Nokia mocks Sony’s QX series – is it justified?

by XB on 6th September 2013

in Accessories

Nokia lens-camera trollSony’s new QX series of lens-style cameras are an exciting new type of imaging accessory, the type that we never thought would truly come to light if you asked us just months ago. It’s certainly caught the imagination of consumers, marrying a great camera lens/sensor with the flexibility to use with any Android/iOS smartphone.

It appears that Sony has a bona-fide hit on their hands with these devices, with pre-orders hitting the best-selling lists at Amazon. However, it’s interesting to see Nokia almost acting a bit defensive regarding the Sony QX series. It recently tweeted “The perfect match? #Trolololol”, with a picture of an external lens on top of a Nokia phone.

Now we’re big fans of what Nokia has done with the Lumia range and there’s no denying it has some of the best camera phones in the market. However, the tweet seems churlish to us. In saying that though, does Nokia have a point in what it’s trying to say? Will people really want to carry two devices to take great pictures? Or should Nokia tip its hat to Sony for a great innovative product? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Sony’s marketing of the QX series of lens-style cameras

Sony perfect match

Nokia trolling

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