AR effect update (3.3.13) allows you to find new themes more easily

by XB on 11th December 2014

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AR Effect_3.3.13_2Sony has updated the “AR effect” application from build number 3.1.12 to 3.3.13. The main new feature in this update is that Sony has changed the UI to discover new ‘AR effect themes’.

Previously, when you entered the app it would list your currently installed themes with a “Get more” icon indicating how many other AR effect themes were available to download. Now, all of the AR effect icons are shown. For those that haven’t been installed, there is a small green arrow indicating it can be downloaded. See below for some pictures.

AR effect (3.1.12) – Older version required you to click on “Get more” icon for new AR effect themes

AR Effect_3.3.13_1

AR effect (3.3.13) – New version lists all available AR effect themes, with a green arrow indicating those not installed

AR Effect_3.3.13_2

Thanks Ben!

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