Xperia S used to create stunning book of photos on Costa Rican natural history and landscapes

by XB on 15th August 2014

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Xperia BookWe often hear a lot of negativity around the camera performance of Sony Xperia handsets. This post is here to counter that argument, as well as reminisce about an older Xperia device.

Julián Monge-Nájera is a Costa Rican ecologist and author of 20 books published by several Costa Rican universities and Oxford University. He has also acted as a scientific adviser for the BBC and the National Geographic Society. Multi-talented Monge is also a professional photographer and he recently got in touch about a new book he has published.

Monge used an Xperia S running Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean for two months, to produce a book of natural history and landscape photography in his native Costa Rica. He got in touch about this personal project to show everyone how the “excellent camera in the Xperia can lead to professional results.”

The free book is available to download from iTunes or from the PDF link below. If you have any interest in camera photography we recommend that you download the book to see what can be achieved. It is worth noting that these aren’t untouched pictures. Monge used software to sharpen the images as well for cropping, light and colour correction. However, it shows the potential of what can be achieved.

We will leave you with a small extract from the book:

In the case of cell phone cameras, they now have large sensors (12 megapixels in my Xperia) but normally poor optics. Nevertheless, you can still take excellent photographs with a phone and obtain better results than I did when I had my Yashica with the best Fuji, Ilford or Kodak 35 mm film. I think this book is proof of my argument. The deeply colored and textured flower close-ups that I include here seem to me better than the close-ups that my professional camera renders with its zoom lens.

DOWNLOAD (iTunes): Flower, people and landscape photography with an Xperia cellphone
DOWNLOAD (PDF): Flower, people and landscape photography with an Xperia cellphone

Please Note: You can view the book below, but please give it time to load as it is a 100-page PDF.

Disclaimer: The majority of the photos from the book are taken from the Xperia S, but a handful were taken from an older Nokia phone.

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