Will you buy the next Xperia flagship if the headphone jack is dropped? [Poll]

by XB on 22nd January 2018

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There has been much debate following the possibility that Sony may ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack for its next flagship. While many of you are understandably upset by the rumour, other reaction is more grounded, with this potential move reflective of the industry overall.

So, we wanted to put some numbers behind the reaction with the poll below. The question we are asking is that if Sony does remove the headphone port from its next Xperia flagship, do you plan to buy it? Please vote in the poll and let us know your reasons in the comments below.

Will you buy the next Xperia flagship if the headphone jack is dropped?

  • Subham Dey


  • Jarrod

    This is a tough one. Most of my earphones now are bluetooth anyway but it’s not something that I’d wish to lose. I’m quite surprised sony is doing this as they normally keep better features over trendy ones. Like still using ips over oled.

  • Paul Burden

    I would be happy if an adapter is bundled. Fewer holes means better waterproofing.

  • Ryan Kumar-jassi

    What about if I have an XZ Premium that I wanna keep? Is there an option for that? If the headphone port dies it does but I wouldve expected Sony to keep it

  • Skipper


  • Moisés

    I wanted to have a Premium.
    But I dont want a phone without jack.

    I will wait to see if there is a successor of XZs or buy XZ1/ XZP

  • Chaskora Darvesh (Mansoor)

    No, it’s a deal breaker for me as long as there are other options with minijack. The argument about better waterproofing is funny because Xperia has already better waterproofing than non-minijack devices..
    All other manufacturers ditched camera shutter for years ago, but Sony is keeping it which is a right decision. They don’t need to follow other just the sake of following trend.

  • I mean, I’ve been eyeing an MDR-1000X for some time now, losing the 3.5MM port is acceptable if I’m going to get long lasting headphones and ungodly noise cancelation.

  • You can only do so much with a 3.5MM port – for one thing, DACs and noise cancelation will be much better with a USB-C port instead of Sony shoehorning it to a jack from the 1960s.

  • ozanyalcn45

    As long as comes with new design(not rename) i can buy the new phone. It’s not a big deal for me. And I have to say that i really miss that illumination bar feature and walkman. Those features was really cool stuff

  • Nuno

    I really hope that this is not true and that Sony will keep the 3.5mm jack. Sony makes some really good headsets especially the noise cancelling ones, that work great either to listen to music or during a phone call in a noisy environment. Sony should not follow the trend and just stick to their own ideas, and most important listen to it’s fans, that stick and support the brand. Will i buy the next flagship, if it had the headphone jack I would definitely, without the jack …. maybe. And I collect all the Z phones as well as the XZ.

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    In all honesty, I’d like them to keep it.

    BUT I recently bought a Sony MDR-XB80BS to use when I am working out and I find myself using these nifty headsets more and more, even when I’m outside the gym and I have to say, I like the freedom of movement without the wires. Oh and the one-touch connection via NFC makes it very convenient too!

    So, yes, I will still get a Sony Xperia flagship–even without the jack.

  • Mansoor Elahi

    You can still have both options. The fact is that removing minijack is plain copying of Apple & nothing more. Something from 60s doesn’t become bad just because Apple removed it or because it is from 60s.

  • DBS

    I got thw XZ1C to replace my dying Z3C to be used ONLY as a music player. If Sony drops the headphone jack, their phones pretty much become useless to me since they lack ALL the other essentials anyway.

  • “Something from the 60s doesn’t become bad just because… it is from the 60s.”

    Yeah, we said the same thing to large luxury cars, 8 track tapes, and computers the size of entire rooms.

  • Mansoor Elahi

    It doesn’t help to compare apples with oranges.

  • Except all of that is technology first used in the 60s.

    Everything else progressed into better technologies, why can’t we allow that for our music listening?

    If done correctly, USB-C can be used to make more DAC-boosted headphones and earphones, better noise cancelation, higher fidelity music, better recording and accessories support,… the list is basically endless.

    Also, people who’ve used nothing but Bluetooth earphones have not looked back.

  • Mansoor Elahi

    No one is stopping progress. As you said, “if done correctly”, the point if its not done yet, why already removing minijack? First make something better, then you remove something.. Right now USB-C or iPhone’s lightening are not any better than minijack. It’s just a try to sell some dongles and some Airpods.
    I am using bluetooth earphones since 2012 and i use minijack also.

  • Why not let it happen? Let the phone makers and headphone makers sort it out? People are condemning the move to use USB-C for everything even before innovation can take place…

  • Mansoor Elahi

    People are condemning it because manufacturers taking something from them (minijack) and not giving them anything better, but giving them something which makes life more difficult..

  • Warren Chang

    they should do the opposite, retain 3.5mm and add 4.4mm balanced, make a real xperia walkman which is closer to NW-ZX2 or NW-ZX1 as flagship audiophile phone, i don’t mind a 12-13mm brick

  • Dilipkumar

    Xperia for my life

  • Phil Gym

    It depends on the design. I’m a design-oriented guy

  • Daemon

    It’s here when the fans love and/or hate the brand.

    But meh, the flagship will still cost around $900-$1000 with or without headphone jack. Fuck that price.

  • still what’s the problem with waterproofing?

  • That’s the same thing when people worried about their cassette players in cars being useless when CDs became a thing. It made life more difficult for them, but eventually everyone used CDs (and then iPods, and now Spotify)…

  • Mansoor Elahi

    But you are aware that CDs were better than cassettes to start with. It was not like that they put CD players there and hoped for it being better than cassettes one beautiful day.

  • monoke

    It better have minimal 2 days battery life or some justification for removing it. If not and the design doesn’t impress, then hell no. Charging and use headphones in car just too handy to give up.

  • Richard Brutski

    Having a phone with no head phone jack is like having a car where all of the windows only roll down half way. Usable? Yeah, but stupid and not something I’d ever buy. I don’t care how good the rest of the phone is, I wont buy it. I’ll buy an XZ1 compact in a year.

  • Richard Brutski

    60’s cars > today’s lifeless blobs.

  • Geralt

    Xperia for life bro. Headphone jack no headphone jack, bullshit. Just give me my new Xperia. I’m dying to see and buy it

  • vigneshprince

    Sony has never disappointed me when it comes to the sound quality, I am sure it will upgrade the quality even more. If it sounds great from the type-c port then i dont care. I will go for it!

  • Celxiuz

    Maybe~~~ if Sony change the entire design and that’s why drop the 3.5mm jack, I would consider it

  • JC

    Maybe, but more leaning towards no. I need a replacement for my Xperia Z5 Premium and honestly if Sony fails to deliver I might as well get the Xperia XZ Premium or completely ditch the brand, which would be a shame.

  • MrWalker1000

    youre wrong. USB-C was not created with the intention of transfering music its not better than a headphone jack at all the quality is worse. So there is no benefit to doing so unless you’re just gonna buy an expensive pair of bluetooth headphones and you don’t need the jack.

    and not everyone wants to get a pair of wireless.

  • MrWalker1000

    the sound quality of a USB-C is worse because its not meant to transfer music it was never engineered for that purpose. So its literally an idiotic decision that doesnt need to be removed.

  • jamie evans


  • Eduardo Otero

    Anyway I use the SBH54 when I go out and I’m quite sure there will be new H.ear on with USB type C conector. Although bringing back the magnetic charge could be a pretty good idea. I still miss it.

  • MrWalker1000

    it would be a dumb move the likes of apple and htc. Headphone jack is still needed for the best wired experience.

  • “The quality is worse.” That’s SUBJECTIVE. And what about proprietary ports used in home HiFi systems?

    “Not everyone wants to get a pair of wireless.” 20 years ago, people said the same things when CDs became a thing and cassettes were being threatened. It will just take time before everyone starts using wireless.

  • DBS

    Apple removed it because they want to make money out of it. Their phones don’t use USB-C and the lightning port is proprietary. Whatever you buy to connect to it, Apple gets a share of the money.
    It’s super consumer-unfriendly…but that’s Apple.

    All other Android brands that removed it are just brainless idiots that decided to copy Apple. I honestly, for all the bad things Sony does with their Xperias (and it’s a lot), expect better from Sony than to just follow such a stupid trend.

    And I completely agree, the headphone jack is absolutely essential if you want to get the best audio experience. And USB-C currently is nowhere near good enough to deliver the same results.
    Not to mention that, if you want to charge your phone while you listen to music, with an Xperia, you can’t (since it also lacks wireless charging). It’s just a bad idea all around.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas


    3.5mm will be REPLACED WITH SOMETHING EVEN BETTER. 4.4mm jack, it is, I’m sure Sony will provide an adapter for 2.5mm and 3.5mm to 4.4mm conversion.

  • Vincentius Phang

    I will actually agree with you if there’s any usb-c headphone available anywhere.

  • Ismail HA

    if this happens, me and Xperia will go our separate ways

  • 3_nity


  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Voted No.
    Although a long time Sony fan and supporter, aint supporting these stupid hipster trends in any way….

    But I still firmly believe they are just implementing the 4.4 mm balanced output jack instead of 3.5.mm one on their fagship, so the 3.5 mm one got pushed aside to that unconvenient USB C wired dongle.
    If that is the case, then wholeheartedly a Yes vote.

  • Objectif

    Maybe. Wait and see.

  • Alberto Siow

    Non-xperia users will not buy the phone because it ditch 3.5mm audio jack, while existing xperia users will leave Sony because it has no more audio jack.

    Every xperia phones lack of something, e.g. flash light, camera button, bezel-less, dual camera, OLED screen, OIS… That’s why no Xperia phones can threaten the sales of Samsung/Apple. Shame on lousy Xperia designer and bravo to Xperia buyer/supporter!

  • Antero Masonen

    Im getting it its time to upgrade fron Z5

  • Dominique M SO

    No, I’ll switch.

  • gregz

    No way… To people who says “it is an old thing, usb-c is better” : you already have that port so it is not an argument… You have 2 possibilities and you want to ditch one ?
    And bluetooth sound is crappy, needs battery, it is so environnement dependant. And a breeeze for a thieft to be 10 feet away in the crowd as you realize you have been pickpocketed….

  • Farsiris

    Ofcourse. With their awesome wireless headphones. I’m eyeing for MDR-1000, with awesome battery and NC features!

  • Ana Helušić

    Bye, bye Sony, you were good, real good, now you are like others

  • Talos the Robot

    Give us instead a 4.4 mm balanced output and everything will be alright!

  • HAWX

    It was already useless in terms of quality and loudness compared to even some chineese brands. The sad thing is Sony have been aiming old non technology uncles and aunts for last 3 years. Because they don’t watch reviews and comparisosn, they don’t know quality, the convenience and “It does the job” is enpugh for them. Ez money for Sony but rong desicion on the long run. I would seriously be sad If the V40 was loosing It’s headphone jack. But Sony has already lost it with It’s shitty quality after Z3.

  • Dimitar Pachov

    Do you remember the ports of the old Sony Ericsson phones? Well, I broke my port for less than a year, because my everyday use of headphones.There’s no charging anymore, no PC connections anymore, no music anymore… Who will love to break the USB-C of his expensive new Xperia….

  • Geralt

    Razer phone provides a special dongle for that purpose. And so do will Sony, as they need to take the advantage of audio techs they will push with it like, DSEE and all

  • theskig

    In case I will think about the XA2 Ultra

  • méz geri

    I dont get it. Its just bad strategy. Sony will not gain any customers by removing the jack but will definitely lose many of them.

  • Paul Burden

    Every hole is a leak waiting to happen. I use my phone delivering yachts so waterproof is important to me.

  • AllanKafka

    Until they put two USB-C ports on their phones, your arguments are just defending the undefendable.

  • mixedfish

    This, 100% this. Don’t remove the 3.5mm jack….go further instead.

  • Jarrod

    That makes no sense. Usb is purely digital and usb c supports 3.1 with very high transfer rates. Will be far superior to old analog aux.

  • mixedfish

    I continue buying Xperia because build quality is one level above competitors. But removing key features just means I’d may as well save my $500 and buy a cheap Chinese phone that offers more.

  • hansip

    I don’t mind that much as long as the dongle is included, especially when the dongle is multi port.

  • Barricade

    Depends on how the rest of the phone shapes up. But it’s most definitely a contender for my next smartphone as my Nexus 6P is getting older.

  • Nomak

    I would not buy a phone without a jack, at the moment. But I could change my mind if they put another USB-C port on the phone. I want to be able to charge my phone while listening to stuff. And I don’t accept the “use wireless charging” thing, because it forces me to use yet another accessory, because it is inefficient and because it heats up the phone and (non-removable) battery, reducing its lifespan.

    I also refuse the “use bluetooth headset” argument, not only because of lower quality, but mainly because they have a battery of their own. So I don’t want to risk to find myself with both phone and headset low on charge. And above all, I want to use a wired headset because I can attach it to my phone, then to my pc, then to a stereo, then to my tablet, all without having to configure/pair anything, turn bluetooth on/off on different devices, and so on.

    On top of that, there is no reason (or better, no GOOD reason) to drop the jack connector. If at least there was one, things would be different and one could still choose.

    Basically I want to be able to choose how and when to charge my phone and listen to my media content, and how to listen to it.

  • lolop

    Why do you think outputting audio via USB would be any better? What is more “DAC-boosted headphones”, the DAC doesn’t do any amplification. I bought an external DAC for my PC and the differences between the inbuilt DAC and the external DAC is impossible to tell, The Sony noise cancelling headphones right now are brilliant without needing to use USB. Why would you have better recording? Accessories support isn’t really consequential to having USB-dongle headphones.

  • iia3ezu

    It doesn’t matter if there’s an exodus of existing Xperia buyers.

    As far as market share in the smartphone world is concerned, Xperia phones are statistically insignificant.


    Sony phones have much bigger problems than removing the headphone jack. Big bezels, crappy software, mediocre camera etc.

    Anyhow, flagship phones (all brands) do not have FM radio, which is a dealbreaker for me. The FM radio is probably seen as a ‘poor man’s feature’, so it is reserved for midrange and budget phones.

  • Barricade

    But blu-ray replaced dvd because it was a better option. And like P. Sherman said, the USB C port is better for DACs and noirce cancelation.

    It’s just that the 3.5mm jack has been around for such a long time, the transition to something new (and probably better) sucks.

  • theskig

    Crappy software??

  • Barricade

    I always wonder who all those people are that use headphones while charging their phone.

    When the iPhone 7 released, a friend of mine bought a 6s because it had a headphone jack. So I asked him if he actually listens to music when he’s charging his phone.

    Turns out he does. Without headphones. He bought an interior device because he listened to other people instead of making up his own mind. My friends is obviously a casual, so my point is most casuals don’t really care about the lack of a headphone jack (or dedicated headphone port all together), but think they do because of what other people say.

  • Barricade

    Guess what will happen when more manufacturers go USB C only.

  • Xperia: Luke, I’m dropping the Jack.
    Luke: Nooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!

  • Alfino Pranata

    I’ve been living with iPhone X for 2 weeks and I’m fine without the wired headset. And I could say jogging feels much more hassle-free without get distracted by the wired headset. And there’s so many cheap wireless headset with good quality. So, No whining and I’ll be back to Sony again!

  • I do. But not the way You think. I just use my phone as multimedia device – by connecting FM transmitter to jack I’m able to listen to my music on my home cinema.
    Stupid, right? Couldn’t I just use AUX connection? Wait! AUX needs jack too!

    Before that I used my Z Ultra as transmitter (with Root it’s possible). And You know what? For it to work I had to connect something to jack port. Not USB, jack! That useless jack… (yeah, I know it don’t have USB C, but still)

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    sony should announce first until when they gonna stop supporting minijack, this help phase out all earphone with cable within few years.

    for example last year when other phones started to use usb type C and that a perfect chance for sony to phase out minijack in 2020. sony being sony, always lack of communication

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    in BvS, bruce wayne did yell JACK while in car

  • Barricade

    You could use a Chromecast Audio for that if you ever get a phone without a headphone jack. Actually, a Chromecast Audio will probably get you more out of your home cinema than you’re getting now.

    I never said the headphone jack is stupid, I’m saying USB C is the next big thing for a universal port

  • Aiden Pearce


  • Juan Carlos

    Of course! Cant wait for Xperia Pro! It will be more room for other things! Furthermore this should help to have a “cleaner” design.

  • عبد محسن فصل

    I will buy, sony like no other

  • kaostheory

    Xa has fm, headphone and I believe noise canceling. I’m having trouble understanding Sony if their premium line doesn’t even have the same features as their midrange.

  • kaostheory

    Does this mean the end of noise canceling, or will it still included and work with usb?

  • Dorian Dankert

    I have them for 1 year now. they’re very good. I solely use bluetooth headsets bc my headphone jack on my xperia z5p actually broke. So I guess I wouldnt mind. If it’s actually the xz1pro or premium one I will buy it asap

  • tazcubed

    The deal breaker for me is the fingerprint reader. Having been with the iPhone X for a little while now, I’m not overly concerned with facial recognition, however, Sony does have to have some quick and easy way to access the phone and a growing number of secured apps. I’ve got Bose wireless headphones which are plenty clear and robust enough. If Sony would also include Qi charging, then I’d gladly ditch the iPhone as quickly as the Sony gets released in North America (please tell me they’ll launch with the red one too). It’s the key reason why I didn’t go with the XZ Premium.

  • Max Li

    For me, I think highly unlikely as Sony have been pushing in the area of High Resolution Audio.
    If they ditch the 3.5mm jack than even their 3.5mm headphone/earpiece sales will be affected.
    However if it really happened, probably users will have to use either wireless headphones.
    Or Sony BT headsets which some allow users to listen to music and pick up calls with their own headphone/earpiece.
    However concurrently BT headsets doesn’t support High resolution format so it may not appeal to serious music listeners.
    Their approach is different from Apple where adapters are involved.
    3.5mm jack one day will phase, don’t forget Sony had newer version of the jack
    such as 4.4mm jack and the balanced L/R. For me I don’t use Xperia to listen to music
    so without a 3.5mm jack I am fine with it.
    If I want to stream music through my HIFI/Wireless Speaker, just use BT function will do.
    I have a Sony Walkman, having a dedicated music player.
    Music listening is much pleasant, save the phone battery as well as the radio function which higher end Xperia models doesn’t have.
    Will see how Sony approach but since I have supporting for so long.
    They always focus on customer’s needs than what they want.
    Max Li
    Xperia/Walkman user

  • Kal-El

    Absolutely Not! Fucking Sony Mobile division is run by braindead monkeys. Why the fuck would they divide the already tiny consumer base? I try really hard to love/defend Xperia (I’ve been doing it since 2013) but because of stupid decisions like these I feel like I should just fuck off this stupid brand. Always same outdated design, removing fingerprint scanner in the U.S, overpriced vs what competition is offering to name a few…

  • hmmm

    How can such a tiny piece take so much space for huuuge battery or other sf improvements??I’m not using the jack,but I want it to be there,I want to use it few times in a year for online radio (I have ibasso dx50 for music) and just have were to plus my headphones into!I want the 3.5mmm jack beacause this is a xperia phone,a premium phone,and it should be something else!Please don’t go to that road,don’t make what everyone does….no jack,fingerprint on the back,18:9 screen and iphone design,be unique,like you always was! bring us back cybershot line…make the best battery life,use better materials,carl zeiss lens….these are the things that matters,not removing the jack…why is it so important to remove it?

  • hmmm

    So for my 300 euros ckr10 in ear headphones,I’ll need an extra adapter.my ibasso has jack,but my phone needs another adapter to plug them into! I think it will be a bad decision. Audio over usb it’s something cool,both of them on the phone could be amazing!

  • Eric

    Perhaps the most disgusting part of all of this is the fact that not until other manufacturer’s were removing the jack did anyone bitch about the jack and how “dated” it was UNTIL the decision was made to remove it Ironically, then it shifted everyone’s thinking into defending this anti-consumer practice was actually beneficial. How mindless everyone has become to technology! I have yet to see irrefutable scientific evidence to back up their “it’s better” or how it improves their audio experience (although ironically those idiots will DEFEND their lossy MP3s/AAC encoded music yet I am a completely morron because I only buy CDs and rip to FLAC and will NEVER stream music ever). I love my Xperia Z3+, and if this is indeed where Sony is headed, it is without question a deal breaker. I guess I will grab an XZs or a XZ Premium but they will no doubt not see a single penny if they do this. I am not voting for this horrible decision. This USB Type-C is just an illusion to embrace and implement the DRM that will no doubt come; nor do I think it was ever meant to be successor to the 3.5mm jack. Manufacturers knew it would be easy to get everyone on the bandwagon since everyone is so easily manipulated into believing the “technology” they consume is superior than what they replaced it with when in reality the “new” is inferior.

  • Eric

    It is a horrible decision and is anti-consumer anyway you slice it, yet people will believe anything they think benefits them even if its just an illusion. Sad to say, DRM will be the next thing to implemented over USB because they all voted with their wallets. It is sad times for those who are not brainwashed.

  • Eric

    Yeah, transfer rates has nothing to do with it. Please explain “purely digital”. Please provide scientific evidence.

  • Abl Rahman

    no sorry sony If this is true

  • MrWalker1000

    well what people or the companies defending that decision would say is that you wouldn’t need to the headphone jack even if you’re charging because they are saying BT is the future so its basically pointless.

    the thing is wired connection is still the best quality

  • Andys42

    Its interesting how many people are saying no. Apple has already dropped the 3.5mm jack to make the phone thinner. I personally use bluetooth headsets with the phone anyway. With these: https://www.sony.co.uk/electronics/headband-headphones/wh-1000xm2
    who needs a headphone jack?

  • lastguru

    I’ve been using bluetooth headset for a year now. Never going back to clumsy wires that are always tangled, sometimes breaking, and made my phone drop hard on the road a few times.

  • Arthur Karlsson

    It has to be taken into account that the mini jack has been a thorn in manufactures side since they started making waterproof phones (sorry splash-proof). Lint and moisture do not mix all that well. It´s a well documented problem most of the phones have had after they got the IP68 rating. The Xperia Z had these flaps to close the ports but since that was ditched Sony have had problems with faulty jacks due to lint and moisture getting into the port… I guess it´s better to have only one open port on the device.. I will keep on buying Sony as I have passed my devices down to my kids, still rocking at my home are Z3, Z3 compact, Z5 and a XZ Premium.

  • jrnr

    Sony had phones without 3.5 mm posts way before iPhone existed.
    So apple is copying Sony ?

  • jokensy

    Xperia sales are already low. If they remove the headphone jack, it will be the final nail in the coffin.

  • Me


  • singh

    i have been using the xz since September 2016 , i have only used headphone jack probably twice and prefer to use my bt330 Bluetooth headphones, the point is most people dont care and i rather lose the headphone jack for all new xperia design, most people i see here in the uk seem to use Bluetooth headphones, there more convenient yes sound quality may dip a little, but with LDAC the loss is very little. Let sony live and explore a new design ,otherwise samsung and apple will keep dominating, evan tho most of the tech sony pioneered.

  • singh

    true we have a M5, xperia z5 XZ and a XZ premium in our family household. Will always stick with xperia otherwise samsung and apple will be our only choices.

  • singh

    i the same as you i use a a15 walkman for music its just a better experience then using phone , so not bothered about jack

  • T.B.D F

    C’est quoi le problème des fils de pute qui souhaitent priver la majorité des usagers et fan de la firme d’un connecteur auquel ils tiennent ? Si on ne supprime pas le jack, ils ne peuvent pas
    utiliser leurs casques sans-fil ?

  • Yeah. Pay $35 dollars for something what had cost me $1 (FM Transmitter)… or even nothing (Z Ultra)…
    I;m not Apple user to spend money for something I had for free. Sorry, I’m not that stupid…

  • azzido

    Sony wants me to throw away my noise cancelling headphones I bought for almost 100 euro that works only with mini jack??? Why?

  • abvc

    please no. it’s convenience

  • KIMI

    Haha no sony, we had our ways but im not abandoning my setup that had costed me thousands for a mere incremental phone upgrade.

  • KIMI

    Cause greed.

  • Of course I will continue to use Xperia. Many other flagship brands have dropped the
    jack. Also with the usually included sleek adapter u can still use the wired headphones exactly as you did before… where’s the problem? There are also many great over ear Bluetooth headphones out there now, as Aldi Wan Kenobi stated, they add a lot usage freedom in the fitness or in the office. Also when experiencing Bose noise cancelling… believe me, you’ll never want to go back. Overcome your doubts guys.

  • ArtemBunas


  • logan

    i still use xperia z..love the feel of it…n still works just fine.
    i will still buy sony in the future even if it doesnt have a headphone jack.
    sony has a class.

  • exactly the same probleme here with my Z5P. First I could hardly live without fm radio but now I’m very happy to have discovered the advantages of bluetooth headphones. Also the freedom to move around within the office during phone calls without dealing with the cabling is great.

  • farah

    Nope nope nope. Don’t be like Apple and squeeze every single drop of cash from your loyalists.

  • Frode P. Bergsager

    The built-in DACs in Xperias are more than good enough for playing lossy MP3-files, even if you are using premium headphones.
    Cheap and good Noise Cancelling headphones has been available for Xperia for nearly 4 years using 3.5mm port, based on technology from Sony MP3 players with NC.

  • MrWalker1000

    indeed. im not gonna support a sony phone without a headphone jack. ill just buy their last year flagship on discount or something.

  • Eric

    For sure. I am currently watching the XZs or the XZ Premium if it could drop a bit more. The XZs was pretty cheap over the holidays so I might pick that up later on this year to replace my Z3 even though I have had 0 issues with it including any overheating problems.

  • i never had problem with earphone jack…. only had problem with usb port, now they fixed it (capless USB port)

  • MrWalker1000

    xz1 is pretty cheap now as is xz premium.

  • Eric

    Yeah I was still undecided on the body of the XZ1 vs the XZs, though depending if they are close in price I should go with the XZ1. I figured if I could get the XZs at 349.99 that would be a steal. I will probably look at the new phone, but I have a strong feeling I will be disappointed. Once its announced though, the older phones should drop again hopefully.

  • F Michael

    Headphone jack or no headphone jack makes no difference if it keeps breaking. On my z5 premium it broke twice. I brought it in to get fixed the first time then felt too annoying to bring it in again and switched to Bluetooth.

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