Xperia PLAY games roundup: Week of 13 February 2012

by XB on 19th February 2012

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Super Bit DashThis week on the Xperia PLAY we saw Boulder Dash and Super Bit Dash get Xperia PLAY optimised but the highlight for us was a Neo Geo emulator that was released onto the Android Market with full Xperia PLAY support. There are also rumours that the mobile port of Nintendo Gamecube classic, Super Monkey Ball 2 might be heading to the Xperia PLAY. Click through for all of the details.

Boulder Dash: The Collection – Developer Polarbit, famed for their Reckless Racing games, has released this collection of five classic Boulder Dash games that come with full Xperia PLAY optimisation. The game mixes both puzzle and action elements as you quest for gems and diamonds trying to avoid falling boulders, cave-ins and deadly creatures. The game sees you starting off with 30 caves and three levels of difficulty. Boulder Dash: The Collection costs £0.62 and is in the Android Market right now.


Neo Geo emulator NEO.emu released – The Neo Geo had some fantastic arcade games on it, including the likes of King of Fighters, Garou Mark of the Wolves, Metal Slug and Fatal Fury. Fans of the system will be glad to hear that a Neo Geo emulator was recently released onto the Android Market for $3.99 (£2.54). The emulator is Xperia PLAY optimised (see a video of it in action below) and includes memory card and save state support.


Super Bit Dash optimised for Xperia PLAY – This retro dashing and jumping action game has recently been optimised for the Xperia PLAY controls. The game has some funky 8-bit graphics and an 8-bit soundtrack too. The support for Xperia PLAY means that the d-pad is used extensively for dashing and for navigating the store. It has two difficulty levels and supports randomly generated levels. The game is free on the Android Market right now.


Super Monkey Ball 2 coming to Xperia PLAY? Park this in rumour territory right now but XperiaGamer is reporting that Super Monkey Ball 2 may be heading to the Xperia PLAY. The news apparently came from the Sony VIP Portal, which is good news if true. The game isn’t out yet on Android, although any Xperia PLAY version is likely to be a direct iOS conversion. If you’ve not heard of SMB before it is a tilt game (like Marble Madness) and involves you guiding a monkey in a ball towards the end of the level whilst connecting bananas on the way.

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