New Xperia phones will come to market twice as quick

by XB on 13th April 2012

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Sony Mobile has been criticised in the past for being behind the curve when it comes to having the latest hardware in its phones. Most Android manufacturers had released dual-core phones last year, whereas Sony Mobile had none. Even this year, as Sony launched the dual-core Xperia S other manufacturers were announcing quad-core offerings.

Well Sony is not sitting on its laurels and plans to speed up the process to bring its Xperia phones to market. Sony President & CEO Kazuo Hirai confirmed this on a call to investors following yesterday’s strategic review. “I talked about some of the initiatives that we’ve embarked on in the time-to-market area where we are literally cutting by half the time to market for the Xperia smartphones“, said Hirai.

He cited this as one of the key reasons how Sony Mobile will gain future market share. “So it’s those kinds of improvements, number one, and again making sure that we have products that really consumers will appreciate and bringing it quickly to market, and that’s going to be very key in making sure that we gain more traction in the mobile space than we’ve had before“, said Hirai.

This is great news for Xperia fans and means that upcoming Xperia phones should be more competitive going forward. Obviously, Sony has only just started executing on this strategy therefore we’re unlikely to see the benefits of this until calendar 2013 at the earliest.

  • Cockles

    If only we could say the same about Ice Cream Sandwich on Xperia.

  • Cockles

    Honestly, I love my Xperia S.  But the camera is *dreadful* – yes the shots are top notch, but what’s the point if 1/3 come out a blurry non-focused mess.  Far inferior to the Xperia Arc and a million miles away from the Cybershot K800i

  • DragonClaw

    Okay. So this is cool. So we will have Sony Cell phones with cool and newere techs come in soon. That is really nice. But even as Sony does all this, they must make sure to put in innovative ideas in their smart phon es. Like those super designs we saw in there cells till now. The cool curves and then the concept of keeping the cell anteena in the transparent bar in Xperia S, and then, even movind on to make it possible to change the color of the transparent bar. Sony must keep pn addding such cool innovative features into their cells, and at the sme time, make their cells more power packed with more number of cores.

    More power need not be what people really need. But its cool to have a more powerful cell even if you do not need one. So hopefully Sony will rise in the smartphones race. All the best Sony.

  • WaelFaddah

    Reduce the variety of phones and focus…. that way your quality goes up and cost go’s down.  rather than the opposite…  do a quick survey, call it, what do customers need in there next cell phones on fan web sites :) we would love to be part of helping SONY.  

  • Tom

    To be fair though. Sony phones are usually better than their competitors because they dont rush to get the new features out. They sit back look at whats out there and make a better quality phone out of it. People usually do go for the other brands though because they get there first

  • Asad Mulla

    Die hard sony fans like us will be disappointed by this news because we always want the latest flagship and frankly they dont come cheap. £1k a year to have the latest phones…………  ouch

  • Minato

    its a very good thing to have continuous presence in the market (not just mobile market) i believe, but that’s an essential step which Sony should’ve taken long ago…….though i guess its good to be than never!
    still i think one of SONY’s biggest problems remains and its marketing! they should make an advertising subsidiary and focus on marketing and boost it, they also should change their approach slightly and expand it to more casual consumers! who they really think are targeting with those artistic ads! i loved such ideas myself but you must talk to everyone with their own language! (its a proverb in our country!). mobile is used by a large number of people from different countries, different educational levels and etc. while its very good for sony to keep a cool and artistic look but they must make it more approachable for everyone. they must understand the need to cover more consumers with their product.
    again…..go sony! we’re looking forward to your rise again :)

  • Tech-Lover

    Why in the world are people criticisng Sony for not have dual or quad core phones? This isn’t an accident, Sony has already said they CHOOSE not to because there is NO benefit to them whatsoever. Those super fast chips burn the battery like crazy, consider the iPhone4S…look at the trouble Apple is still having,  they put a forumla 1 driver in a mini and said GO. What can you do with a dual or quad core phone that you can’t do with a premium single core phone? This is nonesense….

  • Minato

    Reducing the variety do not necessarily result in higher quality. it depends mostly on themselves, they can hire more engineers to make up for more work!

  • Tech-Lover

     That’s a shame to hear about the camera buddy. I’ve heard great things about the audio though.

  • Tech-Lover

     Yes I think you’ve hit a key point – uniqueness in the market place. The problem is that now the market is swamped with identical looking phones. It’s imperative to get back a unique offering and the details you mentioned e.g. the light strip do exactly that, I agree.

  • WaelFaddah

    perhaps you do make a point and i like it, but also rather than team Z work on phone Z, i would love to see half of team Z work on phone A.  if it takes 3 months to test a certain software, then when two teams working on the same phone could actually reduce the time by half, or less than 3 months.  Rather than two phones take 3 months.  

    look at ferrari and apple vs hundai and samsung.  i am just saying, assume you were able to afford all products, which one feels better owned?

  • Flyfox99

    Mythical man-month.  It does not always work like that.  The math is not that simple.

  • Somebody told me SONY had hard “economic” problems (big debts). Is it true?

  • Minato

    maybe you’re right but again having a decent variety is necessary! so they should optimize their workforce to maximum or hire more people to achieve it!
    and about that choice honestly i wouldn’t feel good with either of them! that’s why i shop SONY! Apple is luxury and Samsung is cheap! but Sony can seat somewhere between these two. having products more than apple, less than Samsung (in quantity) and better than both of them :)

  • nfs2010

     I’m with you :( – I’m about to get an Xperia S and my little brother just hijacked my Arc. That means I’m gonna have to get an Arc S as well simply because Arc is awesome and I wanna keep an SE phone as a memento :)

  • i’m GAMER

    hope to have xperia play 2 – quad core  high end graphic processor … , we really hope !
    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play

  • Cp2020

    Sony really needs to start throwing some latest hardware in their products. This is the main problem here. This is why they struggling with sales. They have great ideas and outstanding built quality. I personally can’t wait to get my hands on Xperia P. But…they are behind. If XPERIA S had s4 dual in it and aluminium unibody with SD slot and amoled screen, no phone could stand up to it right now and most probably for some time yet. I do get their point with pointless idea of putting quad in the smartphone it makes alot of sense considering lack of applications utilizing 4 cores plus the battery life. I just wish they could see it from our ( customers ) point of view. What we need is what is going to sell. Listen to us and get yourself back on your feet cuz you are one of the best entertaining company’s that has ever existed and it’s a shame seeing Sony struggle on today’s market . You have more then enough experience, resources and force to put rest to shame like u used to do it back in a day. Love Sony and their style but it’s really tough now and they need to adjust to this world of competition if they want to survive. Hope u can do it. Support u all the way

  • Asad Mulla

     the ARC is such a beautiful phone. Probarbly the best phone ever built. Save your self a few £££ and get a ray. £220 from sony direct. I got one and its also a seriously nice phone. 2011 phones are much nicer to hold than the 2012 range. I also have the XS but ARC much nicer in your hand.

  • Asad Mulla

     Yeh I love my BM’s to. Can you see a trend with BM and Sony Mobile. There both releasing some many different models into the market. Have you heard there probably wont be a 3 series coupe and convertible anymore the gonna rename it to 4 series. Compete with the Audi A5

  • lovebmw

    All I know that there is a tri turbo m3, and that’s what I am waiting 4. But to be honest the m power kinda lost it’s legacy when we got m5, m6, x5m and so on…. Do you remember how crazy the m3 was in the 90s?

  • ClioCreslind

    Android users had been in that stage where they craze for the most powerful hardware, with little regard to subtle aspects such as software optimisation, for the last 2-3 years. It’s the reality that android products without latest hardware simply won’t sell. (And then I think there’s a feeling among the consumers that It’s perfectly normal to change to a new phone every year, which I think is very bad.)

    So, until this craze is over, speeding up and bringing more waves of products with the latest hardware is the MINIMUM any Android smartphone manufacturer need to do.

    But then, I think that will mean Sony will no longer be able to keep up with bringing out updates for entire product ranges after this year.

    In short, this strategy may buy Sony an important survival ticket, but the rapid pace of Android updates we’ve taken for granted last year will very likely slow down from now on.

  • Asad Mulla

     E36 E46 E90. E39 E60 V10 No turbo Lovley. F10 M5 is amazinging but lost its V10 and gained 2 turbos and Valvetronic which means no high revving engines. there also talking about a V6 for the new M3. (thats a big blow) F80 M3

  • AlexBurnout

    My father needs to finish his contract

  • Guest

    They could start by just putting a quad core in the Xperia S. There’s no doubt I would buy it. Lagging behind on power in comparison with the competition, even if you don’t really need it, is the main reason to not buy the S I think. Just the inability to compete is enough to loose buyers. Number of cores aside,  I personally think the Xperia line is the best of smartphone. Its design and user interface is very appealing and imaging is top notch. Just supply us with POWER plz

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