Sony Mobile considering Windows Phone 8 platform?

by XB on 7th September 2012

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Mobile Magazine is reporting that Sony is in talks over Windows Phone 8. Pierre Perron, Sony Mobile’s UK & Ireland MD, said “we are currently investigating with the likes of Microsoft the possibility of diversifying our product strategy.”

Now we know that Sony has always kept its options open regarding mobile platforms, and in particular Windows Phone. It is a message that Sony Mobile/Sony Ericsson has reiterated many times over the last few years.

This point is echoed by Perron: “Sony’s strategy is one of openness. Microsoft is a Sony partner with the likes of our VAIO laptops and it’s integrated onto our tablets. As far as Xperia smartphones go, Android remains the preferred partner, although Sony is not a single partner company.”

What we’re not sure from all of this is how seriously Sony is considering adopting a two-platform strategy. Ex-Sony Ericsson President Bert Nordberg outlined some bold claims early in the Android Xperia days about aiming to be the number one Android manufacturer, but Sony is considerably off that position despite a loyal fan base. Therefore trialling a few handsets with Windows Phone 8 couldn’t do any harm. After all, many of the top Android manufacturers are fully embracing WP8 including Samsung and HTC.

We’ve already nailed our colours to the mast and said that we think Sony should make a Windows Phone 8 handset. It may not have the customisability of Android, but it is fresh and user friendly. We certainly hope that Sony is in renewed and focused talks about adopting the platform.

Via Mobile Magazine.

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