SmartBand SWR110 Wrist Straps now on sale

by XB on 1st July 2014

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SWR110_ClassicIf you are an owner of the SmartBand SWR10, but are not digging the current colour of your strap, you may be glad to hear that Sony is now selling the SmartBand Wrist Strap SWR110 on its Sony Mobile Store in Europe.

The kits package three wrist brands and there are three to choose from. This includes Classic (red, blue and black), Fashion (dark green, light pink and white) and Active (purple, yellow and pink). Each of these kits are available in large and small sizes, so make sure you order the right size. The SWR110 Wrist Straps cost £24.99 in the UK and €24.90 in Europe.

SmartBand SWR110 Wrist Straps – Classic


SmartBand SWR110 Wrist Straps – Active


SmartBand SWR110 Wrist Straps – Fashion


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