Sony smartphones here to stay says CEO

by XB on 22nd May 2019

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We have often reported that Sony will not give up on its smartphone business, despite drastically shrinking its operations in recent years. Sony has previously said that this has been led by the ambition of being a leading 5G player has seen the smartphone at the hub of that. Sony’s CEO reiterated its commitment to smartphones but gave a more fundamental reason to keep dabbling in mobile.

CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, “we see smartphones as hardware for entertainment and a component necessary to make our hardware brand sustainable. And younger generations no longer watch TV. Their first touch point is smartphone.”

Therefore, it sounds like Sony does not want to be out of touch with its customer. However, this point flies against the fact that Sony only will release their phones in limited regions around the globe (Japan, Europe, Taiwan and Hong Kong are the key focus areas). It will be interesting to see how sustainable Sony can make the mobile business in the future, but first it has a lot of work to do, trying to reach profitability by FY 2020.

Via Reuters.

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