How many apps are on your Xperia smartphone?

by XB on 20th August 2012

in Applications

Over the next week, updates on Xperia Blog will be minimal due to the summer holidays. We’ll try and keep you posted on the most important developments, but they may not be as timely as you’ve come to expect. Full service will resume on 27 August.

Anyway as part of the process of going away, one of the team is taking an Xperia PLAY loaded full of apps and games and an extra capacity (3600mAh) Mugen Power battery to keep him gaming for hours. He has 87 apps/games installed and says it’s the most he’s ever had, he’s one of the minimalist types and only likes to have the most important apps installed. However, we know some people who have close to 200 installed! It got us thinking, how many apps/games on average do people have installed. Let us know your number in the comments below.

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