Xperia XZ, X Performance, X and X Compact receive May 2017 Android security updates

by XB on 10th May 2017

in Firmware, Xperia X series, Xperia XZ series

Sony Mobile has released a new firmware update for a number Xperia X series models, which adds the 1 May 2017 Android security patch. The Xperia XZ and Xperia X Performance have seen their build numbers move from 41.2.A.2.199 to version 41.2.A.2.223 in this new software.

While, at the same time, the Xperia X and Xperia X Compact have seen their build numbers move from 34.2.A.2.47 to version 34.2.A.2.69. The Xperia X and X Compact remain on Android 7.0 for now. No other changes have been noted so far. We will include FTF firmware links for all variants in due course.

Xperia X and X Compact Android 7.0 firmware

Xperia X (F5121) 34.2.A.2.69 Nordic Generic
Xperia X Dual (F5122) 34.2.A.2.69 Vietnam Generic
Xperia X Compact (F5321) 34.2.A.2.69 Singapore Generic

Xperia XZ and X Performance Android 7.1.1 firmware

Xperia XZ (F8331) 41.2.A.2.223 Italy Generic
Xperia XZ Dual (F8332) 41.2.A.2.223 Malaysia Generic
Xperia X Performance (F8131) 41.2.A.2.223 Latin America Generic
Xperia X Performance Dual (F8132) 41.2.A.2.223 Taiwan Generic

Thanks Diogo, Izzat, Srijan and walaspancha!

  • Srijan Chawla

    You’re welcome Xperiablog !!! Thanks for using my screenshots :)

  • Shannonaclark

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  • Dominic Milner

    Would be nice if my Xperia x got this update, still on February patch, just not to sure how flashing the uk region is going to affect my device, if anyone has any experience or if it works out ok can you let me know, thanks.

  • SAM

    Is this available for Indian xperia handsets?

  • Hurairah

    This update basically repaired my crippled XZ dual sim version after updating to 7.1.1.
    Everything is smooth now (30mins after updating).

  • Caio Marsiglia

    Man, this is exactly what i said to my friend. It’s working really well this time.
    Xperia XZ Dual too.

  • Hurairah

    If only they can somehow solve their camera heating issues it’ll be great.

  • Yuriy Mosiychuk

    When will f*cking upgrade for Xperia XA?

  • Harish

    Yes. Mine is xperia x and i received update today. I am from chennai

  • Emil Oskarsson

    It will come, but you see now that Sony does focuses more on their premium handsets, and you know why? Because they dont make that much money out of the mid range devices as they do with the high end devices. To be fair at Sony though, they are much better at updating their mid range devices compared to any other manufacturer out there so :)

  • Szabó Béla

    Well i don’t even have the 7.1.1 yet on XZ. The insaine battery drain done by phone idle has returned anyway. Time to reinstall the OS, again… Hopefuly it will upgrade to 7.1.1 instead of 7.0.

  • Francesco

    Are there camera heating issues with XZ? I have an X compact and i have never had any problem….

  • Actman

    Oh yea? Speaking about ‘PREMIUM’ do you mind telling me which security patch was landed lastly on Z5 Premium? Isn’t Z5 Premium is lack of its ‘PREMIUMNESS’?

  • JC

    Next month.

  • pi4a7a

    Do it with Flashtool with all marked in Wipe section..

  • Hurairah

    yeah, the most irritating issue for my unit i suppose is while using camera. for 60 fps video recording, it can only last for max 4 minutes before video starts stuttering. Photo taking even, I can barely take much before I lose the predictive auto focus mode.

    AND ONCE THE PHONE HEATS UP, everything lags.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Z5 premium along with well for example my z4 tablet have gotten March security updates and nougat. And ofc 7.1.1 is on the way so I think Sony has actually done a great job here even for their older devices that aren’t even part of the x series! Take a look at Samsung Galaxy s6 for example or the tablet from Samsung released in the same year. Some haven’t even received the nougat update there yet, while we have had it for quite some time now on the last gen of z devices! :p But as always people just complain instead of seeing something positive for a change…

  • Szabó Béla

    I know that you are right, and i am wrong, but somehow i trust them to fix this mess up with the battery. Plus i am seriously thinking on changing it to the XZ premium, don’t wana risk to screew it up just before i would sell it.

  • Actman

    Stop uttering something which is totally illogical. He was asking where was the promised update for the XA series and you are the one who strongly emphasizing that SONY is now focuses on much ‘Premium’ devices. So my question is pretty much simple… If they were focusing on ‘Premium’ devices and those midrangers were left behind then why would the Z5P users are losing out for those monthly security patches? Why would you made a comparison against Sammy? Why not tell him the truth that SONY is focusing on the X Premium Series instead? Talk about comparison between Z5 series and Note 5 (considerably both of these devices were launched at the same time) SONY should better reflect on themselves. Sammy might late with updates but what’s new features they’ve provided is totally highly remarkable.

  • ew210

    I guess it’s time to take your pills , don’t skip on prescribed medications !

  • (NinJer)

    My XZ still on 7.0, when will 7.1.1 come to me :'(

  • Actman

    Yea just like your featured avatar… Looks exactly like a piece of shit.

  • Kenny Liao

    Can someone tell me why the theme colour in this XZ is blue?
    I wanna change mine to blue as well

  • Gregory See

    1st of March. Bass level for the bottom speaker is still somehow lower than the upper one. Nonsensical!

  • Vitali

    ** A wild Xperia Z3 user appears. **

  • SAM

    I have been thinking of buying Xperia X. But stores are informing me that it is discontinued. Also offline availability is very thin and online is only option. What would you suggest on this? Is online safe route and is handset worth buying?

  • Harish

    I bought it in Flipkart four months back. Or you can approach any sony showrooms. Phone is great. Heats up little bit, if you play heavy games (Snapdragon 650). Apart from it, it is a very fast midrange device with a great camera.

  • Harish

    Xperia x in india got may security patch yesterday. So, update for your handset should be arriving soon. Also as per the articles, concept software for Xperia x is going to end in may. So most probably we will receive 7.1.1 next month with june patch. Hope for the best. Have a nice day.

  • fried_egg

    They need to fix the WIFI issues that cause instability & battery drain issues for many Z5 owners phones before rolling this out to them. At least the dire battery life limits the “up time” and thus exposure to security issues is reduced.

  • Pragnesh Thakkar

    what about xperia xa nougat update???

  • Sheilajschriver

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    Taking a “thousand years” to just get Android 7.1.1 with May Security Updates. Now still stuck in Android 7.0 with February Security Updates. SINGAPORE IS SLOW AF

  • Dominic Milner

    Thanks, yes hopefully soon, as do not want to flash just in case it goes wrong, phone not even a month old, just seems weird that i can be months behind uk but live in Portugal with same phone, fingers crossed, you have a good day also.

  • Blunt

    No visible change or improvement in battery life observed,
    Call log still lags when scrolling.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Call log lags on xz as well?

  • Blunt

    Yes and that’s annoying.

  • kabiluddin

    stop upvoting your own comment you piece of shit.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    i have only experienced camre ovearheating issues on my x performance when it had lied in the sun last summer for like 30 min and i started up the camera app and took some photos, it did shut down the app because the camera had overheated. And yeah the phone was at 60 degrees celcius at the time, so dont forget it in the sun XD. Only time i have managed to get it to overheat. Otherwise i can easily record 30 min with the camera app at 1080 with 60fps. I havent recorded more then 30 min but the phone wasnt that hot after all that video usage :p

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Lags in the phone apps call log or what? Because mine is smooth as butter :s Xperia X Performance :p

  • Moisés

    Hi …. Not sure if the battery test of Phone Arena can be trusted. They set 200 nits and run webscript to measure
    battery life.

    According to their test, the battery life of XZ Premium is similar to Z2.

  • Actman

    You too stop creating a bloody bootless fake account you bitch!

  • Hmm.. Yeah. My Italian ☓ Compact has finally got the April security update (after skipping the previous update for the second time) and few hours later many other Countries received this new update. That’s not really the way to manage roll outs. Also considering that USA apart (for the fingerprint sensor) the only difference between each Country’s version should be just the bloatware. I think it would be about time they make a global generic version like that other company has always done for its (i)OS.

  • Hurairah

    dayum~ I can barely hit 5mins before the camera prompt me to stop recording as the temperature was going up. I’m not sure but for my unit at least, when the temperature reaches around 43-45C, camera starts to stutter. It doesn’t crash or closes the app, it just stutter until it reaches 50 i suppose and only then it closes the app to cool it down.

  • Nope!

  • kabiluddin

    Says the one with fake account. Stop coming to this site if you have nothing to say and get butthurt from reading other people comment that trash shamesuck.

  • This also sort out the issues related to Reconditioning Batteries. Thanks Sony!

  • Ron Lufias

    Weird, we’re on the same region, but Malaysia seem to always get early updates from Sony. Maybe depending on the carrier as well?

  • Actman

    Say whatever you fancy. But certainly it won’t stop me of criticizing this company until Z5 family gets a fair treatment. Multiple fake accounts huh? I would instead feel proud with my comments that proved there are people who feel the same way as I do. One more thing bitxh, look you don’t actually own this site and if you do, please do me a favour by expelling me now. If you can’t do it, you’re just another bitch to me.

  • kabiluddin

    Feel free to continue crying bitch. Whatever you do that wouldn’t be enough to change the policy about Z5. You are stupid enough to buy sony phone now suffer bitcch. Now keep suffering a little bitch and stop whining.

  • Berthafbest

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  • Jens

    Still waiting for security updates for the Xperia Z3 Compact – now with a few hundred open security issues…
    Last security update was May 2016 :-/

  • Kiran Pasupuleti

    Anyone else facing a lockscreen bug where the lockscreen simply goes blank?

  • Carney3

    I’m trying to avoid a glass back since my Z2’s back cracked soon after purchase. Which current Xperias do NOT have a glass back?

  • Bryan Grobmann

    What about 7.1.1 for Z3+ ?

  • Whole X family but XZ Premium!

  • Carney3

    OK thanks.

  • Adam Varney

    It’s a whole different speaker, that’s why. The upper speaker is higher quality. Shoddy I know. Both should be identical types.

  • Actman

    Whatever crap you were verbalizing here, it still doesn’t change a single thing you idiot! First and foremost, I mean you did not pay me to get my phone right? but who are you to judge? Secondly as a consumer, I’m freely to criticize this company whatever, whatsoever and however I would like to although I might earn zero attention as well disrespectful from netizens out there but who really cares right? and it’s totally my rights… still you got no business here. Thirdly, you are the one who replying to my comment which certainly I am not in favour of. Finally for me it’s totally pointless of having a conversation to someone who uses an obvious fake account. Just reveal yourself as only coward stays cloaked in invisibility. For me, there are only few of this so called ‘Typical Loyal SONY Defenders’ here on this blog. You wouldn’t be far from it…

  • Wooty

    Stop exchanging verbal insults to this idiot Actman. It would be a waste of time. We are against Xperia and definitely not this priceless dude. Obviously a fake account he’s been using. His asshole is not that valuable compared to Xperias. Its worthless.

  • Erintbarnes

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  • Actman

    He asked for it. Anyway thank you for the advice and standing next to me prominently. Well Appreciated.

  • Wooty

    :) I guess we won’t be on the same channel if Xperia would have been given us a fair treatment. Rock n roll dude!

  • kabiluddin

    Blah blah blah keep crying bitch. Both the z5 and you are trash. And you two deserve each other. I’ll enjoy your suffering.

  • Actman

    Yeah. Actually I cried so hard because I actually saw someone who got such a low IQ who is whining on that I whined of. Retardation is the best way to describe you.

  • kabiluddin

    I thought you said you are not going to waste any time with me. LOLOLOL. Right back at you bitch. I enjoyed your whining. For a laggy brained peasant like you, you certainly provide me good entertainment. I’ll be using you for my future entertainment as well. You and razorg, you two bitch are really simplistic moron if you too keep coming back to reply to my comment despite being so sure about my low IQ, LMAO. I’ll use you two trash for my future entertainment also.

  • Gregory See

    Multiple accounts? Priceless junk to me. The only bloke who would’ve thought of this is the one who has been practicing this act all the whilst by himself. Don’t you think so?

  • Gregory See

    Seems like you’ve forgotten me. I love disposing trash! Here is a big one in order for me to get rid of! Am I right pillock?

  • rtr titans

    This security update reduced the battery backup upto 30%
    battery 60-0 in 3 hrs
    Usage: chatting always over on wifi for 2 hrs nd lte 1hr

    Worst update ever

  • rtr titans

    now i’m experiencing on my Xperia x after updating this latest software

  • Actman

    Sure man. Just give me a call and I’ll be there for you. No worries. I’m glad that our slight contribution got you entertained! You know clown like you could easily have orgasm in a short period of time. Glad you like it!

  • kabiluddin

    Thanks for providing me entertainment clown. Don’t worry, clown. I’ll be sure to call you.

  • Josep Robles

    It gets very hot when I watch videos

  • Shamoy Rahman

    Camera heating issue isn’t really a thing anymore. It takes almost 30 minutes of 4K recording to overheat.

  • Hurairah

    Which variant of XZ are you using? single sim or dual sim? cuz I read up blogs and found out many dual sim users are facing overheating issues.
    Idk, what you recon I do to get rid of this super annoying heating issue apart from sending it for warranty.

  • Shamoy Rahman

    I’m using the dual sim version. I installed the Nougat update as soon as I first started using it. Maybe overheating was an issue back in Marshmallow but I never used Marshmallow since I bought this phone.

  • Hurairah

    oh wow, maybe its a hardware issue, or i have to use the companion app to repair my software. Thanks for the heads up.


    Yes. Depends. If u want to get a phone next time maybe buy it from Amazon instead of buying from carrier because the uodates usually come super fast on those phones that are not on any carrier

  • kramer

    I have a F8332 HK version which (for some reason) really slow with updates. Can I flash another FTF file without the need for root or unlocking? (i understand I will loose all my data on the phone)

  • Marinko Agic

    Why they dont put something useful in this updates?

  • Eduardo Dias

    i have the XZ and its not lagging

  • After upgrade to this new update, i think there are a new type of signal network. The network bar is changed, from LTE to 4G. Is it normal? The update come to my device at 1st June 2017 in Indonesia, which Xperia XZ relesease unofficially.

  • Blunt

    It’s about Cal Log lag not about whole phone.

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