Xperia PLAY Review roundup #2

by XB on 26th April 2011

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Xperia PLAYSince our last review roundup for the Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, we’ve seen a number of other sites publish their thoughts on the handset. We’ve included the latest reviews of the gaming Android mobile below and much of the general themes are the same as we saw in the last roundup.

There’s no doubt that if gaming is important to you, the Xperia PLAY is well worth checking out. However, as a phone some criticise it for being bulky and “unremarkable”. Check out the full list of latest Xperia PLAY reviews after the jump.

Xperia PLAY Review Roundup

Eurogamer:The Xperia Play certainly deserves to be a success – if only to prove that physical interfaces are still relevant to modern mobile gamers in a world where Angry Birds can accrue millions of downloads within the space of just a few days. But whether or not Sony Ericsson has the determination, drive and capability to make it one remains to be seen.”

GamePro:What Sony Ericsson has undeniably succeeded in doing is crafting a true gamer’s phone, with brilliant controls and the promise of some amazing games — not to mention 32-bit PlayStation titles — on the horizon. The fact that the Xperia Play is also perfectly capable of playing touch-screen titles such as Angry Birds and Fruit Ninja means that it effectively offers the best of both worlds, making it the ideal choice if you’re an Android-loving games player.”

GSM Arena:Let’s get one thing straight here. The XPERIA Play is a gaming droid and you shouldn’t get hung up on the less than stellar video and single-core-only CPU. And come to think of it, the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play is one of the easiest phones to recommend. Whether you’re a die-hard PlayStation buff or just after a fun-to-own smartphone, the Play should be on your list. Want a phone to play games on? Be my guest. They don’t get any better than that.”

Hemorrdroids:You wont be buying this device other than for its game-pad and gaming capabilities, so if your not really a gamer then I would suggest you look for a different phone because it might most likely disappoint you. If your a gamer and enjoys killing time here and there, whether it be on the train, your lunch break or even when you should be working, you will definitely like this device. The Xperia Play has its annoyances and flaws but just as a mother would ignore her children’s imperfections and love them for who they are, you’ll also love the Xperia Play regardless, that is if your into gaming.”

KnowYourMobile:It’s certainly not game over for the Xperia Play as the gaming side of the smartphone is top-notch, but it has a way to go to persuade those who are less video game-minded to insert the £500-odd pound coins needed to buy one.”

Modaco:One COULD argue that in order to choose this device over the other offerings on the market (given it’s bulk and weight) you would really have to want the joypad pretty bad. But that said, the joypad is rather good. There’s no denying that the specs are not on the very leading edge, but at the same time, there’s nothing that is particularly horribly out of date.”

PC Pro:Whether the overall package is a good deal or not depends on what you’re looking for. As a phone, the Xperia Play is a bulky and generally unremarkable Android handset. But if you’re primarily interested in handheld gaming, the flexibility and enjoyment to be had from the Play’s gaming abilities give it a quite unique appeal.”

PDA-247 (Part one and two):I can’t help, but like the Xperia PLAY. It is well built, performs well in most areas and has a lot of personality. It is different enough to lift it from the mass of Android clones and this helps it to show off what Android can do. This is a very good smartphone which has the potential to be a competent workhorse and one of the most entertaining portable devices you can buy.”

Reg Hardware:Perhaps explaining Sony’s reluctance to label it the Playstation Phone, the Xperia Play feels like the smartphone equivalent of Audi’s Porsche’s 924. It lacks the latest tech and its inconsistent hardware and software design are unworthy of the marque, and hints at a product rushed to market to gain a foothold for the Playstation brand.”

Trusted Reviews:The build quality doesn’t live up to premium smartphones and its processor is already behind the times. The app purchasing experience is also horrendously disjointed. That said, the game controls themselves are a huge success and even with the modest selection of games currently available they make a huge difference to the enjoyment of gaming on the move.”

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