New Home with double-tap to sleep introduced in latest Concept Marshmallow update (MMB29M.Z1.3550)

by XB on 18th March 2016

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Concept_6Sony Mobile has included a new home launcher (10.0.A.0.24) with some neat features in the latest Concept for Android Marshmallow firmware update. The new firmware update moves the build number to MMB29M.Z1.3550-somc and also includes Google’s March 2016 security updates as well as a more simplified UI when connecting your phone to a PC via USB.

However, the main talking point of this new update is the brand new Home which introduces double-tap to sleep for the first time to Sony Xperia devices. Once enabled through the settings, you just simply double-tap on an empty space of your home screen to put the device to sleep. The new launcher also removes the “Modern” view following user feedback and adds app recommendations.

Sony confirmed that the problem around Wi-Fi battery statistics will be fixed in the next release. The team has also now got the FM radio working internally and should be released at some point.

If you are wondering about icon pack support within the launcher, Sony is getting in touch with developers to support Xperia Home. Icon pack developers need to update their icon packs to support Xperia Home before it will work. With regards to the hack on XDA, Sony says that this “pretends to be some other launcher, which is not something we can do for the official version.”

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