Sony explains why it changed the ‘Walkman’ app name to ‘Music’

by XB on 24th April 2015

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Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_2Sony Mobile updated the beta version of its Walkman application earlier today moving the build number to “9.0.0.A.2.0 beta”. According to the “Walkman Beta Test” group on Google+, the changelog of this new update includes a new full player, playqueue in drawer and a new context menu.

Through the beta, the app has been renamed from “Walkman” to “Music”. For the first time, a splash screen on this new build explains why Sony has changed the name. Sony explains that “The Walkman app is changing its name to Music – because that’s what it is all about”.

One of the moderator team had this to add: “Not all people make the connection that Walkman is about music. So, to simplify for all our users, we are changing the name to make it easy to understand what this app gives you: Music.” So there you have it, quite a simple reason for the change in the end.

DOWNLOAD APK: Walkman (9.0.0.A.2.0 beta)

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_0

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_1 Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_2

Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_3 Walkman_9.0.0.A.2.0 beta_4

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