Sony Mobile to focus on “hardware innovation” for future devices

by XB on 29th May 2012

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Steve Walker Sony MobileSteve Walker, Sony Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, has been speaking at the Open Mobile Summit which is currently taking place in London. At the event Walker touched on a number of areas including the recent move to acquire Ericsson’s stake in Sony Ericsson. “With Ericsson, we were affiliated with the rest of the Sony group. Now, we’re fully integrated. Being fully integrated makes a big difference,” said Walker.

When talking about future priorities, Walker rubbished rumours of an Xperia PLAY 2 and said the focus was on PlayStation integration with its smartphones. “Bringing the PlayStation Network to other devices is important. Doing so creates a community based relationship with customers, like those found on social networking web sites.” Let’s hope this means that the PlayStation Suite is on track.

Despite this, Walker did say that Sony Mobile is promising some exciting phones for the future. “When the Motorola Razr came along we were shocked, it was a true hardware innovation. We will continue to focus on this with our future devices too.” Sounds good, this combined with a quicker time to market can only mean good times for Xperia fans in the future.

Via The Inquirer.

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