Will Samsung’s Galaxy S9 MWC reveal spoil Sony’s party?

by XB on 25th January 2018

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Samsung has confirmed that it will unveil its Galaxy S9 smartphone at MWC on Sunday 25 February at 6pm CET (9am PST, 12pm EST, 5pm GMT). Samsung revealed a teaser highlighting a ‘reimagined’ camera. Given Samsung’s clout in the Android market, rightly or wrongly, the event is likely to receive huge attention which will spill over into the days after.

Sony Mobile will be holding its press conference the morning after, at 08.30 CET on Monday 26 February 2018. Sony is expected to announce its new flagship Xperia device, but there is a real risk the event is overshadowed by Samsung’s reveal the night before.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is expected to see few design changes versus last year’s S8. Rumours so far point to a variable aperture camera (between f1.5 and f2.4), which has tiny aperture blades that open and close depending on light levels, much like a real camera. It is also rumoured to use Samsung’s new ISOCELL sensors for better low light pictures.

We don’t know how much of a departure design-wise Sony will be making with its new flagship. We have already seen rumours that the company will do away with the headphone jack, which could point to a more radical change than expected. So there’s a good chance that Sony’s new devices will hold their own. Whatever happens, we just hope that Sony’s new Xperia products are available to the market shortly after. Last year’s three month gap between Xperia XZ Premium announcement and release was painful.

  • Koh Yuan Chen

    If Sony’s camera processing outshines S9 I bet their sales will improve by a margin.
    1080p 480fps?

  • Sony ain’t doing anything this year, so nothing to spoil. Their first phone release was a total mess.

    Sony’s party wouldn’t have been any useful. Looking forward to great phones, as we leave Sony in the dust.

  • Roy

    It’s definitely a risk but also an opportunity. So long as Sony unveils an excellent device with the 4K (at all times) OLED they’ve been hinting about, maybe a new or improved gimmick like slow mo, they can sure the can flip the table on the competition.

    Sony’s biggest play at this time would be rethinking the design. Omini Balance won’t cut it anymore, I’m excited to see what they have in store since they’ve already said they’ll be moving from it.

    But If Sony make their same old mistake of rehashing the previous device with slightly better specs, it will certainly go unnoticed.

  • Skipper

    Well, it depends. If Sony has something real special, there is no problem. If not, better postpone. My 2 cents. Cheers

  • Prince Mensah

    You seem to really not expect anything better from Sony….why, my good sir???

  • hansip

    The issue is not the feature showdown, but the availability after the announcement. If they repeat the XZ1 launch cycle, they will not get spoiled by Samsung.

  • KarFar

    Mess? Which company introduces new designs and innovative things on MIDRANGE phones? The fact that XA2 phones were announced at CES not MWC as previous years means Sony has reserved MWC for something special.

  • KarFar

    S9 will have slo-mo at 480fps. Sony must make 960fps work at 1080p and at a higher duration.

  • Alex ”MiG”

    I’m really disappointed with Xperia Blog…. Why they are articles about Samsung and other companies… This is SONY XPERIA BLOG!

  • It all depends in how Sony Mobile perform in their press conference. The guy who take the stage for the last 2 years have done a great job. But they need to do more of that. I mean, they need to talk of everything. Not only about the camera or the scren.
    Don´t know if you guys notice but since the XZ was launch, a lot of the review of Sony devices improved in a way that people talk of features that were present since Z2 (for exempla), like it was a new software adition!

  • We live in a democracy! It´s important that people know how to choose. And to have better arguments that the ones that usually apperes in the comments section. Knowlage is good. Without knowlaege, society doensn´t evolve

  • Barricade

    Ofcourse Samsung’s reveal will overshadow Sony’s new flagship, but depending on how they market their device and since it’s pretty much guaranteed to launch (a lot) later than the S9 and S9+, that won’t mean Sony won’t get any coverage at all.

    They could always blow everyone away (doubtful) and get better than expected feedback as an underdog too.

  • Malcolm

    I can get “knowlaege” on lots of other sites. I visit this one because I want filtered information which focuses on Sony, especially if I can’t get it anywhere else. This is just a post for the sake of a post.

  • Margaret

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  • Subham Dey

    If they announce phones what rumors tells then sony will stands it’s own..
    Just imagine 4k oled display, new design with less bezels, 128 gb storage/6 gb of ram, dual cameras or even ud fp scanner..
    They gonna rock whatever it will cost..
    There will be also low cost flagship and we may finally have decent flagships after Z3 era!!

    But if the sony launches phone with almost same design with little less bezels (like XA2), and better chipset and maybe with a dual cam then it will definitely get overshadowed!!
    Things now depend on SONY!!

  • XperiaBlog

    We disagree. Sony doesn’t operate in a silo. The wider market has a huge influence on how its products are perceived.

    Hence, given the close timing of both conferences (this wasn’t the case last year), there lies a real risk of Sony being overshadowed. It’s a good topic for debate, which the number of comments received highlights.

  • Malcolm

    Yeah, I just hope you don’t go overboard with this and risk legal action from Sony again…

  • iia3ezu

    LOL @ Sony Mobile.

    Try overtaking Huawei in the Android smartphone market share first, before worrying about Samsung ‘overshadowing’ whatever big bezel Xperia phone that’ll be released.

  • Moisés

    I dont think so.

    They never bring new stuff…

  • KarFar

    Atleast 1 phone will be either 81% (if 16:9) or 76% (18:9) stb.
    source: FCC

  • jokensy

    If they think that removing the headphone jack is the way forward, they got it all wrong. I see another failure by Sony.

  • Samsung is just basically recycling their bullshit and calling it perfection. It’s like their local celebrities in Korea doing a plastic surgery and recycling their bullshit and calling it perfect. Their is no originality in it whatsoever. Besides… I don’t want a phone that is literally a ticking time bomb and will blow up anytime soon. Nuff said.

  • Alex ”MiG”

    Better focus on new Xperia Device that will come out and not Samsing’s which is the same S8 just a little bit updated and people get hipped just because it’s ”Samsung Brand”. Keep posting more of Xperia XZ pro documents or any other articles from SONY to intrigue your users. At least this kind of strategy will improve your tight position that you have now. I my self can read many articles about any other brand… but I don’t need them.

  • Moisés

    No phone has 18:9 screen.

    1920×1080 is 16:9

  • Alex ”MiG”

    You should now buy now that there is no Democracy.. As I see you can’t understand that Sony Brand in a smartphone sphere is probably going down. Knowledge? We already know more that we should (Meaning we know some rubbish information also) And plus society is degrades

  • BGDoesGaming

    nothing from samsung can spoil my excitement for whats to come from sony.

  • theskig

    Who cares about Samsung?

  • dragonsneeze

    Designwise S9 looks a lot like S8, so no excitement there. But variable aperture in a phone camera? That raises eyebrows. Also I don’t think it matters when S line is announced, they get more attention regardless. Sony should focus on their differentiating factors instead of being just an alternative to S phones and the likes.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Of course it will….
    See this here Galaxy promotion stuff?This attention build up to announcement?
    Where is Sonys one?
    It doesnt exist!
    Sonys “Surprise out of the blue” “marketing” DOES NOT WORK!
    Even if the phone will be better, It DOES NOT WORK.

    Japanese are excellent at tech, but so damn lousy at marketing it isnt even funny anymore.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Also, I am most certain Dxo will include slo mo into their “objective” camera protocol once this S9 is released…and will of course score trash Sonys one for being only 720p or sth….

  • Because, Sony is a disappointment. The only phone I’ve enjoyed using was the Xperia Z2, and if I could go back in time and live again the days of 2014, I would buy that same phone.

    Except sony has been slacking a lot in the smartphone departments since.

    Their hardwares, exceptional! Their softwares, trash! Trash to the extent that, I even sacrificed 4k on my z2 so that I could use CyanogenMod (at the time).

    Phone’s aren’t hardware alone, software matter, and DESIGN. Until Sony fixes these crucial aspects of their smartphone goals, then they should forget.

    I’m sorry, but that’s the reality.

    Samsung has kept themselves at the top because of their SOFTWARE and DESIGN + hardware (which sometimes comes from Sony).

    HTC was king in 2013. Where are they now?

    Until sony wakes up, their revenue will keep plummeting in the smartphone department.

  • johala02

    Samsung are the biggest brand in android so they get a lot of attention in any case. But I hope Sony got some stuff to show up to.

  • usersparadise

    If they bring nice design + upgraded camera why they should get overshadowed by Samsung? Normal consumers don´t even know what MWC is and users of tech media are interested not only in Samsung.

    But they have to show a real leap forward in their camera department. We waited many years for OIS, for bigger pixels, for better algorithms. If they use more or less the same tech than today I will definitely switch to Huawei or even Samsung.

  • Dante the great

    While I agree with most of what you’ve said. Saying the XA2 and the XA2 ultra were trash makes absolutely no sense to me whatsoever. The phones hardware seem up very good for the price point and they have not been released or reviewed so it is not possible to make an objective assessment of their software. You also praise Samsung’s software and yet you fail to mention that their phones are still on Nougat.

  • With the reports of HTC, LG Huawei and few others OEM doesn’t unveil a new phone during MWC 2018 that could be Samsung as their main problem with their upcoming S9/S9+, Sony could face less challenge than before, but will face the overshadowing from Samsung. Some Samsung new stuffs on S9s does made other curious. But with at least a hope, Sony could revealed a pack of new whole stuffs in there and could get attention same as Samsung if not more.

  • Phat-t

    A big fat NAH!

  • Aldi Wan Kenobi

    Samsung is like a noisy and rowdy next door neighbor you have just as you are also having a special moment with your family and friends.

    Sure, they will showcase the new device with such glitz and glamour….but at the end of the day, it is just a Samsung phone, it’s not a Sony.

  • RockStar2005

    Hell yeah!

  • RockStar2005

    Nice to know

  • RockStar2005


  • RockStar2005

    Dude, I didn’t know disappoint until I bought the S5 and then the S7 two years later. The 4 mos I had with the S7 2 years ago were the worst 4 mos ever with regards to owning a smartphone. So many issues. Don’t even feel like typing all of them here now.

    I did think the X Performance was a disappointment, but the Z3 was INCREDIBLE and the newer phones like the XZ Premium are even more so IMO. Esp now that XZP got Oreo, its battery life shot up 30% and speakers and headphone volume got much louder.

  • Sharp Edge

    480FPS @ 1080P AND 960FPS @ 720P. The only thing Sony needs to do here is enable the 480FPS mode.

  • Moisés

    They should have added front camera years ago.
    I bet number of selfies taken are way more than bokeh.

  • Barricade

    The fact that they added a ‘zoom’ one because of 2x optical zoom lenses, but not a wideangle one baffles me as well. Is it because iPhone and Samsung wouldn’t score well on it?

    I would prefer a wideangle lense over a 2x zoom one most of the time personally.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I am sure they will….once apple/samsung add a wider one than Sony.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    I am sure they will, once apple/samsung make up a better one.

  • Thoughts_Of_A_Simple_Fellow

    sony phone’s been shitty after their z5 launch

  • Moisés
  • Nodar Sixarulidze

    Sony’s new 1+1 flagship phone: http://vortex.ge/siaxleebi/sony-xperia-11-mwc-233

  • Moisés
  • TimmY

    I care. If Sony removes the headphone jack, I will care about Samsung..

  • azzido

    Variable aperture camera (between f1.5 and f2.4) is a game changer for the smartphones.

    I may consider to buy it this year as my new phone.
    At least they are showing they care about photo quality – what I am interested in.

    Sony’s slow motion could be a game changer and still can, but it was not last year.
    It was rather an announcement of upcoming game changer. Unfortunately mediocre results (especially in EVERY other conditions than perfect lighting) in super zoomed 720p for a very short time destroyed the wow effect. To be honest I used it only few times and stopped due to lack of quality. I hope they will upgrade it this time to 1080p with less zoom, better quality and for longer time. This would be great.

    Samsung coming with F1.5 this year, what Sony will offer? Rumors says F1.7 only.
    I think Sony will lack behind the competition this year as well and we will see variable aperture camera next year or in next 2 years…

    Samsung is shaping its muscles in camera department, let’s see what Sony can offer.
    After all I am most concern about the design, I am worrying they will come with something similar to what we sa for so many years and just slimmer bezels :(

    And taht’s the worst case scenario. No fresh futuristic shape, no Xperia Arc Premium etc. :(
    We’ll see soon.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    960fps is actually available in 1080p. The problem is that SD835 of last year wasn’t simply capable enough to handle it, hence why lowered the resolution to 720p, and not even make it continuous.
    If SD845 will be capable of 4K 60fps, then we might have continuous 1080p 480fps at least on the new Xperia flagship.

  • theskig

    I’d rather buy an XA2 Ultra

  • Moisés

    There is a Samsung flip phone with this camera. It is sold in China, more than $1700 I believe.
    It works f1.5 or f2.4. It is not a gap that includes f1.6, f1.7 up to f2.4.

    One website compared the photos to Note 8 samples. Daylight shots using f1.5 are awful, shutter could not deal with all the light.

    Also f2.4 for daylight will underexpose shots too much. I think they should use f1.8 instead of f2.4. But they want it to help with bokeh effect.

    Check pics I posted below…

  • TimmY

    I’ve been with Sony for over 10 years now but I don’t want to go backwards just because it’s Sony. XA2 Ultra looks nice, they even have gold version but I want something with 845 CPU and at least 6GB of ram :)

  • H.E.

    Maybe it will be different than you think? And Sony steals the show for everyone.

    sorry for my bad english

  • usersparadise

    Please stop your advertising. Nobody can read Georgian (?) language, too… Maybe you should translate it to English.

  • Kal-El

    So what? This is the reality Sony Xperia lives in. Sony should just bite the bullet and present the new flagship regardless.

  • The One

    I loved my Xperia Z3 Compact, but everyone who saw it always asked, “wait – Sony makes phones?!”

    There is nothing Samsung can do to spoil a party that no one is attending…

  • FÖ2

    i am pretty sure sony flagships for this year are the most anticipated phones

  • Santos

    That isn’t the problem, SnapDragon is not even used for that.
    The problem is that the DRAM memory is limited, 1GB would not be enough for 1080, for that it would require at least 3GB, and the same current duration.
    Not to mention that they are memories much more expensive

  • yudi_hilmawan

    You’re wrong The image sensor in Xperia XZ series is actually capable of recording video 960fps at Full HD even with only 1Gbit of DRAM the problem is the built in ISP on Snapdragon is not capable processing the 960fps at Full HD.


  • Santos

    as far as we know Sony uses a proprietary ISP.

    In any case, up to now, they do not seem to be very interested in exceeding 120fps.
    I think this year they should focus on improving the Dynamic Range, the possibility of recording in HLG seems much more advantageous to me, and they should also include a portrait mode.

  • comme des garcons

    It totally depends on what Sony is going to introduce. And it comes down to the design changes. I don’t think 4K will be appealing

  • comme des garcons

    and camera

  • yudi_hilmawan

    You’re wrong again so far Sony has never used a proprietary ISP processor on their Xperia smartphones the so called Bionz/Bioonz X is just software.

    Actually I also wonder why a company with good knowledge in terms of the camera seem to limit the features and quality of their smartphones camera.

    And i also agree with you at the end i prefer quality over fancy features that i rarely use a 10bit video recording with full pixel readout and combination of hardware and sofware stabilization would better than short burst of 960fps

  • ZoubIWah


  • Christian Kogler

    If Samsung can spoil Sony’s announcement than only Sony is to be blamed.
    If Sony manages to bring their phones to 2019 -meaning significantly reducing the bezels, including a competitive camera and not forgetting Qi-charging again- then I don’t care about Samsung.
    If, however, Sony makes the same mistakes as the past years then I’ll surely look to Samsung (or Nokia or LG, who knows).
    Currently I’m only still sticking to Sony because they have a dedicated camera button.

  • 3_nity

    Boring news

  • singh

    Last year sony stole the show with there 4k HDR screen and 960fps camera they evan won best mobile phone at mwc 2017, this year hopefully they can show the new redesign and bring there new phone out to the market earlier . Samsung will always try to take the limelight , had the s8 for while it was given as work phone, didn’t like it ,to light and the oled produced unnatural colours and plus the poor build quality and wasant very fast quite laggy, went back to my XZ. I prefer the sony over samsung better android experience plus with a public dominated with samsung and apple phones, its nice to have something different. When out to the local pub people always love the feel and design of my XZ a few of then have actually changed to a xperia. It seems the people moaning about sony will always be unhappy whatever sony does they will always complain, just ignore them and let them join the samsung camp.

  • singh

    If your still stuck on z2 you need to wake up mate, i have had the original z ,z3 ,z5 and now xz the xz is the best so far, sonys android software is the best, its almost stock android plus i have android 8 on my 2016 phone, samsung s8 still has nougat. Ive used samsung s6 and a s8 never would use samung again poor build quality and many issues like black screen of death very common on s6 and s7, samsung touch whizz is absolutely awful and laggy. Try using a xz or xz premium and you will eat your words.

  • kaostheory

    Yup no reason Sony can’t show someone playing a PS4 game on a Sony phone in every PS4 commercial.

  • deekbee

    DXO are irrelevant, as their “reviews” are not based in the real world. I’d suggest ignoring them.

  • Aiden Pearce

    yup it will

  • Phat-t

    “Actually I also wonder why a company with good knowledge in terms of the camera seem to limit the features and quality of their smartphones

    What if the “A” in XZ Pro-A means Alpha?! One can dream tho

  • monoke

    Hell no! Sammy curve screens are an absolute abomination to me. So that’s out of the question already. I don’t even want to bring up their bloatware and sluggish ui overlay… even tho I just did. lol.
    Sony’s either gotta blow my socks off this time with an improved design or I’ll have to look elsewhere.

  • Violet

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  • DBS

    Two of them have 12mp cameras. The Sony has a 19mp one. Where’s the surprise?
    It’s comparing apples and oranges.

  • hmmm

    I had just one samsung product over the years,and that was the tv!such bad materials and bad construction,and I’m talking about 7 series and up,not the midrange line…the new xe9005 from sony is amazing,fells so solid,Made In Japan on the back…got 4 sony products now and I’m so happy with them!By the way Sony, a replacement for ax53 video camera???

  • If Sony doesn’t release an OLED phone this year I hope they sell their mobile department

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