Pixels Xperia Theme launched to celebrate upcoming movie release

by XB on 16th June 2015

in Applications

Pixels Xperia Theme Thumb_resultSony Mobile has released a new Xperia Theme for Pixels, a new movie starring Adam Sandler Kevin James and Josh Gad due to launch next month. The film is about aliens attacking the Earth in the form of video games after they misinterpret video feeds of classic arcade games as a declaration of war. The Pixels Xperia Theme features pixelated menu icons as you would expect which look great, although the settings menu is bland. You can download the theme from the Google Play Store.

DOWNLOAD APK: Pixels Xperia Theme (1.0.0)

Pixels Xperia Theme_1 Pixels Xperia Theme_2

Pixels Xperia Theme_3

Pixels Xperia Theme_4 Pixels Xperia Theme_5

Pixels Xperia Theme Thumb_result

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