Xperia X Dual and XA Dual priced in India; pre-order offers detailed

by XB on 30th May 2016

in Xperia X series, Xperia XA series

Xperia X Series India_3Sony Mobile India has announced pricing of the Xperia X Dual and Xperia XA Dual, but like everywhere else, they don’t come cheap. The Xperia X Dual has a recommended price of Rs. 48,990 (£498, €655, $730), whilst the Xperia XA Dual has a recommended price of Rs. 20,990 (£214, €281, $313). The Xperia X Dual will be available from 7 June, whilst the Xperia XA Dual will be available towards the end of June.

Pre-orders for the Xperia X Dual are open through, with all four colours of the handset offered (Graphite Black, White, Lime Gold and Rose Gold) for Rs. 46,990. Sony is throwing in the Sony SBH70 Stereo Bluetooth Headset free of charge for pre-orders (up until 6 June 2016) to make that high price easier to swallow. A Sony Quick Charger will also be bundled. Xperia XA Dual pre-orders are yet to open, but should do so shortly.

Xperia X Series India_1 Xperia X Series India_2

Xperia X Series India_3

Xperia X Series India_4

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  • Mars


  • gulfu

    atlast sony has priced it correctly…. i will buy 15 xperia x and 10 xperia xa.. thank you for the price

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I find that the pricing here surely seems high, but it certainly meets the expected forecast done by Sony. The management level seems to be aware of the customers they are losing with such hefty pricing and it certainly seems to be a part of the plan. Its when Sony sold many phones and didn’t actually made profits. I can certainly say that Sony right now, are unable to produce many phones and are restricting the productions. These pricing Says it all. By that logic I can also sense that there will be some Innovative and Out of the Market phones will be made in future to keep the Sony alive in the Game.

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  • Subham Dey

    Rip Sony.. I am waiting for Xperia X but they completely disappointed me.. 47k for Xperia X?? Best joke of 2016!!!
    I was expecting XA will be 16k and X 35k.. I still agree ok ok ok. XA is 20k.. But X???? Max price should be 40k(still overpriced) !!! And what offer???? No offer at all.. They also charged the headphone price.. 40k + 7k=47k.. Lol.. Sony thinks Indians are fool.. But they’re absolutely wrong.. At this price these model are going to be a epic fail!!!

  • Funny how the phones on the Sony product pages are surfing Facebook without an active data or WiFi connection. Well done, marketing department.

  • Doubleyoupee

    Same price as Galaxy S7.


  • ramuk

    So Sony is dead because because you/Indians wouldn’t buy X. You are funny.

  • goat

    You are funnier if you haven’t noticed all the other people who have been criticising Sony. Not just the Indians. Pricing a SD 650 phone (also, without waterproofing) as much as a Galaxy S7 and other SD 820 flagships is ridiculous by any standards (nevermind Indian standards).
    If you’re a diehard Sony fan, it’s understandable why you would defend the company and spend extra to get one of these overpriced devices. But it would be foolish of you to ignore Sony’s iffy marketing strategy and declining sales every year. It has been an established fact for some time now that their mobile division is struggling very badly.

  • ramuk

    Well, I guess you haven’t noticed that I also criticized Sony mobile here on Xperiablog for their pricing of X and X performance. Don’t believe me. Look at the comment then –
    here is my comment on X performance, read all my comment, don’t just read few –

    But calling a entire company dead simply because you didn’t like the pricing is just as ridiculous as the pricing of X.

  • goat

    Come on. Don’t take it so seriously. That’s just a way of expressing feelings. I’ve been reading so many RIP Sony comments regarding the pricing, late availability, etc ever since X was announced in February. This is nothing new. Don’t we all say over the top stuff sometimes which we don’t literally mean?
    And I’m sure he just meant the mobile division rather than the whole company. And if I remember correctly, there actually were very serious rumours not so long ago that Sony was going to shut down the mobile division. I’m a Sony fan as well and it would be sad to see them go. But their current strategy isn’t helping the cause. And because of Nokia we know that it doesn’t take much for a giant to fall.

  • DarkMaster

    import it from Taiwan bc you can get X Performance in Taiwan for the price of standard X in India LOL

    your country have some shitty tax regulations …

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  • ramuk

    Well, too bad but I do take things seriously when people express their feeling in a over the top way especially when it comes to my favorite electrical company ( And I don’t intend to change, EVER). The truth is its become a trend here to post ridiculous comment like this one. Trolls especially Samsung fanboys come here simply to post negative comment while claiming to be Sony fanboy.

    Yes, I already busted few of them here on Xperiablog. You can of course criticized and post negative comment if you don’t like the things but do sensibly. Because I KNOW for Sure saying RIP Sony while claiming to be a Sony fanboy who is only criticizing to improve the company is stupid and ridiculous.

  • SM

    tell me, it was a joke. isn’t it?

  • Battel
  • Matt

    dont say the word ramuk dont say the word that describes the ability of the phone to take 3d space and compressed it to jpeg format .

    it activates the troll

  • ramuk

    LOL, People are getting ridiculous here. I’m starting to believe that some people simply post negative comment (no matter how stupid, senseless and ridiculous the comment is JUST to get Upvote.) Just think about it –
    1) People whine here even before the product get release
    2) People whine about the camera quality and predict its shit even before the final/ consumer version is released
    3) People whine because They are apparently Display expert who know what kind of display panel they should include to define a flagship level spec.

    I’m actually now laughing at the morons/whiners who claimed X series camera also has the same blur in the corner of Z5 series. Because It’s already been proven that its has almost no blur. And The low light shot has been vastly improved. The performance of the X is on par with SD820 phones and in some cases it even beat them. Battery life is excellent despite having smaller battery. The display is simply amazing with great viewing angle and color reproduction. The display definitely beat the QHD display of HTC10 and LG G5. But whiners here failed to understand how higher resolution take a troll on the overall performance, quality and battery life of a phone. And how sticking to lower resolution allows overall better user experience.

  • Timel

    sony xperia has huge indian fans and india is one of the biggest market of sony xperia
    and now, with x series, i believe that sony xperia is going to lose many indian costumers

    the xperia x , a good midrang specs smartphone come upwith this price, most people cant accept this. it will unsaleable for sure

  • Timel

    now i understand why sony smartphones will be able to sale only 20 million (or less than that) this year lol

  • Timel

    most people will rather buy S7 , Xiaomi mi5 or waitin for the new galaxy note instead buy xperia x

  • mUSICA

    so u think 47k for a fone with sd650 is ok? i could get a s7, lg G5 for less than that

  • mUSICA

    exactly, XA 20k for a dual version thats fine theres, But 47k for X lol, wonder X Perf Will Be Like 57k

  • ramuk

    When did I say the price of X is OK? Did you read my comment, I even provide two links where I said I’m not OK with the pricing.

    Better question – So you think its OK to wish a company dead or post its dead simply because you don’t like the pricing?

  • mUSICA

    true, Even The Mi Note 3 is for like 12k,

  • Timel

    yes this is why sony will die from smartphone market

    sony think it is Apple lol

    most people will say good bye to the overpriced xperia x and get the better and cheaper choices like s7 , xiaomi mi5 and the coming up note 6

  • Timel

    dont worry even there’s no one say rip , sony will die from smartphone batterfield anyway

    when no one buy the overpriced phones from sony , after that sony will lose and finally stop selling xperia devices

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Hurmm the price for xperia X at that starting point not a good move made by sony mobile unless if it comes with smartwatch3 or talkband as bundle. Sure the price will drop but when the time price were droping sony already release another flagship and user will lost their attn toward the X and aiming for the next sony flagship then the same thing will happen over again if the price offer to high end up user will kept waiting with no puchasing.


    Sarcasm rarely travels across well on message boards..

  • Denis Dardymov

    Damn, Sony is doing something wrong in India :( Here, in Russia, Xperia X priced as 39990 RUB (1 RUB is ~= 1 INR), and X performance here in Russia not announced yet, but most lokely that it would be 49990. So, Xperia X in India priced almost like X performance in Russia, this is really wrong, Sony think that Indian people are so rich ? I don`t think so. Xperia X phones in India are over, overpriced!! Price for the X in India must be around 35-37 000 INR, not more!
    Sony, you can`t do the business this way, this is wrong :(

  • goat

    I can understand your emotions towards the company and it’s nice to have that kind of passion but I disagree with your logic towards the negative comments. Yes, it’s not good to troll, but as long as their language is not offensive they’re well within their rights to post a comment anywhere they want. Do you think Sony fanboys don’t go over to Samsung websites and do the same? It’s freedom of speech.

    Also, people come here from all parts of the world. Most of them have a different culture and language. You simply cannot get along with everyone. It’s best to just ignore and move on. If you get irritated by such comments, it only wastes your time and energy (Look around. There are so many RIP Sony comments. How many will you stop? And if XperiaBlog found them offensive, they wouldn’t have let such posts stay here in the first place. But I’m sure they understand freedom of speech)

    I do agree that the hardcore trolls should be banned but I think you were wrong to target this person in this case. He wasn’t trying to criticise the company to improve it. He was simply expressing his frustration at the pricing. And that’s what a normal consumer would do. And I’m sure XperiaBlog has no rules against people who are not Sony fanboys and are not here do discuss Sony’s future constructively.

    I do understand your feelings however. It’s just that you’ll have to get along. There’s no other choice. So let’s move on.

  • Kunal Shukla

    Xperia X pricing doesn’t even make sense in sony’s own product portfolio. It’s pricier than the Z5 by a long way and has same camera while missing out on Water proofing. I assume the pricing will come down in a month or so when the devices won’t sell. Z5 has gone a good 10K INR cheaper since it’s launch. Moreover SD650 mobile with sony lens and 3gb ram are available for as low as 12K so a phone 4 times the price isn’t gona sell. Or sony should lower their shipment forecast by another 20%.

  • Sridu

    Dissapointed with the price of x. Sony would no more stand for technical expertise and merely stand for japanese greed for money. RIP sony mobile. Atleast the XA is affordable.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Xperia x is not even close to be priced the same as the Galaxy s7, x performance is priced exactly like the Galaxy s7 atleast in Sweden :D

  • goat

    Well this blog post is about the phones getting priced in India. So we are talking about the Indian prices :)
    But anyway, other than Sweden and Taiwan (and maybe Japan) I think X has been overpriced in all markets

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    The prices in india are and always have been higher than anywhere else.
    In my homecountry too…
    X is 650€, but then…z5 is more expensive, and s7, g5 and htc10 are 100€ more expensive too.
    VAT here is enormeus, 25% .
    So, I guess its an ok price for X, in that expensive phones range…
    I guess same goes for india…

  • Matt
  • Timel

    yes this is why sony will die from smartphone market
    sony think that it is Apple lol
    most people will say good bye to the overpriced xperia x and get the better and cheaper choices like s7 , xiaomi mi5 and the coming up galaxy note 6

  • Timel

    dont worry even there’s no one say rip , sooner or later sony will die from smartphone batterfield anyway

    the smartphone like xperia x dont deserve this price at all it has no new cool innovation , most people cant see any wow factor in it but sony dare to sell it with this price ?

    when no one buy the overpriced phones from sony , after that sony will face with loss, when xperia phones are unsaleable then sony mobile will becomes an unprofitable business and finally sony will stop selling xperia devices

    R.I.P sony xperia

  • Timel

    You shouldn’t waste the time explain to this bias fanboy , ramuk is too blind

    To be honest ramuk is the most bullshit sony fanboy i’ve ever seen in my life. he need to go to rehab his sony fanboyism seriously

    he has a bad logic, and also judge every thing using his bias to support his fallencies and he also act like what is he doing is right while the fact that’s very stupid and ridiculous

  • Timel

    ladies and gettlemen I notice that everytime ramuk have to
    blam everyone who say negative about sony that those people are samsung fanboys lol

    I’m not sure what happened between ramuk and samsung or he just jealous that samsung get success in electronics industry and can surpass his sony or whatever

    but blaming people using his own bias it’s very nonsense and this much enough to proved that ramuk is stupid and very ridiculous

  • hansip

    Dunno but, with lesser customer, the incentive to keep Android on their phone updated is lesser too. Now that’s not a good thing.

  • hansip

    Sony please stop telling yourself you’re the most valuable brand in the world especially in smartphones. your innovation is just lacking for such high prices. if you are selling us 4000mah Xperia X with the said price, the Weak Soc will be ignored fast. But this? pfft.. Yeah maybe GSM arena battery test proves that your screen can do 9+ SoT but in real life it won’t even get that same kind of level, maybe only 50% of it.

  • Aiden Pearce

    even newly announced E5 has 2700mah battery…..duh!!

  • Sandeep Kumar

    i`m happy with my XPERIA Z1 :)))))))

  • Theresagwillis3

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  • Aiden Pearce

    Sony revealed the pricing in US. Seeing at this any Indian Sony fan would ought to get fit.
    Its proved that Sony thinks we Indian users are stupid. Look at the pricing of X performance. Indian gov eating up tax or something is seriously wrong with the head of Sony pricing department?

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    japan always got overprice phone since the dawn of phones itself

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    to indian people, go change brand to asus, lenovo or xiaomi. much cheaper

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  • Aiden Pearce

    zenphone 3 seems tempting but according to some news they will come to india in december pathetic oems eyeing only US markets to compete with Apple.

  • Hieu Nguyen

    I think it’s their pricing strategy (not wise at this time imho). They charge higher price at the markets where there are many loyal customers to exploit the brand value and lower price at new markets to attract the attention and raise demand.

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  • Geese Howard

    When Alfred says shit like that to Batman you got to believe!

  • Timel

    Definitely , xperia will die if Indian people don’t like xperia phones anymore because nowadays India is one of the the biggest market of xperia smartphones

    This time, xperia x mid range specs but flagship price, no one will stupid enough to buy this bullshite phone

    indians will buy better choices like s7 , Xiaomi Mi5 or rather waiting for Galaxy Note 6

  • Timel

    Ramuk is too butthurt , you need to understand this fanboy

  • Gayle Humphreys

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