Xperia XZ2 “coming soon” says mobile operator [Update]

by XB on 5th February 2018

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It looks like we will definitely see new flagship(s) at MWC 2018 later this month. Mobile phone operator Three Ireland says that the Xperia XZ2 will be “coming soon” in a tweet to a customer. The news is hardly surprising, but it 1) confirms at least one new flagship device will be announced at MWC, and 2) makes it extremely likely that the ‘XZ2’ will be the new name for Sony’s 2018 premium range.

Update: Unsurprisingly the tweet has been deleted, which only adds further credence to the statement. Not to worry, we have a screengrab of the tweet below.

This news follows on from a report by who spoke to Christian Haghofer, Sony Mobile’s South Africa manager. Haghofer appeared to confirm that the upcoming flagship will come with dual cameras and is set to launch at Mobile World Congress (MWC).

We are also very excited to announce our Xperia XZ Premium successor at Mobile World Congress this year. Dual cameras are tipped to become the norm for many flagship phones,” said Haghofer. Other key highlights from the company expected this year include artificial intelligence, design, and display technology. This heightens the expectations of a re-designed flagship with perhaps an OLED display.

Thanks Miraj, Moisés and Tizzo!

  • Bulitz

    Lööking 4ward to it.

  • Colt1255

    New hope..

  • DBS

    It makes sense. The XZ line seems to be repeating the Z line. So the XZ2 will be the equivalent of the Z2 (an iterative upgrade) and then at IFA they release the XZ3 and XZ3 Compact.

    Unless they release an XZ2 Compact which would be the only pair Compact ever.

  • Liam Burke

    Tweet been deleted since from Three, so it was probably an error

  • Moisés

    I need one…

    Colors seem to be same of XZ1.

  • Moisés

    Probably because he said about XZ2.
    He was supposed to say only about XA2.

  • So thrilled!

  • Sungkyung Kim

    Look forward to seeing Z2 soon.

  • dragonsneeze

    So Snapdragon 845 won’t delay it? Or is it not coming with it? Hmm.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    LOL I think They made a mistake since Twitter doesn’t let you edit the tweet. He might have mentioned about XA2 :P

  • Aiden Pearce

    They will only announce it with demo model in MWC and launch 4-5 months later. That is what Sony has been doing in past.

  • Phone Battles

    I highly doubt this was an error (the XZ2 coming soon). The statement is pretty clear. However, it was something they weren’t supposed to leak yet, hence why it was deleted. Sony probably had them delete it.

  • Francis Troy Fabrigas

    They already stopped the 6-month-successor cycle.
    At MWC, we will have the successor to the XZ Premium, probably the XZ1 Premium or XZ Pro whatever.
    Then at IFA, we will have the successors of the XZ1 and XZ1 Compact, namely XZ2 and XZ2 Compact, respectively.

  • DBS

    Oh did they?
    Z5 – IFA 2015
    X Performance – MWC 2016
    XZ – IFA 2016
    XZs – MWC 2017
    XZ1 – IFA 2017

    So, it’s almost a certainty that:

    XZ2 – MWC 2018
    XZ3 – IFA 2018.

    The niche devices – Compact & Premium – are the only ones Sony releases on a yearly cycle. The Premium normally always shows up at MWC and the Compact at IFA. But their main flagship gets two versions per year.

    The only question is, will it be called “XZ2” or “XZ1s”.
    This points out to it being XZ2 (because, let’s be honest, the S is a stupid branding idea). If it is, it’s no different than what happened with the Z2.

    Z2 – MWC 2014
    Z3 – IFA 2014

  • DBS

    They’ll probably keep the XZ2 with the 835, announce the Premium with the 845 coming in the Summer and leave the 845 to XZ3 at IFA.

    Unless they decide to delay the XZ2 as well which, honestly, would just render it pointless ’cause if they only release it in May/June, by end of August it’ll be replaced and they’d lose money.
    With the Premium they can afford that wait ’cause they only launch one per year.

  • Khalid Abdi

    Maybe your right but if its true, then, Sony will hurt themselves, because whenever, people try to buy a new one, few months later, there’ll be a new ones, which will create a drop to their sales.

  • Maroun El-Chayeb

    If it is announced at MWC, it would be like destiny, i am still using my xperia z2, which gets 4 years old in april/may, and then the xperia xz2 comes out at around the same time (when it hits the market). The only thing is that my z2 still works really good and i dont like replacing things which do work, but there are some key elements that would convince me, if they
    1) have improved the camera quality in the dark
    2) reduce the the bezels a little bit (like on the xperia z2 but a little less bezels)
    3) keep the fingerprint scanner on the flagship on the side (i have never had a fingerprint scanner but i do want to use it some time in the future and i dont want to grab my phone every time i want to use it, i use it often on the table)
    4) put at least 3100mAh battery in it and i dont care if the phone gets thicker, like they did on the xa2 and xa2 ultra
    5) keep 16:9 format and the headphone jack

    and the rest could be like this:
    64gb internal storage, 4 gb ram, snapdragon 845 (835 is also ok), 5.2 inch full hd display

    oh and if they sell it in a blue variant, like the xz, that would be totally awesome. Maybe i ask to much, maybe not, but my hopes that these points are fullfilled are not very high

    PS: sorry for my english, i hope you get what i mean

  • DBS

    They’ve been doing this since 2012 ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Moisés

    XZs and X Performance is a side line for a few markets.

    XZ1 replaces XZ.

  • azzido

    I am worried about extremely small battery.

    XA2 has 3300mAh battery so almost the same but it has 5.2″ screen, not 5.7″ or 5.8″.
    Galaxy J7 with 5.5″ screen has 3600mAh battery so… This time sony decided to put big batteries in mid rangers but ditch flagships. Weird decision. Still it will suffer from no FM Radio and no headphone jack. Combine it with same old boring design with trimmed bezels and bad LG Oled and this is my candidate to avoid.

    The only thing is shamesung plans to raise the proce of S9 again.
    Here sony can win with offering lower price.

  • theskig

    Z2 was such a great phone…

  • DBS

    They’re part of Sony’s official line. Just because some markets didn’t get them doesn’t mean they’re side-lines.
    All major markets received both.
    XZ1, therefore, replaces the XZs everywhere, except those countries that didn’t get it.

    A side-line would be the Z4 for example, that was only available in Japan and Verizon in the US.

  • Barricade

    I don’t see how taking a year between announcing XZ and XZ1 is proof for an XZ3 release half a year after the XZ2.

  • theskig

    Dual camera looks awful. I know it’s the trend now so you’ll try to feed the sheeps but it’s awful.

    I think most of us would have been satisfied with just an OIS.

  • DBS

    Maybe read again what I wrote.
    And then go look back at Sony’s releases since the Xperia Z.

  • Khalid Abdi

    I know

  • Ryan


  • Barricade

    Yes, but why would they go with XZ3 and not XZ2s, as the most recent trend goes?

    Sony said themselves they we’re going to only 1 major flagship per year instead of 1 each semester, but it looks like they forgot that themselves, as you clearly pointed out.

  • DBS

    They only ever released an “S” phone. And from the branding point of view, “Sony Xperia XZ2” is already bad enough.

    It’s not impossible, of course. But then this phone wouldn’t be the XZ2 but rather the XZ1s.
    If the MWC phone is the XZ2, then the IFA will be the XZ3.

    LOL Sony Mobile changes leadership so often that I doubt they’re keeping track of anything at this point.

  • David Hvatov

    I’Il buy if design gonna remind my Z2.

  • el_sur

    For what it’s worth, here’s a screenshot of my convobwith Sony’s Twitter account .

  • jonoave

    I’m rocking the Z3, and looking to upgrade too. It’s showing the age, the camera app tends to hang occasionally, pictures aren’t that great. And the USB flaps are so loose they just dangle loosely all the time.

  • Sungkyung Kim

    I am also a Xperia Z2 user.
    I bought this phone at May 2014 and it still works fine withouy any issue.
    If XZ2 shows the thinner bezel, it will be better, I want to see it soon.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Dual camera has it own advantage too…

  • mrhangover Rox

    Dual Camera but small screen, LOL

  • RockStar2005

    I had the Z3 and it was amazing. One of the best phones I ever had. Also had the X Performance which was a disappointment, at least on battery life.

    I have the LG V30 now. I didn’t think I’d like 18:9 but now having the V30 which is 18:9 I can say I would never wanna go back to 16:9. I just feel like you get more screen with less body space with 18:9. The V30 is actually SMALLER than the V20 on all 3 dimensions, yet the screen is bigger. 18:9 forever!! lol

    Well it seems like the trend in 2018 for Sony Mobile is to bigger & better on the screen, and also bigger on the battery size. The XA1 for example had a 2300 mAh battery, but the XA2 will have a 3300 mAh battery (with bigger & better screen, and metal body not plastic like XA1). So I say it’s likely the XZ1 Pro/Premium will have an even bigger battery than that. Prob XZ2 as well? (Assuming there are 2 again)

    On XZ1 Pro/Premium (and prob XZ2 as well): 64GB internal storage……… very likely. 4 GB RAM………..very likely. 845……likely/very likely. 5.2″ full HD…….on XZ2, likely. On XZ1 Pro/Premium, unlikely b/c prob will be 4K HDR. So I think you’re gonna be upgrading this year my friend! lol

  • RockStar2005

    So the truer flagship will come first? Yes I agree. I hope they call it XZ1 Premium b/c that follows XZ Premium in name and also I think Premium sounds better than Pro. But whatever. lol

  • RockStar2005

    I agree.

    I had the X Performance and it was crap. At least battery life was. Awful.

    I look forward to the XZ1 Premium coming out this April/May/June. I just hope it’s 4K HDR with 18:9 not 16:9 ratio, headphone jack, etc. And hopefully here in the U.S. it’s sold through T-Mobile again like before or at least they get it VoLTE-certified with T-Mo. I may upgrade to it or may not. We’ll see. I really LOVE my V30 though too. But a 4K HDR screen with stereo speakers will be hard to resist. lol

  • RockStar2005

    I hope the XZ2 comes in the Fall like last year and XZ1 Premium comes in or around May like XZ Premium. F waiting ’til the Fall for 4K HDR and 2018 Sony Mobile awesomeness! lol

  • RockStar2005

    Shamesung?? LOLLLLLL I love it.

    Yeah considering XA2’s awesomeness (see my comment way above) vs. XA1, yet still only $350 in the U.S., I think Sony Mobile will def profit this year, but they gotta advertise in the U.S. AND sell through carriers. Enough of this no carrier idiotic moronic BS!!!

  • RockStar2005

    Well XZ Premium came out in June last year with 835. So prob May/June again for XZ1 Premium/Pro. I hope it’s May though. F waiting. lol

  • mixedfish

    I feel they will announce XZ2 compact. The XZ1 range has been weirdly unavailable in lots of markets in the world. Similar to Z3+/Z4 being skipped.

  • Moisés

    Z4v was cancelled.

    Z4 and Z3+ are the same phone. They just changed name.

  • DBS

    Oh, that’s right. The Z3+. Never remember it. Well, in that case, not even that one was a side-line phone.

    (Are you sure the Z4v was cancelled? But they reached production I think. At least I remember seeing one)

  • tristi lumina

    maybe, because “Other key highlights from the company expected this year include ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE”

    SD845 build for better AI ability

  • Me

    Sony might choose to place fps on the rear of the phone for the sake of US market. Since there is no chinese phones like Huawei, Oppo or Vivo reach the US market. So it might a chance for Sony to sell more phones in US before chinese company do. This is just my opinion.

  • Me
  • Maroun El-Chayeb

    how is 18:9 content wise? but if the device gets smaller and i dont notice a big difference, i would also welcome it

  • Khillo81

    Uh, no. He says they won’t be ranging the XA2. How would that read if he had indeed meant XA2 instead of XZ2?

  • Okarin Titor

    MWC ’18 XZ2
    IFA ’18 XZ3
    MWC ’19 XZ4
    IFA ’19 XZ5
    MWC ’20 XYZ
    IFA ’20 XYZ1
    WMC ’21 XYZ2

  • I think they will stay with fps on the power button. Back fsc on XA2/L2 devices is to make flagships look better.

  • dragonsneeze

    I know but that’s definitely NOT SOON

  • dragonsneeze

    Any later than April is not soon. The waiting period makes them old by the time they are available.

  • dragonsneeze

    Maybe but still doesnt confirm or deny anything

  • MoYeung

    Coming to Canada?

  • Me

    New CEO maybe new design. If Sony keep fps on the side/power button, the fps will not available in US and lost many customers in US.

  • @Techguy1994:disqus @sung@disqus_OnXJoGsJKi:disqus @the@theskig:disqus @jono@leejunhoe:disqus I’m still rocking my Z3 too!! :-) I’m temporarily using the Xperia T because my Z3’s battery swelled up and I’m getting it fixed, but I’m expecting to have it back on Friday. :-)

    <3 <3 <3

    What are your planned upgrades? I'm looking at the XA2 in the near future for affordability reasons, but I'd love the new XZ2.

  • Kim

    Agree. Hope they go all in and present trio with XZ2 compact (5″, small bezel, LCD), XZ2 (5,5″, LCD) and XZ2 Pro (5,7″, OLED). Don’t care about dual camera – money should be spend on better lens, sensor and Bionz X processor. Min. 64 GB internal memory.

  • iia3ezu

    3.5mm audio jack, does XZ2 have it?

  • jonoave

    XA2 looks decent, but depending on the price and specs I might got for XZ2. Or else I would just keep second-guessing on whether I made the right decision and how nice the XZ2 would have been. :)

  • Aiden Pearce

    Exactly my point. This is also reason Sony goes into loss by the time their flagship comes to market, other companies release 5 new models.

  • Rohan

    I dont think it would be that major. thinking of waiting for second half release or 2019.

  • Rohan

    Wow. My xz has fallen coutless times on concrete no les but screen is fine.

  • Oliver Gjerkeš

    Amen to that! :)

  • dragonsneeze

    And the competitor’s price drops

  • Ryan

    Is True … my XZ too has fallen quite a bit on concrete but the glass screen has 0 damage

  • RockStar2005

    It’s fine. I mean you think it’ll be a big deal cuz not everything is in 18:9 yet, but honestly it’s no different b/c yeah you’ll have black bars if the content you’re watching is 16:9, but it’s NO different than watching it on a 16:9 phone. As time goes on, more and more content will be in 18:9 I’m sure, so I really don’t see the point in 16:9 anymore. I’d be happy if all companies stopped making them to be honest. lol

    Yeah it’s awesome! Smaller phone, bigger screen. I’ll never go back to 16:9 again. Well, unless I HAVE to (like all the options suck except one 16:9 phone lol).

  • Maroun El-Chayeb

    Good to know, thank you very much

  • RockStar2005

    Yeah but the problem with that dragonsneeze is SamDUNG/Shamesung. lol Those assholes made that deal since last year where each year they get FIRST dibs on the new Snapdragon processor. I DON’T want the 835 cuz I have that now with my LG V30. I want the 845, and if you want the 845, I’m guessing May is prob the earliest they could release the XZ1 Pro/Premium.

    I disagree. The XZ1 Pro/Premium will be competing against the Note 9 and iPhone 11. If it comes out in May/June then it’s way ahead of them! But you are right if you say the XZ2 will compete against the S9 that it would be late b/c yeah the XZ1 came out last Fall while S8 was March/April. But this is how Sony is doing it. They SHOULD switch it up and have the XZ2 come out in May/June and def have the XZ1 Pro/Premium come out in BEFORE the Note 9 and iPhone 11 to beat them at the punch too. But at least they got it half right. LOL

  • Maroun El-Chayeb

    I also thought of the xperia xa2, but i got used to the stereo speakers on my xperia z2, so either xperia xz2 or xz2 compact or i will stick with my xperia z2, which still works really good

  • Maroun El-Chayeb

    Oh yes i love that phone

  • RockStar2005

    You’re welcome!

    Yeah hopefully the XZ1 Pro/Premium is 18:9 and still has the headphone jack too.

  • DBS

    That thing is completely unreliable (because it’s most likely fake). Anyone could have done that roadmap and come up with fantasy names.

    For example the G7 definitely isn’t happening in February. The Nokia 10 doesn’t exist. And I can bet there won’t be an “Xperia XZ Pro”.

    I’d sooner take the info inadvertently given by a carrier. The only chances of an XZ2 at IFA are if at MWC Sony presents the refresh to the XZ1 as “XZ1s” (like it did with the XZs). Otherwise, it’ll be XZ2.

  • DBS

    Considering the leaks and how Sony’s social media has been pushing ads for wireless headphones…I’d say “brace yourself for it not having it”

  • DBS

    Define “lots of markets”? They’re easily available across Europe and Asia. And even in North America (just not through carriers, but that’s America’s problem).

    I don’t think you’ll see an XZ2 Compact. Sony only releases one Compact per year, and that’s at IFA.

  • DBS

    Sony’s problem with the US market isn’t the fingerprint scanner not being available. It’s the US market itself that’s sh*t.
    In America they depend on carriers for everything. Americans aren’t accustomed to buying phones at full price. Most of them could NEVER afford an iPhone at its retail cost. Same for most phones. So they need carriers to have the phones so that they can buy them in a 24 month contract where instead of paying $900 for the phone at once they can pay in monthly installments for 2 years.
    And American carriers only stock phones that they think can sell.
    And in the US, only Apple and Samsung sell.

    Sony ruining their design for the entire World just for the sake of ONE country (out of 195 in the World) is just stupid.

  • 2sfhim

    I’ve bought my XZ almost one year ago and I still think it’s new. I don’t plan to change before 2020, at least.

  • Oliver Gjerkeš

    I have to admit, that this phone was really awesome. I’m not proud of my recent behaviour, because I have changed Sony for a different manufacturer, but to be honest, Sony phones are the same in design for years and I desperately want a design change in terms of screen bezels. Of course I will further check Xperia blog and anything about Sony phones and cross my fingers that Sony will make a mind blowing design change. Only then I will consider to come back to Sony. Otherwise Xperia Z2 were a very good phone and I will forever remember it.

  • Carney3

    I have no beef with big bezels. The pressure put on Sony over this issue is silly. They need to focus instead on other issues.

  • Carney3

    Loved my Z2, but putting glass on the back was foolish, and of course it cracked.

  • el_sur

    For me, reducing the bezel goes a long way to improving erfonoergo.

  • dragonsneeze

    I still don’t understand why what Samsung is doing is not illegal. Also Qualcomm, giving Samsung unfair advantage. I’m surprised why no one is suing anyone yet.

    If Sony releases it on may, it’ll still be close to june I’m sure. And that’s like 3 months delay at least. If it’s supposed to compete against any flagship, it should be announced and released around the same time as the others. If not possible, then they simply shouldn’t announce it. It’s like when 1+ first started. People who want it just can’t have it and how could that be good business?

  • RockStar2005

    Me neither dragon. I think it’s total horseshit TBH. To me that’s a monopoly, and last time I checked, they were still very much illegal.

    For me though it’s not worth upgrading if it has the 835 still. So as much as I hate it, I’d rather wait.

  • Few monts ago I bought Xperia XZ and already thinking about changing it to XZ1 or maybe something new :P


  • Barricade

    Dual camera looks more than fine if done right. I don’t mind it on an iPhone X (would be much better if it was flush with the back though) or Samsung Galaxy S9+ leaked renders.

  • Will see. Only 3 weeks left :P

  • Michael Adu-Yeboah

    it even allowed pencil to be used as a stylus!!!

  • Kim
  • Rizky Maulana

    just looking for design… :(

  • akhilesh gupta

    I am also using xperia z2 and its been more than 3 years. Still no problems and will be using it for one more year.

  • aseuss

    Sony needs to put Andrew House in charge of Sony Mobile. He led Playstation 4 operations and was chief marketing officer–he knows what he’s doing.

  • F Michael

    My z3 was built like crap. Suffered from the sleep of death issue where it would randomly turn off even at 100% battery and wouldn’t turn on for about 30 minutes to even a day. Then the battery completely wouldn’t take charge at all and after that got fixed, the whole back of the phone started peeling off exposing the insides. Even though I take great care of my phones, this thing kept breaking itself.
    Ended up upgrading to a z5 premium which has had a headphone jack break twice (commonly known issue). I got tired of bringing it in for repairs so I just switched to Bluetooth headphones. That and I had a large patch of dead screen pixels. Luckily they fix everything for free hardware related. These premium phones are pretty pricy too. Could have bought an iphone at that time for the same price but I stuck with Sony. Nice to see they are cutting updates for my premium phone right as the new vulnerabilities came out. There would have to be something wrong with me to continue purchasing Sony.

  • RockStar2005

    Wow! And I thought I had bad luck with phones. lol I dunno man. My Z3 had a Stamina Mode bug that caused my battery life to free fall and MMS issues. But when I stopped using it the problems went away after a factory reset. After that is when the phone was great. My X Performance had awful battery life though. I seem to have some level of issues with just about every phone though. lol

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