Xperia PLAY games roundup: Week of 23 January 2012

by XB on 29th January 2012

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Whale TrailDuring the week there is often quite a bit of news on the Xperia PLAY gaming front. Most news relates to new (or older) titles that may now be Xperia PLAY optimised. Rather than put a post on every game, we decided to round it all up in one post at the end of the week. We’ll still cover major gaming news on the Xperia PLAY including AAA releases as and when it happens, but for the rest, a roundup post should be sufficient and avoids diluting the main news feed.

Click through for the main Xperia game news over the last week. It is worth noting that some of the titles below have been Xperia PLAY optimised for a while, but we only came across them recently and thought they were worth a shout.

Xperia PLAY games roundup: Week of 23 January 2012

GnarBike Trials This Xperia PLAY optimised motorbike title has 45 physics based levels. It also includes a level editor that you can share with your friends and OpenFeint Leaderboards. The graphics aren’t the best but the gameplay is fun. The game is free to download, although there is a paid version (£0.60) that has more levels and no adverts.

Mr Karoshi A not so joyful theme of an overworked Japanese businessman looking to take his own life, with you helping him to succeed by overcoming logic puzzles. It’s quite an addictive little game with simple graphics and full of dark humour. It has 50 levels and well worth £0.61 on the Android Market.


MEGASTUNT Mayhem Pro If you’re a fan of Monster Trucks then this is the game for you. The game features nitro-fuelled stunts, a freestyle career mode as well as the ability to enhance your trucks if you can electrify crowds and gain loyal fans. The game will set you back £2.49 on the Android Market.

PlayStation Store (New arrivals) – Two new PSOne games arrived on the PS Store for the Xperia PLAY. First up we have Disney Interactive’s The Little Mermaid II, we’re not sure there’ll be too many of you looking forward to that one. Theme Hospital from EA also popped up. Both games will set you back £3.99.

Ninjammin Beat-jitsu Think of this game as mix between a platformer and rhythm action. You need to use rhythm and timing on screen to Jump, Slide, Flip and Fight your way through 6 Ninjammin Episodes. The game can be downloaded from the Android Market for £0.61.

Race Of Champions Good game for racing fans out there. Has a great selection of cars, all of the tracks are based on real ones and the graphics are pretty good. It’s a free download so well worth at least a try.

Reckless Racing 2 – Reckless Racing 2 is heading to the Xperia PLAY in early February and it looks like it’s improved on its predecessor in every respect. It has a selection of 18 detailed cars from small dirt buggies to fast supercars as well as 24 routes. See the launch trailer below.


RoboFonics This Xperia PLAY optimised rhythm-action game is now on sale with 50 percent off (£0.68 in the Android Market). You need to listen to the beat and tap your robo-colleagues to match the rhythms correctly. You’ve also got the mean robo-boss MasterBotrix to contend with, but if you play well, you may just start a robo-revolution.

Shadowgun: The Leftover – Madfinger Games released a free expansion to Shadowgun called ‘The Leftover’. As the name suggests the content is stuff the developers did not get time to include in the original game. It includes four new levels, a new gun, new soundtrack, tuned difficulty and better effects.


Sonic 4 Episode 1 Review – review Sonic 4 Episode 1. They liked it a lot and scored it 8/10. Click here for the review.

Whale Trail One of our favourite iPad games recently appeared on Android with full Xperia PLAY optimisation. This is a very happy and chilled out game with great animation and music. It has seven different kingdoms to fly through and 50 achievements. Definitely recommended. Psychedelic.


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