Massive Xperia XZ2 Compact leak – shows off all colours at all angles

by XB on 24th February 2018

in Rumours

Here are the first official pictures of the Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, courtesy of both Evan Blass and Roland Quandt‏. The pictures tie in with the prototype picture seen earlier in the week, showing a curvy back, and as expected this Compact variant is a bit thicker than the Xperia XZ2.

The pictures show the Xperia XZ2 Compact in four colours (Green, Black, Silver, Pink). It’s interesting to note the more pastel-type colours that Sony has used, versus the brighter, more vibrant, colours used in previous models. So, now that you’ve seen these official renders, what do you think? Will the Xperia XZ2 Compact be on your wishlist once the phone launches? Let us know in the comments below.


  • I like it! The design makes comfortable to hold on hand, specialty because of the screen size. Not like the loop design

  • Ailan Hidaz

    I actually like the design. Sick of all of the same old flat phones, looks like it will be fun to hold.

  • Stephen

    Oh good, so continuing the theme of them throwing away all their trademark design features that set them apart from anyone else, they’re continuing to dial back on the interestingness/brightness of their colours.

    I don’t mind the curvy back (if, as it seems, the middle bit is flat) – IMO smaller chubbier phones are much more comfortable to hold, but I do mind the complete lack of any character or differentiation with cheaper HTC / Nokia / Xiaomi / etc phones.

    Looks like the time is ripe for another manufacturer to step into the flagship compact space…

  • Meowster

    Although the design seems more generic, looks like its gonna be more comfortable than previous series

  • Ali Manai

    Looking at how the back curves it won’t wobble that much but there is no headphone jack that bit is confirmed if you focus on top frame you won’t find a cutout like that at bottom for usb c

  • Skipper

    So LGBT design. No offence to LGBT community.

  • theprov

    Awful. Seems like the battery is swelling and pushing the backglass out.

  • Talos the Robot

    Why the front facing speakers are not identical?

  • Zayed Kotayba

    I don’t like the speakers it looks like on the top it’s (Z3,X,XZ,XZP) and on the bottom it’s (Z2,Z5,Z5P).

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    Ah man why the side bezels. Could’ve trimmed the side bezels. :(

  • The design doesn’t look bad at all. Generic as it may be, at least Sony is taking a new direction with their designs. This reminds me of the Xperia Arc ages ago. Truth to be told, I am getting sick and tired of their older designs, and ‘finally’ something ‘different’, not new, different is a good response. However, just like anything, not everything is perfect and not having the 3.5mm Jack is really a big miss here. Don’t really mind the finger print sensor behind the back of the phone though. And the ‘inside’ of the phone is powerful enough; they are using the latest Snapdragon which is good. We live in a world today were we get things so easily, we tend to forget how to appreciate the greater meaning behind it. I’m looking forward to official info before I decide whether I retire my XZP or not.

  • jonathan

    get rid of that fat thing in the back and it would work, right now it looks “ok” but i don’t think i’d ever buy it front looks decent back doesn’t at all not to me at least this is what i wish i t would have looked

  • jonathan

    because thats apperantly a new sony trend that noone asked for

  • Talos the Robot

    Mirai design = The Logic of Absurdity.

  • Antero Masonen

    Xperia X comes to my mind

  • Dineth Perera

    wellll,,,,not that bad! i kinda like it :/

  • Juan Carlos

    I like the design, It’s like an Xperia X with less bezels, but definitely it’s a SONY!!

  • Suhail


  • John Woot

    Oh no. It’s even worse that i was expecting. It’s a vulgar version of an HTC but with the fingerprint sensor in an horrible position. Definitely the bathtub is confirmed : ( Vulgar, ugly, generic… and more. And look at the camera angle :/

  • Suhail

    Is this mirai?

  • Suhail

    hope xz pro looks better than this crap

  • Jerry Berglund

    Yeh thats a good point. I did love my Sony Ericsson phones and Xperia S (Who was a Sony Ericsson phone that got rebranden to Sony) was really good feeling in the hand. So one positiv. But the thing is…. I know that the bezels are really thin here…. but I allready now people that would say they are to think. Why, because they are so darn visible despite they are thin. The rounden cornes and edges do make the bezels look fater so to speak. No. This design wasnt my cup of tea. Sure I dont want thin bezels, I want and need bezels kinda lol. But this is bad. 18:9 is just bad,.,,,

  • Suhail


  • Jerry Berglund

    Are you joking? This isnt even close to the arc. It was actually having an arc body design like a bridge. lol. this has a bulge. I mean its like they want to point out that men has a bulge under its pants. I would look like you have two dicks… sorry… lol. And women would have 1 dick?`I dont say that… but that bulge is really huge on this phone lol

  • Ole

    What the… You’re right, the back camera actually seems to be angled due to the back shape. That’s terrible. No headphone jack and removal of their previously perfect fingerprint sensor placement. Big step backwards, Sony!

  • Jerry Berglund

    Its just a illusion or mirage. They are kinda thin, but the edges is to rounded wich gives the illusion of fatter bezels on the sides.

  • spwx

    Looks good for Compact, very good… easily the best one looking yet and with larger battery than before, larger screen…. nice.

  • Ali Mir

    Fps on the back, no headphone jack, generic design language and non-symmetrical speaker grills…

    Farewell to the iconic omni-balance along-with Sony devices for me unless they come back to their senses in a few years maybe.

    Waiting till Monday for the surprise… then it’s either xz1 or xzp and keeping it alive as long as I can… 835 and 845 won’t be that different hopefully… *fingers crossed*

  • Carl Key

    Looks terrible. The back back camera have an ugly angle and the back looks like a soup spoon or even worse a bathtub shape. Will be the fingerprint sensor as low in this one as the XZ2? In the XZ2 is not ergonomic and is in a bad position. This phone is too generic, remove the brand and is a vulgar cheap chinese phone, even not a good one. So sad. They lost the north with this languange design.

  • Exotic|Matter

    Goodbye sony, our 18 years of companionship has finally come to an end.

  • Khalid Abdi

    You see Sony didn’t disappoint on the design

  • Juan Carlos

    I like the curvy back, It will be so easy to pick up the phone when it is on the table! Sick of all of the same old flat phones! it will easy now to unlock the phone with the rear FPS.

  • Khalid Abdi

    I think Sony will survive and it will succeed because the media wants this look and wanted to change their bulky design language. But Guys, don’t judge Sony for their decisions because they are in a difficult spot, besides for the fingerprint, I think it’s temporary because JDI introduced fingerprint under the glass and we know all the smartphones will implement it in this year or the next. For the 3.5 mm jack, it is sad but what can we do when the whole market is pushing for it and we all know that any idea infused with wireless is the future. For the design, you should all know that there is 2 kind of designs in the smartphone industry 1. flat corners 2. rounded corners and if Sony kept the flat corners, people would’ve said it’s still omnibalance, Sony would never change and is this what they called “mirai” and when they gone with the rounded corners, you all saying its a copy paste from the other phones, is that what called mirai etc etc. For me I find the design better and beautiful than what we saw in the previous render. BTW, I’m sad about the dismissal of the power button fingerprint and the 3.5 mm jack just like you but what can we do the people are superficial, like in Pocketnow, I saw Jaime and I never seen him more excited for Sony than ever because of this design. That guy never praised Sony in last few years, he always saw it as a disappointment. So I think the phone will succeed and replace LG and Huawei in the US. For those of you who say I won’t buy it, then don’t because you will be superficial just like them because for me what made love Sony, their technology, innovation and what they’ve created not just looks.Though, their omnibalance attracted me more and was a reason to buy them but later what i discovered about Sony was bigger. So I’m buying this XZ2 Pro/Premuim

  • el_sur

    What does this even mean?

  • el_sur

    I called the previous renders ugly, but… These are actually quite decent . Interest is piqued .

  • dragonsneeze

    Code name: Fat Amy. So twig bi***es like iPhone couldn’t say it behind its back. 1.5 cm phone, great design choice. It will be a pain in the pocket fosho. Who are Sony rn?

  • No, I’m not joking. I didn’t say it looks exactly like the Arc, I said it reminds me of it and that can be a lot of reasons. I feel your passion with bulges, but it doesn’t look like that kind of bulge to me :) Looks like we have different perspectives on bulges, but I get you.

  • Insane014

    Palm Pre curved back + X Compact frame. Overall XZ1 Compact is an art piece compared to this

  • Alan Conde

    Reminds me the Xperia ZR

  • Juan Antonio García

    Thinking about the back, that shape could slip on non-flat surfaces ending in the ground with terrible consequences. Especially in a model with the glass back. I do not think that the cases for these phones could look pretty with that curved shape so pronounced. Aside for my taste it looks awful, generic. I would not pay more than a few dollars or euros for a phone with that appearance.

  • Battal
  • 3_nity

    I call this… WTF design!!!

  • 3_nity

    Call it Mural. :D

  • Vasily Khonichev

    So, err, it’s most likely bigger than XC and XZ1C were (judging by the not-that-slim bezels coupled with a 5″ screen) the back is now annoyingly not flat so it might also be fatter, the amazing power-button/fingerprint sensor that I love so much is gone and they finally submitted to pressure and copied the generic design along with antenna lines.
    I see no reason why I would upgrade from my X Compact to this. It’s like everything that I like about the phone is now gone, which is a shame because I’m enjoying it a lot, even if the camera is dreadful. Guess I’ll have to buy the refreshed SE (if it’s coming) or a new 5″ Pixel this autumn :(

  • Insane014

    Compact got taller close to half an inch instead of getting wider. They still have enough of width to keep it one handed device but they did maximize on height with XZ1C. Should have went with 16:10 screen instead. But that would not fit into this bulk cookie cutter design trend. Sony fears trends obviously so I’m even surprised they’ve kept the compact line.

  • a n t o n i o T Z


  • Cecco1970Effeffe

    XZ2c: 135 x 64 x 12.5 mm

  • Cecco1970Effeffe

    ZR: 131 x 67.4 x 10.4
    XZ2c: 135 x 64 x 12.5

  • owl

    On the one hand, the full-size XZ2 (leak) looks nicer than this. On the other, I see a flap on the left side (SD/SIM?), so it’s probably waterproof like its predecessors.

  • SonyMob

    Back looks like some fat guys belly and still this thing misses out on 3.5 mm Jack. Only Sony can do such stuff.
    Apart from this, I don’t have much issue with phone, specs seem decent.
    Sony seems only OEM which still makes “real” compact phones.

  • SonyMob

    Fully agree, but I would like to point that this time Sony did get specs right for compact.
    Earlier they used to cut specs Vs Bigger main product

  • SonyMob

    Design is definitely generic, looks a lot like Nokia 8.
    But then again I will take this over huge bezels in previous designs

  • monoke

    Round back is so ugly! Just eww!
    U can probably play spin the bottle with this phone! Lol.

  • Ederson Baumbach .*.

    Sometimes I think Sony Mobile is being sabotaged by someone inside.

  • domepiece

    LOL and this compact model doesn’t get stereo speakers and wireless charging like its bigger brother, not to mention Sony removed the 3.5mm headphone jack and its new design language is too boring and ugly. Just commit seppuku already Sony you know you want to haha

  • monoke

    My gawd this is ugly. Round back so it’s thicker but still has a protruding camera ring? Speaker grills don’t match. Top/bottom bezels are unsymmetric.
    The designers said screw omnibalance, we gonna do everything opposite! Lol.

  • Déjà D’être

    Looks like Im keeping my Z5 for many years. The new Sony designs are absolutely disgusting. Happy for those who like it. Bye bye elegance hello generic plastic phone.

  • ChiTownT3x

    Yup. Sticking with my XZ1 Compact for as long as possible. Hell might even buy it again when my current one eventually dies out. Increased phone size, weird hump, no headphone jack. Not sure if it has stereo speakers. Sadly to me the Compact line is finally dead.

  • skrug

    It does have stereo speakers

  • jrharbort

    The camera itself isn’t angled, only the glass covering it.

  • So0o

    Yep… me to

  • Alessio Torres

    I don’t really care to much for this design this year isn’t the best time to buy a new smartphone as they won’t have true 5G support and with new battery technologies on the horizon you may want to wait just a bit.

  • jrharbort

    Sure, they could do that, if you wanted
    – A much smaller battery
    – Lower quality camera
    – Possibly reduced thermal management

  • Richard Brutski

    There are even bezels to the sides of the screen. I though that was due to the side Fingerprint sensor. Nope.

    No side Fingerprint sensor, no headphone jack. No sale, in a year when will upgrade, I’ll I just get an xz1 compact and flash firmware. This is an awful step back.

  • usersparadise

    Don´t think that protruding camera rings point to OIS. XA2 and XZ1 have the very same camera rings.

  • Alex Norris
  • jonathan

    or you could make it i don’t know just a crazy thought here thicker?

  • Patrick
  • Alvin

    they have 19 MP cameras, which means the sensor used is IMX400, which then means that it has 1/2.3″ sensor, which also means that it is impossible for those phones to have OIS.

  • Alvin

    Couldn’t agree more. If only the compact also uses glass for its rear panel, or at least the same plastic used for XA2 series, it would look and feel a whole lot better.

  • Alvin

    Yup, but the Loop surface on XA2 series are comfortable to hold

  • guv

    Wish it was like Z5’s speakers on both the top and the bottom :(

  • Moisés

    It is just ring around cam to protection.
    Look at XZs, it is same.

  • dragonsneeze

    We should congratulate Sony on bringing 2013 midrange design back, for their breakthrough year. SP was thinner slightly, and for that time looked quite unique and beautiful.

  • Ryan

    its Pickle Rick !!! I mean Pickle Xperia

  • Ryan

    the XZ2 looks like the Xperia X from the front and Xperia Neo from the back …… Nokia 9 im waiting for u now

  • Tochi Nwodu

    This new design looks just ok
    It so ugly
    Most especially the back

  • Zayed Kotayba

    Yeah me too

  • AllanKafka

    You raise a very valid point.

  • AllanKafka

    Fucc, that totally can’t be unseen :/

  • Bulitz

    Rumor has it XZ2 is S9 killer. I don’t see that.

  • AllanKafka

    You know, we must take into account the fact that components grow larger and larger over time as technology regresses, so year after year it gets harder and harder to fit a similarly sized display in a body that’s as thick as before. /s

  • Bulitz

    The XZ2c is a novel, the 1st 5″ phone with 9:18 aspect ratio. But XZ2 could hardly be a S9 killer as rumors have it. The back design is more of HTC than anything.

  • Okazuma

    We have a winner….
    Congrat for your memory

  • Nick

    Thanks god it looks like shit…. So i can stick to my XZ1 ….

  • Sridu

    Sad that tdy’s sony is disconnected from the class of sony of yesteryears.

  • Gaardus

    It looks comfortable to hold, but I wish Sony had kept the headphone jack for one more product cycle.

  • Cecco1970Effeffe

    however, it must be considered that with the same volume of components, the performances improve

  • Alex Norris

    Even SP looks better ))

  • Ali Mir

    Yea… I do give that to Sony about the specs and even the back fps may be alright… they need to earn profit for sure and it was required for the US market.. which i don’t really care about but understandable… but no headphone jack and this design :|

    it’s just that my Z5 would need to be replaced in a few months (working perfectly fine at the moment) and wanted a better looking sony phone with a headphone jack (not just any headphone jack… one for my MDR-nc31em noise-cancelling earphones)…

  • Richard Brutski

    For now, after my x Compact dies, illI get an xz1c and when support ends, there will always be fan support.


    Let’s just stick to what we believe and not hear the haters complain, some of them are talking crap

  • Stergios Papoutsoglou

    I like it. The back reminds me of the Xperia play

  • DenisXD

    Me DenisXD, me don’t like it. But that’s just my taste, I want elegance.

  • azzido


    1. There is fingerprint on the back
    2. Again plastic back
    3. No headphone jack
    4. Speaker holes are weird, why 2 different soeaker holes??? It looks odd, it should be both as the one on top.
    5. No dual camera, no signs of OIS and only F1.7.

    Skipping Xperias this time, maybe they will have proper Premium or at least tablet or new vearables but who knows?

  • azzido

    We aksed for NEW design and not just copy paste of old Xperia SP low end model to be pasted to flagship models, or copy paste HTC design (whatever you call it).

    It looks bad, has confusion in speaker holes, worst fps placement, no dual camera with OIS, battery smaller than found in mid rangers and then sony continue to remove features functions we liked in Xperia – headphone jack this time. And no, noone was pushing them to remove it, we all have been commenting we want the jack but they are so stupid and always making decisions against us.

    I do not know how the premium, if there will be one at all, but this time I am skipping these laughable devices.

  • azzido

    Which battery technologies?
    There were always some rumors about new battery tech that never comes to mass production

  • azzido

    I stick to my XZ Premium while looking for new device from other brand this year, too much disappointment and no stylish design this year. Same old camera, bulky design and still hump? WTF are you doing sony…

  • KKTK

    Looks like fat samsung

  • SopNaw

    Ha ! Yes, you right. I’ve always the SP despite its oldeness, with my Xperia T. They are my old phones. But I took the picture with my XZ1 Compact.

  • Rizky Maulana

    Desain is about old xperia + Pregnant

  • Ryuzaki Raiga

    SP is not low end. its low mid

  • hansip

    Sigh.. Looks like i will go get xz premium to remind me of the old school but cool omni balance..


    loving GR33N S1LV3R

  • azzido

    There is nothingblike low mid, there isbonly low medium and high end.

    Sp is definitely budget low end.
    Always was.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    “WHERES THE KITKAT UPDATE?” is all i can think of when seeing an Xperia SP xD

  • spade

    sorry Sony, that’s the fugliest flagship design ever i’ve seen in my life….totally disappointed.

  • insyt

    Sell this to the american market and release proper models in 6 months for the rest of us.

  • GraphiteEdge

    Previously they have gone slit shape (z2) / pill shape (z3)/ slit shape (z5)/ pill shape (X). I guess now they are going to try both because they couldn’t pick a favourite? :P

    I love the slit speakers on my z2, especially the notification light

  • Tau45

    Xperia SP back + Xperia E4 front, and it all inflated with air = XZ2 Compact

  • Tau45

    I’m so sad but I won’t choose Sony first time in my life.
    I think I’m going to get Galaxy A8 over my dying Z1C. It’s cheap (350$/290€ here in Poland for a new one in a closed box with full warranty), the components and camera are quite good, and it doesn’t look as S7, S6, S4, S3, S2 and all other previous shitty Samsung phones. And of course it doesn’t have this disguisting bent screen. This makes it look a little bit premium.
    I won’t pick XZ1C because after many years I’m bored with Z1C look and XZ1C is almost the same phone made of other materials.
    And A8 has the 3,5mm jack.
    I hope its touchwiz (now called “Samsung Experience” ;d) is suitable for use now, but Sony launcher is still the best.

    I will stick to A8 and hope Sony will create a modern, powerful phone, which will be worthy successor of the Z1 Compact :)

  • Scott

    It means that Skipper is retarded.

  • dapaintrain

    Good that’s an ugly phone what happened Sony

  • AllanKafka

    In real life, yes. That’s exactly why one would have thought that they wouldn’t need to make the Compact even thicker ;)

  • Khalid Abdi

    Well doing old is better than imitating or copying and i agree with you with removing the features but don’t because they did a design change, so probably they put the 3.5 mm jack or make 4.4 mm jack so don’t rush anything.
    By the way why it look like the other phones due to their aspect ratio 18:9.
    I would tell Sony to do their measure like 18:9.5 or 18.10 so the videos don’t get cropped buy hey let’s wait and see because they might introduce new things

    BTW there is nothing wrong if they use old designs because it will give a nostalgic look, besides old designs with bezel less will make them more beautiful

  • Khalid Abdi

    Yes, of course and see what will happen

  • pberruti

    First time I will not buy a compact after having Z1C, Z3C, Z5C and XZ1C.
    I will stay with my wonderful XZ1C.

  • Jithendra Suram

    Not expecting these designs in this fast growing competitive society..Still fingers crossed until the Official Release..

  • Jacen23

    Also the Xperia E1, doesn’t look premium :S

  • Gauthier Abel

    I find it pleasing. The SP was pretty cool!

  • George Masterson

    If they reduced the bezels they could have reduced the size from 129 of XZ1 compact they could have gone to 125 (maybe). The thickness is too much in my opinion. The screen size was 4.6 AND IT WAS AMAZING. The compact line is supposed to be direct opponent of the small iPhones (5s, SE) not the middle one (7, 8).

    Sony I am a huge fan but seriously i expected better strategy, quality and design. It feels like seeing one of those crappy Samsung ****phones. Technology packed awesome as always.

  • Honestly, when i’m looking at XZ2 Compact’s backside, I feel like i’m looking at a entry level sony phone from 2011. -___-

    This is much more beautiful

  • Bob

    *Generic as fuck!!*

    *That’s one ugly phone! That cyclop eye on the back!*

    *Gone is the iconic, elegant omnibalance design.* *Gone are the nice sony fonts and loop live wallpapers!

    Looks like some cheap chinese shitty generic phone.*

    *And all of this to what end?* *Bezels are still huge! No optical image stabilization although there’s a huge hump on the back and a small battery!*

    What the fuck happened to you Sony? You used to be good!

    Sob! Sob! :(

  • Bob

    *Generic as fuck!!* *That’s one ugly phone! That cyclop eye on the back!*
    *Gone is the iconic, elegant omnibalance design.* *Gone are the nice sony fonts and loop live wallpapers! Looks like some cheap chinese shitty generic phone.*
    *And all of this to what end?* *Bezels are still huge! No optical image stabilization although there’s a huge hump on the back and a small battery!*

    What the fuck happened to you Sony? You used to be good!

    Sob! Sob!

  • Bob

    *Generic as fuck!!* *That’s one ugly phone! That cyclop eye on the back!*
    *Gone is the iconic, elegant omnibalance design.* *Gone are the nice sony fonts and loop live wallpapers! Looks like some cheap chinese shitty generic phone.*
    *And all of this to what end?* *Bezels are still huge! No optical image stabilization although there’s a huge hump on the back and a small battery!*

    What the fuck happened to you Sony? You used to be good!

    Sob! Sob! :( :(

  • Bob

    *Generic as fuck!!* *That’s one ugly phone! That cyclop eye on the back!*
    *Gone is the iconic, elegant omnibalance design.* *Gone are the nice sony fonts and loop live wallpapers! Looks like some cheap chinese shitty generic phone.*
    *And all of this to what end?* *Bezels are still huge! No optical image stabilization although there’s a huge hump on the back and a small battery!*

    What the fuck happened to you Sony? You used to be good!

    Sob! Sob! :( :( :(

  • Bob

    *Generic as fuck!!* *That’s one ugly phone! That cyclop eye on the back!*
    *Gone is the iconic, elegant omnibalance design.* *Gone are the nice sony fonts and loop live wallpapers! Looks like some cheap chinese shitty generic phone.*
    *And all of this to what end?* *Bezels are still huge! No optical image stabilization although there’s a huge hump on the back and a small battery!*

    What the fuck happened to you Sony? You used to be good!

    Sob! Sob! :( :((((

  • Alex Norris

    New xperias looking like soap, and not like sony phone, they like HTC and other 99% smartphones

  • SonyMob

    if you can AND you have big budget then wait for September for big bomb i.e. XZ1 Premium / Pro
    Due to it’s bigger size I am sure that it will still have 3.5 mm Jack and other better things like insane low light dual cam setup, 4K OLED, Bigger battery, Better stereo speakers, better design

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