, true flagship device as Z6 :)

    Otherwise switching the brand.

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  • Omarion07

    I stumbled upon this video yesterday! Like the Sony guy tried to dodge few questions but It doesn’t look like Sony is going to release another flagship this summer (Apart from X performance with 4K display, aka X premium)

  • Omarion07

    Thank you man.. your comment is on point!

  • jadukoralim

    He didn’t say you are a samsung fan. He said you are a Samsung faggot. I agree with him. Disgusting Samsung faggot like you are polluting xperiablog. I know its a classic characteristic of Samsung faggot to be shameless who is doing the dirty job for Samsung but still the level of patheticness you showed here is astronomical. I would have said get a better job but knowing the low level of education you get I wonder if you get anything better than this.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I know its just fun to make a fool of them XD

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    How did sony top HTC last year is camera department without OIS. It doesn’t matter the High scientific names you call stuffs. If you can’t optimize it, then there is nothing special about it. That’s why samsung is needing 4gb of ram and Nexus and Sony is still very much capable with 3gb. It’s all about optimization. Stop all this OIS this and OIS that. The painful fact about it is that nobody has ever made a point on the OIS bluff. All you guys talk about is “it’s not there, oh they need OIS, Ah that other phone has OIS” What is going to happen if OIS is there or not? none of you guys knows. Bring up a picture right now and show us how it’s going to be different with or without OIS. People please be realistic for once…

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    On which God’s universe is AMOLED display color accurate? beautiful, bright, etc. OK. But not accurate, Chisos(Jesus)! It’s AMOLED screen for God’s sake.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Go and research on Ram leftover between the xperia Z5 and galaxy S7. Z5 has more ram leftover with 3gb compared to 4gb of samsung. I have checked it and seen it. Go check for yourself. After checking it, ask yourself the need for 4gb. In fact am getting pissed off at you right now. Don’t you know Nexus 6P runs on 3gb? Have you not seen the performance, how stupid are? Leave this place idiot.

  • DBS

    Do you even KNOW what OIS means? No, you don’t. It’s nothing “high scientific”. It’s just an acronym for something VERY BASIC that no phone who wants to call itself “flagship” in 2016 should lack. Heck, not even in 2015.

    How did Sony beat HTC last year? Because HTC has always done horrible cameras. The HTC 10 is the first one they got right. It’s easy to beat crap. But put Sony’s against LG’s or Samsung’s cameras and you’ll see them both beating the crap out of Sony’s cameras…with Sony’s own hardware!
    Also, Samsung doesn’t *need* 4GB of RAM. But you’re paying for a flagship so you might as well have extra RAM. Also, Samsung and LG’s flagships have 2K displays and are tasked to handle VR. Sony Xperias have only 1080p displays and no VR attached to it.

    The painful fact, my friend, is that EVERYONE has already made a case for OIS on cameras. And EVERY. SINGLE. REVIEW. of Sony’s Xperia phones always say the same. “Promising camera, needs OIS desperately”.
    There are tons of pictures and comparisons online. Google it.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Shut up! is the Z5/nexus 6p not a flagship=3gb ram.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    I see lame people like you just go with everyone like you stated. Show me here two pictures and there differences with or without OIS. Sony cameras has always done well without OIS, sony and nexus has always done well with lower ram. Do you want to swap out the extra ram you paid for? The phone is also not out yet, So let it be. Nobody coursed on samsung for their prices and don’t even be foolish enough to say”bcos they make perfect phones”. No damn body makes any perfect phones. Sony perfected waterproofing, ram management, power management and that fingerprint position God damn it and their camera are not 2 steps below any other phone cameras.(We’ll all test the x performance at launch too) What else do you want? Extra ram? then go buy vivo xplay.

  • DBS

    Dude, GOOGLE IT. You will find TONS of proof of what EVERYONE says. And if that’s not enough, BUY the phones yourself and test them yourself.
    No, Sony phones NEVER did well without OIS. Never.
    And since you clearly have ZERO idea of what OIS is (as you keep talking about RAM), I’ll tell you: it stands for OPTICAL IMAGE STABILISATION. It’s a hardware feature that stabilises the lenses on an axis that moves to compensate for the natural human body shake and movement.

    As for the prices? The S7 on launch was overpriced. However, it’s still a FAR better phone than the X Performance. It has better hardware, better materials, better screen, more features and an infinitely superior camera. And by the time the Xperia X Performance is on sale, it will be available for 600€. That’s 100€ less than the X Performance.
    No, the S7 is not a perfect phone. But it’s a far better phone than the X Performance.

    By the way…Sony’s fingerprint scanner is one of the worse. I like where they put it but the scanner itself sucked.

    What I want? What I want is for Sony to stop thinking everyone is as blind towards reality as you and actually improve their phones. I want them to smell the coffee and wake up. To realise the phones they are putting out are overpriced and not at all able to compete with the current crop of flagships. I want Sony to stop thinking they’re Apple and for people like you to stop being the Sony equivalent of iSheep.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    LOOOOOL! Again how did Z5 beat S6 on camera last year? Don’t even say am wrong. Go to DXOmark and confirm that only S7 and G5 beats Z5 in camera(which performance is not out yet for this years competition/conclusion). Sony phones use Hybrid auto focus, Which your definition of OIS proves it’s actually the same thing in life. The S7 has nothing to show it’s FAR better than the performance(it’s not out yet i keep repeating). If you insist on that, it means samsung itself is just catching up. Because sony had offered everything on the S7(except latest processor coming with performance). Get this, the Z5 top S6 in all other department except initial(U know what I mean) speed/display. So I actually meant the camera stuff not only for HTC. As for the ram, even till now Z5 has more ram leftover than S7 am serious guy! If the S7 had 3gb ram, it will be left with less than 500mb leftover so you see, that phone’s life depends on it. Now I don’t know about that on the G5 or HTC 10.

  • DBS

    DXOmark scores are a fraud. They say that the best camera is that of whomever pays them to say so. When they said that about the Z5 last year they were confronted with it by specialists and asked for their proof to give that score and for details on how they performed the tests that gave that score. They didn’t provide anything.
    Yes, the S6 beats the crap out of the Z5. And the G4 beats both of them.

    “ony phones use Hybrid auto focus, Which your definition of OIS proves it’s actually the same thing in life”

    This sentence alone just proves that you know ZERO of what you’re talking about. Hybrid auto focus has nothing to do with image stabilisation. It has to do with, you guesses it, focusing.

    “The S7 has nothing to show it’s FAR better than the performance”

    You don’t need the Performance to be out. The specs are already known and the phone has also been shown too. Here’s how the S7 beats it:

    – Far better and brighter 2K SAMOLED display versus a crappy 1080p Sony display.
    – Built in wireless charging
    – Bigger battery with 3000mAh versus the 2700mAh of the X Performance. Also, before you talk about “battery optimizations”, both phones are running Google’s Doze.
    – Far better camera despite the lower megapixel count. 1.7′ apperture of the lens with 12mp but with 1.4 µm pixel size (meaning, larger pixels for better low light photos). With OIS and full manual controls on the camera.
    – Video recording at 2160p@30fps and 1080p@60fps (versus the XPerfor. at 1080p@30fps)
    – A far more powerful LED flash.
    – Smaller size but bigger screen.
    – In Europe, a better processor. The Exynos 8890 performs slightly better than the SD820.
    – Heart rate sensor.
    – Gorilla glass on the screen versus Sony’s plastic-y glass.
    – Far far better theme engine.
    – And yes, 4GB of RAM instead of 3GB

    So no, Sony didn’t offer all the S7 offers. Sony WOULD have created the S7 precisely IF they were not slacking on the job and putting out lame phone after lame phone.

    The Z5 was beaten in 2015 by the G4, the S6 and even the Nexus 6P.

    As for the RAM, your claims on the S7 are completely false. As you can see. Oops, there goes your bullcrap about RAM consumption. Also, by the way, phones are meant to use their RAM. If you have only 3GB of RAM available, your phone is meant to use it, not space 1.5GB of it just “because”. Unused RAM is wasted RAM.

    Again, the X Performance can’t compete with the S7, the G5 or the HTC 10. And it certainly isn’t worth the money they’re asking for it.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    U just proved my point. If it had 3gb ram, guess what. Crash! that’ll be 300 mb or less left. loooool. Did you see what u proved. hahahaha.

    See Samsung makes bad phones and sony gives bad pricing that’s all.
    So a normal person should choose better product than better prices.
    Samsung history…
    front and back glass copied from others(probably sony)
    s6 design copied from apple
    waterproofing last to perfect.
    optimization=fail.(Source: Your photo)
    I mean these guys are now even copying names from sony, Have you seen the galaxy Z3(Galaxy C5 “inspired by HTC” is on the way.)
    That company has never innovated not even a single thing on a phone. Except for those who want to be checking their heart rate when they having a heart attack(Who needs that on a phone). Here you are comparing copied everything to originality. The only samsung phone better than Z5 is S7 and that’s just bcos of processor thanks to the year.
    TWO FINGERS upside down(Chin up)!!!

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Ok! I just found that the reason for all these arguments on this page is because most people here have not even taken time to compare the prices with other products. Which turns out that the prices are totally worth it. I mean, you see people here causing when they were clearly not even(PLANING) to buy it. Then what’s the point?
    The only reasonable issue is that by the time of x performance launch other flagships will be cheaper than it’s launch price which we should not neglect the fact that other flag ships were the same price at launch(some even more expensive) and no body cursed them. I mean every phones has it’s launch price I don’t see why this should be cheaper because others are getting cheap, which is normal with time. It’s simply a new launch with it’s price and before you start cursing know that people buy phones for vastly different PERSONAL reasons.

  • czerikcum

    Screen size is a subjective matter. 4GB of ram on a smartphone is overkill. You don’t need 4GB of ram for anything. 3GB of ram is more than enough, and hence flagshipworthy specc. With the smaller size screen and full HD screen, the difference will not be that significant. You won’t say the screen is bad. 4K recording is of course good for those who has a 4K screen who can utilize the resolution. A full HD screen won’t be able to showcase the 4k video, it will only show it in full HD. FM Radio, well I don’t use it, so that’s subjective as well. Don’t get me wrong, on paper all of the things you mentioned is better on the other phones, but it’s not that big of a difference, deal and won’t be a deal breaker for many.

  • DBS

    Well, you either can’t read or then you’re really averse to knowledge. And you definitely are terrible at maths.
    And do you even know how RAM works? The answer is no, you don’t.

    You DON’T NEED “free RAM”. The phone doesn’t crash because it lacks RAM. Actually, the difference between having 3GB or 4GB of RAM available is that the S7 is able to handle a lot more apps open simultaneously than the Z5 or any other Sony phone with 3GB of RAM.
    Also, the S7 has 4GB of RAM. In the screenshot it’s using 61% of the RAM. Do you know what 61% of 4GB is? No, you don’t. But I’ll tell you. It’s 2.44GB.
    You know what that means? It means the S7 still has 1.56GB of RAM left to use.
    And even when you take the 515MB of reserved RAM (which, by the way, is what Samsung reserves for the system, leaving the rest for app usage) you still have at least 1GB of free RAM.
    On the Z5? Yeah, that’s not happening. Specially on the Premium whose screen demands a lot from the RAM department in the rare moments it’s actually being used in 4K.

    Go learn before you talk, mate. You’re making a fool of yourself.

    “See Samsung makes bad phones” – must be the reason why the S7 sold more in a months than the entire Xperia line in a quarter. Because Samsung makes bad phones.

    “So a normal person should choose better product than better prices.”

    A normal person would choose the better product FOR the price. And the S7 is a better product WITH a better price than the X Performance. Just like the S6 was a better product with a better price than the Z5.

    “front and back glass copied from others(probably sony)”
    If using gorilla glass (which is better than the plastic-y glass that Sony uses) with an aluminium frame is copying, then Sony copied from Apple.

    “waterproofing last to perfect.”
    And yet, better late than never. And by the way…there are no flaps on the S7. The same can’t be said for any of the Xperia phones. Including the X Performance.

    “optimization=fail.(Source: Your photo)”
    Ahahahahahahahahahahah well, I’ve already exposed your ignorance on this matter.

    “I mean these guys are now even copying names from sony”

    You do realise that OEMs are all using the same brandings on their phones right? Using Z3 is copying Sony? Then Sony copied BlackBerry because the BlackBerry Z3 preceded Sony’s Z3.

    “That company has never innovated not even a single thing on a phone. ”

    That’s true. Just like Apple hasn’t. But if we go that way, pretty much all Sony, Apple, Samsung, LG etc are doing, Nokia had already done.
    Also, Sony innovated with waterproofing their phones. True. What good did that do them? None. Why? Because waterproofing can’t be the only good thing about your phone when you’re competing in a very aggressive market.

    “Except for those who want to be checking their heart rate when they having a heart attack(Who needs that on a phone)”

    I’m going to assume you’re a fatso if you think heart rate monitors are only used to check for heart attacks. Which isn’t even what the heart rate on the S7 is for. It’s for fitness. If you don’t know what fitness is, Google it.

    As for “comparing copied to originality” well, newsflash, kid: NO ONE CARES if Samsung or Apple copies. People want good phones for a GOOD price. That’s all people care about. And the proof of that is that both companies sell millions of phones while Sony’s elitism and lack of concern for what the consumers actually want have granted them nothing but a constant decline in the phone market.

    When 2016 is through and Kaz Hirai shuts down or sells Sony Mobile because it simply failed to at least break even, you’ll see what “originality” deprived of any connection to real consumer demands achieved for Sony.

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  • Timel

    LOL DxOmark again

    Some blinded fans here love to lie themselves by using the score from DxOmark while most the camera test in real world always say the same that Z5 camera lose out competition

  • Timel

    Yeah the same pattern as always

    Blame me a Samsung fan who do the dirty job for Samsung

    LOL such a funny story
    Hey can you stop imagining thing?

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  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Yes The whole of galaxy s7 system is running on 515mb of ram. Exactly, you are right. U said the 4gb ram is just to have an extra and I told you there’s nothing extra about it. If s7 runs on 3gb of ram, it’s going to fucking explode(exaggerated).

  • DBS

    No, it’s not. Just like the S6 didn’t. The only thing that used to “lag” is TouchWiz and even that doesn’t on the S7. Not any more than Sony’s UI lags with time.
    Seriously, stop trying. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Like you are the only one who could search up videos that favor your brand, oh please…

    And don’t skip on them greens, no yellow on the Note 5

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Keep quiet you should stop acting high and mighty. The S7 is not even old enough to start lagging. Your calculation is wrong. I’ve already said samsung lacks optimization hence the need for larger ram. You are the one trying to make them pro’s in the area they obviously fail most…. I’m tired of all these, it’s enough.

  • DBS

    1 – You may tell your mother to keep quiet if she allows you to. I don’t.

    2 – If I’m acting “high and mighty” because I’m proving you wrong every single step of the way, though titty.

    3 – My calculations are correct. As any calculator will prove you.

    4 – You made claims about optimization and RAM and I proved you wrong with FACTS.

    5 – I’m not making them pros in anything. I’m stating facts. Because unlike you, I actually own both the S7 and Xperia phones.

    If you’re tired, maybe start to admit to yourself that you are WRONG. Then you’ll not only not be tired anymore, but you’ll have learned something.

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    Yeah yeah yeah… it’s ok! whatever…

  • Timel

    X performance has nothing special , weak specs and definitely cant compete with other rivals like HTC10, S7 edge, AND the coming up Note 6 and an iPhone 7

    If the rumors about flagship phone like X Premium (or whatever they will call it) are true then well , sony must do something that deserve a word ‘Premium’ the new flagship suppose to come up with top specs such as

    – SnapDragon 823 processor

    – 6GB of ram , 64GB internal storage and micro sd card slot

    – Water and dust resistant feature

    – The new design and use new materials like glass and stainless steel body for premium look and feel

    – 5.5 inch 4K JOLED display

    – Walkman’s S-master audio chip

    – X Premium’s camera will use the same cool camera technologies from Cyber-shot RX series

    I really wanna see the serious integration between JOLED × Walkman × Cyber-shot in Xperia X Premium so bad

    In software side, there’s only one thing that Sony must improve and it is ‘ smoothness ‘

    The current Xperia UI works quite fast (even camera works very slow when saving photo) but it isn’t fluid like an iOS9 , Touchwiz 6.0, MIUI8 at all so Xperia UI need smooth animations effects as well

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