Integrated marketing campaign shows off Xperia ray’s low-light capabilities

by XB on 21st February 2012

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Xperia raySony Ericsson has a great track record when it comes to innovative marketing campaigns and it recently had another hit. The campaign revolved around the Xperia ray and married the use of an outdoor advert with online (and mobile) social media. SE wanted to market the Xperia ray’s low-light camera abilities so they set up an array of handsets focused on a digital billboard in Sweden.

Consumers were then able to go to a website and type any message to a friend or loved one that would then be displayed on the billboard. The Xperia ray would capture this image and send it to the recipient. The result was over 3,000 messages during a four-day campaign including 11 marriage proposals and 399 people writing I love you to someone. All heart-warming stuff, check out the video below.

Via JCDecaux OneWorld.

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