Xperia T AT&T (LT30at) press pic appears

by XB on 4th September 2012

in Xperia T

We all know that the Sony Xperia T will be heading to AT&T in the United States and now we have the first promo pic as evidence. It shows the AT&T logo on the front of the phone, replacing the Xperia logo which appears on the international version of the handset.

The back of the handset also has two lines going across it – one near the camera lens and another near the speaker. We’re not sure whether the inclusion of these lines is a design statement or something related to LTE. Now all we need is a release date from Sony/AT&T.

Update: We have been informed that the lines on the rear are the seams which separate the middle metal part of the phone from the top/bottom plastic parts. A full metallic rear would block out the signal hence this compromise. [Thanks @AmbroosV! ]

Xperia T – AT&T version (LT30at)

Xperia T – International version (LT30p)

Via Phones4U [via Android Central].

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