Album app (version 7.0) will allow you to move photos to other folders

by XB on 26th February 2015

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folder-icon-512x512If you’ve ever wished there was an easy way to keep your picture collection organised through the Album application, then Sony has you covered. In the next major update of the Album app (version 7.0), you will now be able to move photos to other folders. We look forward to seeing what other features that Sony will bring in the next Album update.

Album app (version 7.0): How to move photos to other folders

In the next release of the Album application (7.0), it will also be possible to move photos to other folders. When the update is released you will be able to move photos in the following way:
– From your Home screen, tap the Application screen icon.
– Find and tap Album.
– Drag the left edge of the Album home screen to the right, then tap Folders.
– Enter a folder and select pictures, then tap the menu button (three vertical dots).
– Tap Move to… and choose your destination or create a new destination.

Via Sony Mobile Talk Forums.

Thanks mithun!

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