Sony’s stupidly expensive USB car charger now on sale

by XB on 2nd July 2015

in Accessories

Sony AN420 Car Quick Charger_2A number of our loyal readers are likely to be hardcore Sony fans, you guys will know that buying a Sony product normally means paying a premium for the brand. However, sometimes we feel that Sony is really taking the biscuit when it comes to pricing. Without getting started on the excessive Xperia Z3+ price points globally, Sony has just released the Car Quick Charger AN420 across Europe.

Sony says that this USB car charger “supports fast charging (1.8 A)” – don’t confuse this with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 – and it can charge two devices at the same time. Sony wants £30 of your hard-earned money for this car charger in the UK and as much as €40 in mainland Europe. Madness. Having a quick look at Amazon, we found the very well-reviewed Anker 4.8A car charger (533 reviews; 4.6 stars) for £10.99 (or without the cable for £6.99). This is better specced than Sony’s offering, from a customer-focused brand at a third of the price.

We understand that Sony wants to appeal as a premium brand and isn’t going to attack the value market any time soon, but it has to offer something extra to demand that premium price point. Consumers are more value conscious than ever before, but are willing to spend extra if the design/features are deemed attractive enough. We do wonder what game Sony is playing sometimes, but it is quite clear that the company needs to be much more realistic with its pricing if it wants to retain its loyal users.

Sony AN420 Car Quick Charger_1

Sony AN420 Car Quick Charger_2

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