Sony Ericsson outs UK Xperia Play launch details

by XB on 11th March 2011

in Xperia PLAY

Xperia PLAYSony Ericsson has outlined the launch details for its gaming-focused Xperia PLAY handset. The PLAY will launch on Thursday 31st March with the largest ever marketing campaign SE has ever conducted for a handset. The handset will be sold by all mobile retailers and operators. Given the gaming nature of the handset, SE says that it may also be sold through game retailers too.

The Xperia PLAY will come with six games pre-installed including Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors, Tetris, Star Battalion, Crash Bandicoot, FIFA 10 and The Sims 3. A further 50 games will also be available to download on the Playstation Suite. This will include a blend of PSOne titles and Android titles that have been optimised for the Xperia PLAY.

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