Sony Ericsson LT26i Nozomi high-res images leak

by XB on 12th December 2011

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Sony Ericsson LT26iIt was only last week that we were speculating that it won’t be too long before high-resolution images of the Sony Ericsson LT26i ‘Nozomi’ leak and here they are courtesy of GSM Arena.

We have seen the front of the phone plenty of times, but now we get to glance the sides too. The left side has a micro USB slot (with cover) and the right side has HDMI slot (with cover), a volume switch in the middle of the phone and a reasonably sized camera button. The phone eschews the curves of the Xperia arc and has a very boxy design.

Strangely the glowing strip at the bottom looks like it is made out of see through plastic as the icons can also be seen on the back of the phone. GSM Arena’s tipster has verified a lot of the details we brought to you exclusively over three months ago.

This includes a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, 4.3-inch (720 x 1280) display, micro-SIM, no microSD slot, 1GB RAM, 16/32GB of internal storage, 12MP camera and sealed battery. The tipster also confirms what our sources have told us i.e. that the phone will launch with Android 2.3.5 Gingerbread and then receive Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich at a later date. We’ll bring you more details as we have it, but in the meantime check out the lovely pictures below.

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Sony Ericsson LT26i

Via GSM Arena.

  • Guest

    Nice, want one

  • Anonymous

    Nice~ Though I foresee lotsa scratches on the transparrent light strip and paint waring off the volume buttons of my future Nozomi~ =(

  • Anonymous

    Honestly the camera LOOKS small… I do hope that its technology is really an upgraded 2nd gen mobile ExmorR sensor..


    for removable battery cover =P

    For not being able to find any microSD card slot… Anyone with better eyes whana proof otherwise?

  • Rd

    12Mp Full HD with Single led flash. Bullshit

  • Doesn’t look all that great.. guess its Galaxy Nexus for me

  • owl

    dude, read the article, don’t just jump into the image. it has no microSD slot. you only get the internal memory like on the iPhones.

  • Miguel Távora

    Really ugly!

  • That’s my next phone 100% !!!

  • Zash

    A bit x10ish dont you think?
    Also why are the back, home and menu icons on the back? Surely you cant press the buttons on the back

  • owl


    i have to admit, these hi-res images of the nozomi actually make the phone look good, while the previous leaks just made it look pathetic. im finally drooling for a unit.

    i have a hunch, though, that the piece of black plastic beneath the light strip that says XPERIA is actually just a piece of dummy plastic, ie no electronics in it at all. and i thought manufacturers squeeze every millimetres out of their designs nowadays…

  • Anonymous

    Anyone have any idea why is the Home Menu and Back key at the back? 

  • ahomad hosin

    so sad

  • ZyxeLa

    The keys are transparent

  • Did you notice that the three buttons are located in the front and back also ? see the second and fifth pics and only the menu+back buttons are located on the other side.. basically they mirror the front buttons location

    I just hope the available ROM is bigger than 2011 line, 320MB is not enough even with moving apps to SD as there’s some apps wont go there and some better kept in the ROM…

    lack of microSD is bad, but the internal memory being different than ROM ( not unified like Galaxy Nexus ) is good which mean we can have Mass Storage… but I still prefer Samsung way of handling memory:-
     – large RAM
     – large 2GB ROM
     – 16GB/32GB internal memory – another microSD slot mounted as a folder withing the internal memory…so you end up with more space with manageable sections for your data and still have flexibility I think SE went for these decisions to save space, they went to three main decisions:-1- microSIM2- replace microSD slot with internal big memory3- using embedded battery

    the only problem with such design is you will not be able to find battery pack covers for,, these needs replaceable batteries or exposed connector ( like iPhone battery covers ) 

  • Adrian

    Yes! Finally some good pics! Nice looking phone! Probably my nexy phone!

    I hope that transparent thing can be light up with some leds, would be cool!

  • Anonymous

    And i Love it  :)

  • Ma

    i dont like it.. where’s the arc, where is the curvy surface of the neo?  the design itself is a bit boring i’m sad to say.. no freshness in the design, nothing, just a brick of materials. 

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t see it in the article, but I’m truly interested to see if S(E) has added NFC capability to this bad-boy. Hope things are cleared up soon by an actual press release!

    On Post: Digging the design, lack of microSD not digging. But overall, I remain optimistic that this may yet be my next device!

  • Jevier

    Really great!! And the transparent part is so nice, but where the micro SD slot?? and a little bit thick as I see..

  • Adrian

    What does sealed battery mean? That it cannot be changed?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, i’ve read many articles saying that the Nozomi will not support microSD. But ima still can hope for a change can i? XD

  • Anonymous

    What is  a bit weird is why the ‘battery’ cover is removable when the only thing this provides access too is the Micro SIM card? Surely they could have put this on the side of the phone. Having a battery cover makes the phone feel more flimsy (my the battery cover on my arc creaks) where as phones without this, like the iPhone feel far stronger…so that would be the only advantage of not having a removable battery, but then SE have decided to opt for a cover anyway? baffling…

    Also the back looks very bare and very x10 like. An interesting strategy is the Micro SIM and non-removable battery, which sadly looks like they are going ‘main stream’ to get more sales, ( like samsung has done) compromising on amazing unique designs, and making it look more like your standard touch screen phone…

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  • owl

    actually when the specifications leaked, i was really hoping that the “no microSD” thing would turn out to be wrong.

    but at this stage, i think we have to settle with the internal memory… sigh.

  • Anonymous

    under the cover you find testpins, only they’re covered by black stickers.
    If you have an Arc or any other Xperia Device, open it an search for them ;)

    but I’m with you in my opinion that a non-removable back would have been preferable.

  • Dara_ing

    Ill be honest this looks rather dull..and I echo the opinion that wats the point off removable back cover when the batteries in built anyway…could or made the back feel much more well built..the back does look alot like the x10.. and has the same plastic…which is a huge disappointment for me…I love the nice transition tint on the back of my arc! And althought the shiny plastic makes it easier to slip…who cares…it looks great…sadly I’m really thinking about setttling for the galaxy nexus…

  • Ronish

    thank god no more chrome on the phone i m tired of changing the chrome part on my arc it starts pellin off n it becomes black 

  • Gordon Shumway

    I had to change the face buttons on my Neo when they started going red… now after two months of use I can see them changing again.

    I love Sony Ericsson phones and the UI, but the materials on some models – like the Neo and Play – just aren’t good enough.

    Hopefully with phones like the Ray – which has great materials – and this LT26i too, we will only see SE phones with high quality materials and build quality from now on

  • Gordon Shumway

    The specs look very nice, but if they are not having a removable battery or SD card, why have a removable cover?

    Surely they could just have access on the side, perhaps near the USB or HDMI ports.

    Also, I had hoped that they’d be going for a more metallic look, similar to the red/gold Xperia Rays.

  • Gordon Shumway

    The specs look very nice, but if they are not having a removable battery or SD card, why have a removable cover?

    Surely they could just have access on the side, perhaps near the USB or HDMI ports.

    Also, I had hoped that they’d be going for a more metallic look, similar to the red/gold Xperia Rays.

  • Are they really using that cheap plastic, without any laque? It’s horrible. Samsung-like plastics. I’ll wait for a better looking model, buy a Panasonic if they come to Europe, or wait till 2013.

    How do these buttons work? Is the translucent part clickable, capacitive or hardware buttons?

    But I like the new UI, will be happy to have it on my Neo :D

  • Are they really using that cheap plastic, without any laque? It’s horrible. Samsung-like plastics. I’ll wait for a better looking model, buy a Panasonic if they come to Europe, or wait till 2013.

    How do these buttons work? Is the translucent part clickable, capacitive or hardware buttons?

    But I like the new UI, will be happy to have it on my Neo :D

  • Guest

    Its transparent, that’s why you can see it. Those icons look like its just for aesthetics. If you look closely at the front, three whites are present, maybe a capacitive haptic enabled buttons for the back home menu buttons? January is near anyway :)

  • Guest

    Ill wait for NYPON, then! I dont want to cut my sim card for this phone. My service provider only gives micro sim for iphone users which is a bit biased.

  • jdm

    why did SE included dust with the phone.. now the phone will feel slightly heavier!

  • Anonymous

    I’m a big SE fan and love my Xperia Pro, but man this thing has F.A.I.L written all over it.

    U.G.L.Y. Cuboid design = FAIL.
    U.G.L.Y. Materials = FAIL.
    no tactile buttons = FAIL.
    no removable battery = FAIL.
    no SD = FAIL.
    MicroSIM = FAIL.

    Seriously, if I wanted my phone that crippled I would buy an iPhone.

  • panos


  • See that 3 dots above the back, home and setting transparent LED? that is the capacitive buttons. The back, home and setting are just indicator for the 3 dots. A bit different from others ICS phone indicator.

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  • Lucchol

    These are not key, it is just marking. Keys are obviously on front, above this transparent. Look at the dots.

  • Anonymous

    That is a FAIL. Capacitive buttons are a FAIL and Nexus S-type buttons are an even bigger fail. I specifically bought a 2011 SE phone because it contained proper tactitle hardware buttons and didn’t follow the capacitive trend at all.

  • Ocean12

    the question is, since it has capacitive touch buttons and the space under them is transparent, so for what is the big bottom of the phone?! it doesnt belong the main board of the phone!

    thanks for any answer..

  • Alex38

    A employee said that Icecream Sandwich should arrive before 8th of January but the newest couldn’t have it. Good news ? :)

  • Mar

    You can crop your actual SIM card into microSIM

  • Cssf09

    ME RECUERDA A LOS PRIMEROS XPERIA COMO EL X10, lastima esa plastico por debajo no deja un buen acabado por otro lado, la bateria no se puede quitar? es fija? :/

    A disfrustar de los ultimos Sony Ericsson puros por despues solo quedara como Sony ni no tendra gusto…

    A coleccionar los celulares viejos! valdran mas en el futuro xD yo tengo 2 ya e.e 

  • Cssf09

    REMINDS ME AS THE FIRST XPERIA X10, it hurts below theplastic does not leave a good finish on the other hand, the batterycan not be removed? is fixed? : /

    A disfrustar of the latest Sony Ericsson pure by Sony after only remaining or will not like …

    A collecting old cell phones! worth more in the future xD I have a 2 and e.e

  • ZyxeLa

    Yes, you are right :)

  • Anonymous

    this thing already looks like a brick……and it got big ugly bezel, too ;(

  • Anonymous

    I’m definitely getting this piece of SEAXXAYYY pie!!!!!

  • Wael Faddah

    well, once you go ICS then the buttons are useless, perhaps that see through part can be easily changed to one with no drownings on it?  maybe for once SE ericsson thought one step ahead and they were like wait a minute, for now it will be like this and for later buyers can just change that part

  • NoIdea

    “once you go ICS then the buttons are useless”

    No. If a phone has hw buttons, the ui will not display any.

  • Anonymous

    Why micro sim? 

  • Nesstzatni

    Fake 100%!!! Look at the back LOGO!

  • Markac

    A proper Xenon flash would be good or does SE (or Sony) not care about making real camera phones any more?

  • Anonymous

    My only question is why would Sony Ericsson add the Home Menu and Back on the transparent strip when there are already 3 dots on top of it? It’s like not of any use? So everything bellow the 3 dots are basically hopeless?

  • Ocean12

    the transparent strip is just for LED notification, but u right the space below them is useless! so they can make the phone shorter

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Probly where the mic is so u can speak……?

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Im worried about the bottom part, how well attached is it ? Looks like u could snap it off if u wanted to.

    Im sure u can still get to the battery if u unscrew the back out but its impractical if u need to pull that sucka out. I wonder if they went with no SD becuz they want u to take advantage of the 50gb box sh!t? Oh well other than that this phone is a clear winner with me, I dont know wheather to wait for this or buy a Neo right now.

    720p <3
    9mp 16:9
    Dual crap
    sexy design
    led strip

    easily around $600 huh? :(

  • El Brillantinas

    A lot of people is excited about Nokia Lumia… I’m excited about this.

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  • Ocean12

    do u think that this wholly space bellow the strip is used for a mic of very small dimensions (about 2 millimeters) whatever the mic can be connecected by wires through a transparent medium, i wish it can be removable bottom!!

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  • Tymodmyt

    Non-removable battery and no memore expansion are gonna be a big mistake.

  • Aaa

    Failed for you but not for all

  • LED flash can be used as a torch. So it’s a plus for me.

  • Touch sensitive buttons – Win
    Cool design – Win
    Non removable battery – so what?
    32 GB of memory – enough for me
    MicroSim – i use my microsim in adapter if there is need in normal sized SIM.

  • if i were you, i would but neo now… wait until nozomi released.. 

    Then sell neo and buy nozomi :)

    Who knows how long we will wait until availability of Nozomi

  • Anonymous

    If you already have a MicroSIM, then there’s a good chance that you are an iPhone user, so no wonder you’ll so readily accept such iGimped specifications!

  • Anonymous

    dude… read his 2nd sentence.

  • Anonymous

    Totally agree with you on the last 3. The 1st 2 don’t bother me that much.

  • kala bala

     mine too

  • Blitz_arc

    as an owner of the almighty arc, i would say this is a complete failure.. 

    c’mon SE i know that you can do much better that this!

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