Picture of Sony Ericsson’s new Gingerbread UXP

by XB on 12th December 2011

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Xperia new Gingerbread UXPWe were sent a screen capture of Sony Ericsson’s new Gingerbread UXP (the UX platform is the strategic framework for the core of Sony Ericsson’s portfolio) over the weekend. Interestingly the picture has a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels, the same as the rumoured Sony Ericsson Nozomi – further evidence that this 2012 flagship will launch with Android Gingerbread.

The single image itself doesn’t give too much away. It shows the Android home screen using a new font for the clock widget. The small rectangles at the top of the screen on current firmware, showing which of the five home screens you are on, have been replaced by circles. Also the border around the four sticky icons at the bottom has been removed. The UI also matches that seen on the leaked Nozomi images from earlier today.

It is therefore looking more and more likely that Sony Ericsson has redesigned some elements of its Android Gingerbread firmware and that this will launch prior to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update in H1 2012. We reported on new eDream6 firmware over the weekend. At the time we were wondering what had happened to eDream5, so maybe this is it? Given the date on the image below, could this new firmware be rolling out as soon as early January (along with a Nozomi release)? It shouldn’t be as farfetched as it sounds given all of the recent evidence.

Xperia new Gingerbread UXP

Thanks X-Leaker!

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