Xperia Beta update with ‘Soft Charging’ feature now rolling (23.5.A.1.238)

by XB on 21st June 2016

in Firmware, Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3 series

Sony Xperia Beta 23.5.A.1.238_3Sony Mobile is now rolling the Beta Marshmallow firmware update for the Xperia Z2, Z3 and Z3 Compact with build number 23.5.A.1.238. As we reported on yesterday, this new update includes a new feature called ‘soft charging’ which has been designed to extend the life of your battery.

The feature can be switched on/off under a “Charging optimisation” setting. However, Sony warns that when switched on, you may find that the battery life per charge may be lower than what you are used to. The new update also includes the latest Xperia Home launcher with landscape support as well as a number of bug fixes and improvements. The update should hit all of those in the beta program over the next couple of days.

Sony Xperia Beta 23.5.A.1.238_1 Sony Xperia Beta 23.5.A.1.238_2

Sony Xperia Beta 23.5.A.1.238_3 Sony Xperia Beta 23.5.A.1.238_4

When you first boot your phone post the update, you will receive a notification informing you that “Charging optimization” is enabled. You can disable this in “Settings > About phone > Status > Charging optimization”.

Sony Xperia Beta 23.5.A.1.238_5

  • David Hvatov

    When regular update shows up that fixes bluetooth? I can’t use bluetooth audio playback trough car audio, becuase audio lags after every 20-30sec. Lollipop hadn’t that problem. Firmware fresh install didn’t helped.

  • Shady

    Hmm that’s weird security patches still April 1 concept version does have June 1 doesn’t make sense

  • razorg

    That issue is only going to be solved once Android N is released I’m afraid, as the Core OS elements and the OEM UI elements vs are going to be separated and Google will be able to release monthly Security Patches by itself. Thus, OEM manufacturers will be able to focus on their UIs and customisations without wasting man power on Core OS uptades/issues.

  • Abhi

    My old Samsung laptop had something like this too, but it would only charge to 70% to save the battery. Glad to see similar stuff on phones. If only newer devices had similar battery life to the Z3, that thing was gold…. seems after the S801, newer chipsets and smaller batteries are sending us backwards, this applies to all the big manufacturers.

  • Jacqueline Sanchez
  • TombStone

    Do these features ever make their way down to the new handsets? Will I ever get this cool feature on my Xperia Z5?

  • Have you notified Sony about it? They can’t fix it unless they know about it. My Z2 (6.0.1 – .575 Nordic) has no issues at all with BT in the car.

  • Konrad Dybcio


  • cristopher gomez mora

    Sony when a dark theme for the user interface and bored white, do not talk mode night I talk to put settings etc etc phone in dark I think it’s time to have that obcion without being ROOT and I’m not advocates the use of ROOT.

  • Mehran

    When will receive yaaar??? When ur couple of days comes in Pakistan

  • Komandos

    akurat nadal mam androida lizaka a aktualizacji jak nie by?o tak nie ma

  • rosaeproctor

    Sony Mobile has ceased smartphone production in Brazil according to a report from ZDnet. The company has ended contracts with ODMs Foxco…

  • aw

    Unfortunately lots of stutter when using bluetooth aptx to listen to music. There’s a 32 page thread on talk.sonymobile (, full of people who’ve upgrade to MM and now want to return their Z5’s. I’ve got a Z3C and it happens also. Any improvements in Concept MM?

  • Damian Ismael Bahamondes Valen

    how can i get that updates?

  • Alvin

    It charges your phone not to 100%, to increase your phone’s battery lifetime. But that may shortens your phone’s battery life.

  • Mathias Larsson

    I know I’m a bit late here, but does anyone know if the soft charging feature is of any use when the device is about two years old, and hence already have a “worn” battery.

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