Sony Xperia XZ: Further details on the technology behind the phone

by XB on 15th September 2016

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sony-xperia-xz-technology_4The Sony Xperia XZ packs in a lot of technology and some exciting new features, never before seen on an Xperia device, such as the triple image camera sensors and 5-axis stabilisation. Sony Mobile has detailed a deeper look at some of the new tech inside the Xperia XZ as it showcased the handset to the Asian media. We have included some of the key slides below from ePrice, which mainly concentrate on the Xperia XZ’s camera.

It is interesting that the development of the phone tried to address what consumers deemed most important in a smartphone camera, from a survey that Sony conducted earlier in the year. The results appeared to show that consumers mostly cared about being able to take pictures in low-light conditions, the camera lens quality and the image processor.

The Xperia XZ rear camera utilises a six-component G Lens configuration, a F2.0 aperture and the 1/2.3-inch 23MP IMX300 Exmor RS sensor. The front camera includes a 13MP 1/3-inch sensor, which is 2.6x larger than the sensor used in the Xperia Z5. The slides give further details on the triple-image sensing technology including how the laser autofocus and RGBC-IR (RGB colour ? infrared) sensors work. It also shows details on the 5-axis electronic steadyshot, where it has added X/Y displacement through an additional processor.

Sony has also included some slides on the display, showing that the 2016 models have a sRBG ratio of 1.4, versus 1.3x in the 2015 Xperia models. It says that the displays used hold few disadvantages when compared to OLED displays. Lastly, a slide on audio shows how the audio feature-set has increased from the Xperia Z1 to the Xperia XZ.

Xperia XZ: Camera technology












Xperia XZ: Display technology



Xperia XZ: Audio technology


Via ePrice.

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