Does Xperia X Ultra = Xperia C6 Ultra? New 3d renders revealed

by XB on 5th May 2016

in Rumours, Videos, Xperia XA series

Xperia X Ultra_2We know that Sony Mobile is planning to launch a new Xperia handset with front-facing flash. The device is said to sport a 6-inch 1080p display and hands-on pics were spotted last month. Then, more recently, benchmarks point to the device being powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755 chipset, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with a 21MP rear camera and 16MP front-facing camera.

The device is widely expected to be marketed as part of the Xperia C series given the use of front-facing flash. Some have tagged the handset as the Xperia C6 Ultra, but now Digi-wo is suggesting the handset could come to the market as the Xperia X Ultra instead. This would make sense, as in many respects, the phone already looks very similar to the Xperia XA.

The guys over at have managed to get the full schematics of the device and created some 3D renders and a quick video tour. According to the report, this new device will have dimensions of 164.2 x 79.4 x 8.4mm, which compares to the Xperia C5 Ultra with dimensions of 164.2 x 79.6 x 8.2mm. If these dimensions are correct it pretty much assures that the handset will have a 6-inch display. We’ll bring you more details as we have it.

Xperia X Ultra_1

Xperia X Ultra_2

Xperia X Ultra_3

Xperia X Ultra_4

Xperia X Ultra_5

Xperia X Ultra_6

Xperia X Ultra_7

Xperia X Ultra_8

Xperia X Ultra_9

Via and Digi-wo.

Thanks Fahim!

  • mUSICA

    looks good but then again mediatek + overpiced

  • Abdul Ghani

    if sony gonna release 16 gb internal without adoptive storage ultimate failure

  • AtomicBananaFruitHatMan

    “being powered by a MediaTek Helio P10 MT6755 chipset, 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage with a 21MP rear camera and 16MP front-facing camera.”

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Z Ultra successor should have the same HW as flagship device. This right here is nothing that can compare with original Z Ultra. Mediated CPU? Really Sony? No way i’m gonna buy this. This should be advertised as C ultra, mid-range phone not as X Ultra, high end phone. This device has nothing to do with premium X series.

  • Tsoa Tsyfatatra

    This phone has nothing to do in the flagship world, at least in 2016. This is a mid-range phone. apart from the screen size, it’s like the m5 (waterproofing,battery size…?). We need a Z Ultra successor with top notch specs.

  • jadukoralim

    This is not a Z ultra successor. If the source of digi-wo is right it will market as X Ultra. It certainly looks like a bigger brother of XA.

  • jadukoralim


  • Omarion07

    Sony fans right now!

  • Stephen Raharja

    Sometimes I wonder what clown runs the mobile division at Sony… So many overpriced stuff with lackluster spec, and the ridiculous time gap between announcement and shipment… Sony’s gaming & camera division are doing super well, while the mobile…

  • Omarion07

    Sony fans right now!

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Old man Kaz doesn’t really care about SONY mobile division =…=

  • Junior Rider

    not an X Ultra but an XA Ultra..

  • Sola Hoi

    (Mediatek + 2GB ram +16GB storage) x High Price = Suicide

  • You can tell Sony is fucking up badly when fans, even from the most popular Xperia site, is showing growing distaste of the company’s arrogance to learn from its mistakes.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    This site is infested with ranting clowns…
    Get sth you like from chinese makers
    And get a life already…

    On the subject
    Awesome midrange phablet

  • Raj Singh

    Why do they have to be budget phones? Where is the successor to the Z series?
    I want a new high end phone from Sony, not the X Performance or X Ultra.

  • Elizabethssmith1

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  • Malih

    Exactly, feels like 2014, but then again Sony has always been stingy with RAM even though they don’t have the best RAM optimization with their version of Android, it’s one of those ‘innovative’ feature of an Xperia.

  • Malih

    Says someone ranting about.

    Actually, it’s more like we’re applauding Sony for their ‘creative’ strategy of saving money and making more profit, they’re really thinking “out-of-the-box”.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I just commented on an obvious fact.
    Seems you found yourself in it.
    There is nothing wrong in sonys mobile creations, just in many people heads here

  • Malih

    They’ve been getting many things right down at Gaming division.
    I take it people at Mobile division thinks Sony is good at gaming, so they’re “gaming” with the spec and the price of their devices.

  • Amimanot

    “Part of the Xperia C series given the use of front-facing flash”

    I find that part funny seeing as how the 1st Gen Xperia C didn’t come with a front facing flash and has a horrible front camera

  • Saeed S

    Mediatek very very bad

  • Malih

    Riiight… I get it, you must be new to this whole Sony Mobile thing

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I seriously doubt you get it.

  • Malih

    I have no doubt that you do

  • yuanhui502

    They push a lot of phones into market however spent little time to maintain;
    Hong long will this one be supported? Probable no more than one year, it will be sentenced dead as it will not receive any system update any longer.

  • memphis

    I don’t care about cheap stuff, priced like flagship, built like crap. Instead of building
    more and more cheaper built smartphones, they should get back to their roots of style, class and
    best technology. Means: bring back Z series. Nuff said.

  • Matt

    well that is just not true, the pushed a lot less phones, and maintained them carefully.

    but what @stephenraharja:disqus said are true

  • Matt

    yep, i agree , if they want high spec and extremely low price, go chinese.

    sony is no place for them

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    While the X series is the definition of premium… Well if they continue like this (I mean if they don’t announce something really good) I will be getting the z5 premium

  • Gadget Lover

    You are absolutely right. There should a limit of how much negativity is allowed here. Moderators here are utter failure, they failed to provide a environment for people who actually wants to discuss Sony mobile. All I see 5-10 Samsung fanboys and former nokia, microsoft fanboy regularly come here to troll. They should change this blog name to “Whining Blog”. A fitting name for the site. If this continue I’ll have leave this blog.

  • KarFar

    maybe XA Ultra no way this is X ultra

  • Alvin

    The clown’s name is totoki

  • Alvin

    Sorry for off topic, but how’s my lockscreen and homescreen?

  • Nav

    Hey sony do something about 5.0 of m4 aqua..
    Lots of bugs…hope to have a stable version of it at least coz 6 doesnt look like releasing in next few months by u…
    Unable to install any app from internet…
    Games crashes while playing…
    Apps like vpns doesnt work…
    Unstable UI
    You are annoying sony!!!!!

  • Harut Hajin

    It can’t be Z ULTRAS successor. It’s new C6 with new name

  • Kariko


  • ramuk

    Sony’s RAM optimization is miles better than Samsung’s. Samsung’s RAM optimization is a joke. Galaxy phone has Pleanty of RAM still lose to other phone which has less RAM.
    And remind me which 2014 phone has 20 megapixel back and 16 megapixel front camera. I’ll wait.

  • Dion

    shots fired

  • Doubleyoupee

    Also I can’t follow what’s going on? C6? What happened to Xperia Z, Xperia X series? S series?

  • Bashar Shehab

    And now they made the most beautiful phone for 2016. Put a SD820 and 4gb of RAM in it and you’ll dominate the market.

    Sadly, as we know Sony, they won’t do it -_-

  • Alvin


  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    go install pc companion or xperia comanion then make system restore using those thing

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    this problem with sony. they think they can fool us with their brand. mediatek is cheaper than snapdragon. but they sell this phone like they made it from snapdragon.

    who make this decision only care about profit than user experience

  • Geese Howard

    Totoki sounds like a clown’s name indeed…

  • Malih

    I was talking specifically about the RAM, why are you ranting about camera anyway?

    You should try living in Asia, there are more brands other than Sony and Samsung around, like ASUS, Xiaomi, Oppo and Lenovo just to name a few.

  • ramuk

    I also talked about RAM. It’s not like I didn’t talk about it.

    My point still stands. You replied to a person who talked about camera and you only pretend RAM optimization is poor on Xperia devices when It’s one of the best and only RAM number makes this phone a 2014 phone. It’s a mid range phone, there is nothing wrong with a 2 GB RAM for a mid range phone. You are still dodging my question.

    I live in Asia. In my country Asus, Oppo, Lenovo all sell their phone. I have a clear idea how they priced their phone and what kind of spec they put in their. The point is (Xperia X Ultra) There are no other phone who has this unique setup of camera configuration. If they priced it competitively like the previous C5 Ultra then Sony may have a winner.

  • iia3ezu

    Mediatek… not interested.

    And this is the supposedly ‘budget’ phone… until you find out that you can get a Xiaomi with superior specs at a much lower price.

  • Timel

    Actually new gens of Sony flagship phones should come up with thin bezels like this

    It would be so cool if at least X performance come up with this design and the 5.2 – 5.5 inch display,

  • Omarion07

    true dat fam!

  • Alvin

    That’s why i said that, the ceo rrally is a clown

  • Mellissa Leiter

    “my room mate Lori Is getting paid on the internet 98$/hr”…..!cc872etwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !cc872e:?:?:???? http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsLifeGetPayHourly$98…. .??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??::::::!cc872e….,…

  • Malih

    I replied to him stating I have issues with 2GB of RAM specifically, especially at the usual price Sony is selling their midrange Xperia, what are you still ranting about camera anyway.

    If you care so much about megapixels count that’s good for you, but not so much for me. I value a good and fast camera app that uses open API and quality that matches the pricing.

  • Malih

    No, we’re criticizing Sony because we want them to improve, we want more people to buy Sony because we want them to survive, because if you really follow this blog you’ll know they keep losing money year after year.

    Based on your comment I would conclude that you seem to like that Sony is not selling well, so you’re not a fan of Sony, this blog is not meant for you.

    Personally I like the design of Sony Xperia phone, which is why I own one.

  • Malih

    Right, you’re just going to ignore Xperia C3, C4 and C5 Ultra and focus on phones from the age of the dinosaurs

  • ramuk

    Good luck then finding a phone that has more than 2 GB RAM, good design, good software with great RAM opitimization and also cheap price.

  • Malih

    That’s the point, you think we’re just ranting about, but no, we criticize Sony because we want a Sony Xperia to be that phone,
    Why? Because we want Sony to have more sales
    Why? Personally for me I’m a big fan of Sony design and I want them to survive, they’ve have not been profitable because less and less people buy them because they keep making these weird strategy with specs and software development.

    We criticize Sony not necessarily because we want them to have cheaper price, but they have to bring more value to attract more sales otherwise they won’t survive.

  • ramuk

    Man you are annoying. I just wish you luck instead of appreciating or saying thank you you are still bitching about it. Don’t reply to me.

  • azzido

    clown name

  • azzido

    exactly, this is low-end phone with big (but probably poor in terms of tech) screen.
    Nothing interesting.

  • azzido

    correction, X series is mid-range (well low to mid considering XA is completely low-end) and C is extreme low-end.

  • azzido

    vote with wallets, just do not buy it.

  • Matt

    Well sure, criticising can make something better. But being know it all and dictate how multimillion dollar company should act based individual perspective is just bashing.

    I do own a lot of Sony devices, Sony Walkman, xperia z3, xtrabass Bluetooth headphones (forgot the model) .

    Can you guarantee with Sony standpoint right now If they bled money to develop sd820 device and ditch omnibalance their devices will sell like crazy? I think not

    Xperias are almost never about spec, look at arc and arc s. They are all about the experience you get and most hardware improvement are under the skin . Small things you see how the phone behave how the software features are cherry picked , how the hardware look. Yes looks almost the same every year, if you are an xperia fan like I am you know clench xperia has its own feel, z2 is edgy, z3 is round and soft, z3+ feels solid . Maybe that is also the weakness of xperia line, you have to hold the device first to feel the difference you can’t slap a useless curved display and add 2 gimmicky feature no one uses and call it a day.

    But people normally wanted sony to reinvent the wheels every year, and the they complain if the price is high. As I said before if spec that you seek buy Huawei p8 amazing spec and hardware, disgusting software.

    Let’s take xperia x lineas example they got curved glass, they got battery technology that enables it to last a lot longer than competition, they use improved sensor from z5 family with extremely fast AF with predictive function. But all people care is camera ati2. Even thoughost of them don’t understand what aperture is,they wanted it just because Samsung,or LG, or HTC can do it.

  • Railwayman

    So lets make a quick comparison with the original Z Ultra then in order to see “progress” in almost three years…

    Snapdragon 800 v MediaTek Helio X10
    2 GB RAM v 2 GB RAM
    16 GB storage v 16 GB storage
    6.44 inches v 6.0 inches
    8 MP v 21 MP
    2 MP v 16 MP (front)

    I am just unable to see why I should even consider to “upgrade” to such a device, especially not when ZTE Nubia X8 is in the works with powerful hardware like the original Ultra had v the competition. It is quite fascinating to see that such an “old” device as the original Ultra can keep up so well. Android 6.x isn’t an argument either – I have it on my C6833 already.

    If Sony really want to continue the “Ultra” line, then a couple of things must happen:

    1. An “Xperia X Ultra” should have similar hardware to the X Performance and a 6.44 inch display like the original Ultra.
    2. A lower end “C6 Ultra” could have the hardware listed in the article.
    3. An alternative to the “X Ultra” would be a X Tablet Compact (8 inch version of the X Performance).

    The inability to provide an upgrade path from the Xperia Z Ultra simply means a need to find another manufacturer and the Nubia X8 with either Snapdragon 820 or 823 paired with a 6.44 inch display seems to be the answer. Sony could certainly make a pretty popular phablet if they just dare to simply scale up the existing X Performance to 6.44 inch while keeping everything else the same in order to reduce the development cost.

    Another heavy competitor here for the “Ultra Replacement Program” is Huawei since their existing MediaPad M2 and X2 (then we can talk successors to them…) is interesting options as well. If Sony really manages to “celebrate” the third year anniversery of the C6802 and C6833 with a 2 GB RAM/16 GB storage device it will really be time to switch to a different brand.

  • pressefr

    There is a market for 6 inch the screen. It first started with the Note series in Korea, surpisingly women bought the phones inpart because it makes their face apear smaller. Mid-range, but large screen for those for media consumption more than hardcore specs. I buy purely by screen size, rocking the Xperia C5, and had the T2 Ultra, and the Z Ultra before that. I didn’t get the T3 because the screen got smaller for some reason. The entire X series is 5 inch range and glad they still have an Ultra option for my market interests. The caviot though, 16GB storage or anything smaller does not cut it. Because video streaming apps take up a lot of storage space; Netflix, Dramafever, Viki, Crunchyroll, Hulu, ATT U-verse, and every OnDemand network has their own app (ABC, HBO, History, etc…). It was really rough to use the T2 Ultra 8GB stepping down from the Z Ultra 32GB. The C5 Ultra 16GB is giving me the 75% full storage warning sign time to time. The XA looks nice with bezzleless sides (purely like it because of form facture), looking like the C5 Ultra, but smaller. However, 16GB leaves a bitter taste, that’s too low of specs for today’s demand, especially after Google increases Android App size limit on the Play store from 50MB to 100MB (September 2015). Planed obsolescence is not cool and just jump the gun for 32, 64, 128, 200+ internal storage. 16GB SD card market price is at 10 bucks now! I remember buying one for my Nokia N54 for $72 back in the hay day! 16GB is obsolete now, Sony don’t produce anymore! Apple people complain all-the-time about storage (I’d laugh to myself) and it’s now becoming a problem to me, even with the latest external storage Sony…

  • Omarion07

    Unless they move fingerprint scanner to the back like nexus 6p or include a physical button Sony can never use edge to edge display on their “flagship” phones.. The current position of fingerprint scanner prevents such beautiful design!

  • Timel

    Yeah we must lick Sony balls only right?

  • Bashar Shehab

    True, but the side-placed fingerprint scanner is the best IMO.

  • Audrey Landaverde

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  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Now now, I know you especially dont lick Sonys balls, you lick someone elses. Enjoy those. Sony doesnt need your mouthfull. :-P

  • Malih

    LoL, sure dude, you go live a happy thankful life.

  • Malih

    Right, if you think people are being know-it-all because they’re criticizing a strategy that is proven to have failed before than I don’t have anything more to say to you.

  • Matt

    then don’t :3

  • korbindallis

    you have been following news the Z line is over its X series n pre orders already went up will be going out this month

  • waleonishmail

    Unfortunately I think i will get the Xiaomi Max, they may skimp on the components but they don’t try to overprice the product. as a former z ultra owner it is sad to see sony drop/fling the ball so bad

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