Android 2.3.3 Xperia arc update starting to roll out

by XB on 24th May 2011

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Xperia arcAs expected, the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc Android 2.3.3 firmware update has started to roll out. It is currently available for those in Hong Kong, but will hit other regions in the coming days. The update will flash your firmware to version 3.0.1.A.0.145 as we saw in the recent leak.

Whilst it is a bit early to get an idea of the full changelog, some of the additions include Facebook inside Xperia, better battery life and faster scrolling. There does not seem to be an improvement on the video recording lagging issue though. For those that cannot wait for the update to hit your region, the FTF files are available to download and install through the Flashtool (tutorial here). Rooting via Gingerbreak is not believed to work. However, there is also a flashed rooted version available on xda-developers. There is no word whether this update has started to hit Xperia PLAY handsets, although it is not expected to be a long wait.

  • Kael

    Can’t update..looks like they’re still updating their servers

  • Kael

    Can’t update..looks like they’re still updating their servers

  • Kael

    Says “Cannot connect to network” instead of the usual “You already have the latest software.”

  • Marc

    same here , cannot connect to network! – philippines

  • is this an OTA update?

  • Jaoao

    Same here in Sweden:

    Unable to update
    Unable to connect to the network

  • Snehal Thx

    Cannot connect to network

  • no update yet, Canada/Usa

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  • se fan
  • Snehal Thx

    tried the hong kong update. keyboard sucks. so back on 2.3.2 

  • ay caramba¬†

  • Dubaihottie

    how about the update for xperia play?

  • Noone

    Is it OTA update?

  • TSH

    Anyone got the update?

  • Yuunanase

    I have the update on both my arc and neo but not on mu play

  • Evo

    How did you get the update?

  • Sravan

    “Unable to connect to the network” – India

  • Snehal Thx

    read the above post carefully :) all the links are present. how to get n update. but rather wait for an official release.

  • Hoducke

    i have updated my phone and it really improve the reboot time greatly
    Also, more smooth in operation
    However, got some new problem, the light sensor seems not work anymore and the backlight widget will make your screen brightness go to 100%, unlike before >_<

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  • nothing yet!

  • Snehal Thx

    yes i noticed improved reboot time. did u install hong kong version? is keyboard normal?

  • Hoducke

    for me the keyboard is no big difference than before

  • Hoducke

    not yet get OTA update, need to download PC comparion or Update services from SONY ERICSSON and connect your phone to PC

  • HST

    No update in canada yet

  • Marc

    now it says phone is up to date instead of cannot connect to server

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  • the keyboard now supports multitouch and i can write 2 times as fast as before with less typos…
    in formula fields like login fields there wil arive smthg like a tab button instead of the , to jump to the next field…

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  • Anonymous

    Is the update out in Canada yet? I’d really like to have this battery drain issue sorted out.¬†

  • premjot singh

    Yes same problem here. that is a bug. donno when SE is gona fix this.
    Some other issues do u find???

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  • Hari Raj

    My Xperia Arc showing full range even when there is no network coverage after 2.3.3 update

  • Hari Raj

    My Xperia Arc showing full range even when there is no network coverage after 2.3.3 update
    Is in this way the update solved the battery drain issue :))

  • Hari

    While searching for the network while there is no coverage the battery will drains.i think by setting the network status to a enough rate(by the phone itself) the phone will not search for network,then the battery will not drains.May someone fixed the battery drains issue like this way

  • Tccc1

    how did you end up connecting it at the end?

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