Sony’s Underwater Apps – new technology detects when a phone is underwater

by XB on 11th August 2014

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Sony Underwater AppsSony engineers have invented some cool new technology, allowing its Xperia phones to know when they are underwater. Before you shout witchcraft, Sony actually uses a detector that generates a test tone beyond human hearing, recording the sound through two microphones on the handset for processing. This generates spectrograms with different values allowing the phone to know whether it is in air or water.

So what has Sony done with this tech? Created a special suite of Underwater Apps of course. These are apps designed to show what the phones can do underwater. There are six apps to choose from and all are just bit of fun from the sounds of it. We say that, as Sony has only made them available for the T-Mobile Xperia Z1s and Xperia Z i.e. you can only download them in the United States (for now).

We have included all of the Play Store links below and some pictures/videos showing what each app does. It can’t be too long before the APK’s are leaked – until then enjoy the videos below. If there are any developers looking to use this in their apps, then visit the Sony Xperia Developer GitHub to get the code.

Update: The APK’s can be downloaded here, however the apps check the build prop so if you are using a different phone it will still not work.

Sony – Underwater Apps


Save a fishy friend by dunking him in water

Goldie_1_result Goldie_2_result

Goldie_3_result Goldie_4_result

Photo Lab

Process your photos the old-school way

Photo Lab_1_result Photo Lab_2_result

Photo Lab_3_result Photo Lab_4_result


Grow a mutant creature by watering it every day

Plantimal_1_result Plantimal_2_result

Plantimal_3_result Plantimal_4_result


Sing in the rain without forgetting the lyrics

Rainy-oke_1_result Rainy-oke_2_result

Rainy-oke_3_result Rainy-oke_4_result

Sink Sunk

Pilot your very own submarine in your sink

Sink Sunk_1_result Sink Sunk_2_result

Sink Sunk_3_result Sink Sunk_4_result

Tiny Umbrella

Stay dry in the rain or do your best to try

Tiny Umbrella_1_result Tiny Umbrella_2_result

Tiny Umbrella_3_result Tiny Umbrella_4_result

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