Movie Creator (3.0.A.0.6) makes story view accessible before playback and more

by XB on 2nd June 2015

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Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_1Sony Mobile has updated the Movie Creator application to build number 3.0.A.0.6 (from 2.5.A.0.2). This new version brings a number of changes including the fact that story view is now accessible before playback. Sony has also included additional music to add to your videos (of course the custom option also remains) and now the length of the background music will fit perfectly to the length of the movie. Another nice addition is that the movie length will now change depending on the number of photos/videos in your story. The update is currently rolling on the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD APK: Movie Creator (3.0.A.0.6)

Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_1 Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_2

Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_3 Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_4

Movie Creator 3.0.A.0.6_5

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