SE confirms main bug fixes from Android 2.3.3 update

by XB on 26th May 2011

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Facebook inside XperiaSony Ericsson has confirmed some of the main changes from the new Android 2.3.3 firmware update that is currently rolling out to Xperia arc and Xperia PLAY handsets. Apart from the introduction of Facebook inside Xperia, there have been a number of bug fixes. Some of the most important of these are highlighted below:

  • Battery performance
  • General software stability
  • Wi-Fi stability
  • HD Video recording performance (Xperia arc)
  • Touch responsiveness

The video recording freezing/lag fix will be most welcome be a lot of people. Also, it will be interesting to see how much further they have optimised battery performance. Rikard Skoberg from the SE Product Blog also confirmed that whilst the firmware update has started it will only start to ramp up by the end of this week/early next week. They also presented a new video on the new features from Facebook inside Xperia, check it out below.

Via SE Product Blog.

  • se fan

    no doubt this will cause more lag/bugs all these extra unneeded features

  • they said you can switch it off… there your problem is solved

  • Nice, but i guess i am the only one with BT problems?

  • Kael

    “Your phone has the latest software”

    NO IT DOESN’T. I want 2.3.3 NOWWWWW

  • Naveenstarr

    Awesome update!

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  • se fan

    this is why this site should stop leaking updates etc, ^^ example of the fools who slate SE when they dont get an update fast enough its because blog sites let you have the information before its supposed to be released, gives SE a bad reputation for no fault of their own calm down and wait ffs

  • se fan

    you can switch things off in android doesnt solve the problems it causes unfortunately, so problem not solved, sorry

  • Guest

    Got the update.  How do you get photos from FB onto the phone though like in the video demo?  I synched with Facebook but nothing is showing up.

  • this is complete bullshit…. running 2.3.3 honkong version since 2 full days now and no problems with the facebook integration…. and no lags at all…. the whole device is faster than before…

  • Crebassa Gilles

    not for the Xperia X10 mini pro ? GGGrrrrrr !!!

  • se fan

    watch your language, your one user clearly you would not do well working for a big company basing an update on one users experience. It wil run faster than before its an update idiot

  • Anonymous

    updating my xperia play while typing this post ;)

  • Fcb1988

    is it possible to dissable facebook buttons

  • wedjat

    is it possible to dissable facebook buttons

  • i noticed that the mini pro had the nexus s cft screen lock screen animation.. will this be included in the update???

  • Kowalski

    Afternoon, Just updated on talk mobile in the UK, HD recording issue seems to be fixed so happy days. Will reserve judgement on the battery issue and the facebook integration looks pretty slick if thats your thing. Could SE finally be getting their act together. Overall looking good.

  • dude SE Fan, i think it’s your english, if you rephrase your last comment it really made no sense what so ever…  I switched timescape off, and it’s off with no problems lol.   get your facts, and negative opinion together, dude.   and bullshit is not a bad word, its another way what you said is nonsense… 

  • Rayy

    Anyone any idea when 3UK will get the update cheers guys.

  • harrytang

    yeah, i saw that too and it is slick looking!

  • Hotdude

    i updated my xperia play however when i click “like” on the songs i have on my music player, im always getting error that “it cannot post to facebook! please  try later…”.

  • Korobov-pavel

    when it will be available in usa???

  • and stop telling me an idiot! i’ve never flamed on you!!!

  • hopefully they also bring it to the arc… thats prob the only feature that im a lil jealous about the nexus s gettin!!

  • i am waiting for the update….. anybody know when the update hits INDIA ????

  • anybody, who got the update tell me about the update……

  • F_fred

    Hello everybody

    When this update is available for Switzerland ?
    Tanks for your reply


  • Martian!

    hello guys! please help me out on this. does the wi-fi hotspot tether work on the Arc? i ask this because i saw a complaint about it. please i need answers by those who are already enjoying their Arc. i appreciate any reply. :)

  • A2

    Portable hotspot and tethering both work fine for me on my arc mate

  • Anonymous

    I also wanted to add one important fact which is the booting time is much faster now! People who own the xperia play know that there is a booting problem which makes the device takes for ever to open. Now with android 2.3.3 it’s back to normal :)

  • Martian!

    thanks so much man, it’s really helpful and i really appreciate it! :)

  • A2

    Battery on mine has definitely improved, noticeably. No more worries about it dying before the end of the day ;-)
    Keyboard also seems more accurate when typing quickly and the phone generally seems faster

  • Anonymous

     Unlocked/Unbranded R800a Play here, and I’ve yet to see the update. Perhaps because I’m in USA and the phone was given out at the Google I/O conference has something to do with the fact that I’m not receiving the update…?

  • Strider

    Xperia play updated yesterday. vodaphone…using SEUS…

  • se fan

    nice update just got it 

  • W-bernt

    The is now avalible i update my arc about 2 hours ago via the update service if you live in europe you should get the update now

  • Gerrym31

    Got my upgrade yesterday for my Arc. But Damn! I’m in China an Facebook doesn’t work. Now I just get constant notifications from the new Facebook application that I need to re-register, re-sync, re-join the normal people on the otherside of the Great ‘Fire’Wall of China. But that’s 6 weeks away yet…. :-(

  • premjot singh

    There is a bug in Android 2.3.3 update on Xperia arc. The screen brightness control widget does not work well. if we set the default brightness to 50% and return to the home screen and use the brightness widget that comes on the home screen for the first time it will reduce the brightness of the screen to the minimum ( that is how it should work ) but when you use the same widget to restore the brightness set by you ( 50%) it will increase the brightness to full.

    This is a bug. please let me know if there is a way to correct this.

  • dexter

    Use the widget “energy management”. He has three settings for brightness, minimum, maximum and end-user setting. This widget works well in contrast to the widget “brightness”

  • i have unbranded arc…and the SEU is sayin i got the latest software.. has everyone else that has a unbranded arc got there update!!

  • dexter

    You have to go back to 2.3.2 ver.181 (flashtool, firmware LT15i_3.0.A.2.181_Global_Customized), and now update via SEUS or PC Companion the latest version (2.3.3, 145)!


    YAAAAY! My video doesn’t lag or freeze anymore! And the touch response is so, noticably faster! This is great so far! >:D

  • premjot singh

    One more bug on xperia arc android2.3.3 update, the phone will vibrate on recieving an SMS even if the Vibration is set to “Never” or ” Vibrate only when silent mode”

  • premjot singh

    What about the SMS issue I mentioned above, u got something for that?


    Works perfectly for me too >:) I’m using it now for internet access for my laptop and also use the wireless tethering to connect my ps3 to the internet too >:)

  • has the generic american update been released yet?

  • Plumpcheek

    Anyone have problem with market since 2.3.3? My paid apps wont show up on My Application section and some free app not show either. I have encountered some force close on market , this is weird becuz I never had any software problem with 2.3.2 (force me used service update to reset my cell once but problem still there)
    Ps: On the side note with 2.3.3 on my Arc: 
    . Camera lag fix : work
    . battery increase : didnt notice , mine last about 2 day with very light used, basically call/answer, SMS, checking email and read some news.
    . Wifi stability : no comment

  • vishal lakhani

     from where i can update Neela help me please

  • got the update today here in the philippines via PC companion!

  • Updated my Xperia arc via PC Companion (would always say “Your phone has the latest software” when I try the OTA route…)

    Had difficulty turning off the Facebook for Xperia feature. It is very clumsily implemented, IMO. But eventually I was able to turn it off. I just have to avoid a single submenu in the Calendar app…

    It’s definitely more stable now (sans Facebook for Xperia, which completely bogged down my phone, what with my almost 600 friends and 90+ photo albums…) and the FASTER BOOT TIMES! Definitely my favorite fix. From north of 3 minutes down to around 30 seconds-ish. I’m happy!

    Battery life, well can’t comment yet. Hopefully they’ve fixed the camera battery leak issue. Also haven’t tested the video camera as I rarely use it anyways…

    Overall I just wish there was an easier way to turn off that Facebook for Xperia “feature” but I’m just glad I was able to figure it out. I also wish they added the “old TV effect” when the screen dims to sleep mode. I hope they also add more features in the next update, like more lockscreen functionalities and other stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Dude seriously? I’m really happy for you! 

    ps: I’m the same person as martian. Thanks btw, really appreciate it! :)

  • Metrix

    have 2.3.3 available update in Malaysia for my 2.3.2 Arc? as some people told me already available, but some said it’s not.

    after i update, will all my data like photo, apps, games, etc gone?

  • Pingsomeness

    Dude, we have the same problem…
    mine also vibrate in sms… :(

  • Premjot

    See there is a setting u have to de going to messages so that the vibration stops:
    1. Open messages
    2. press the option key next to home button
    3. then Unckeck notification vibration.

    and that is it…

  • Premjot

    See there is a setting u have to de going to messages so that the vibration stops:
    1. Open messages
    2. press the option key next to home button
    3. then Unckeck notification vibration.

    and that is it…

  • dudesingkit

    HELP!!! I’m having problem with the update.after clicking start update in the pc companion, my phone is turned off while in the preparing the phone stage.. =( is this supposed to happen?


  • Abhinandan Khatawane

    I updated ny ARC with 2.3.3 but still wifi drop problem exists. What the heck SE is doing?

  • SKM

    I am also having Bluetooth problem after upgrading to 2.3.3. Did you found out any solution

  • Ricardo


    just 1 question……now with android 2.1 my x10 just shuts down a few times untill it never comes back. Will this bug be fixed when i update to 2.3?


  • Bamboochitu2000

    since i got the update im full of bugs
    every 15 mins the market starts on its own and other programs run automaticaly in bgrd,even they are killed. boolsh..t

  • LasyaV

    hey i updated my X10 yesterday with 2.3.3..It is fine but my media doesnt work at all..whenever i go to that gallery or music it just force closes..also my market also force closes..i never had any problems with my previous updates..not able to access media is very irritating..can anyone tell wat should i do??

  • Anthony

    music app is a mess, mediascape was better… some of my music won’t show up, they  got rid of the option to find music information. i prefer the latter version of android

  • kristine

    if SE dont get to fix this ASAP im switching back to iphone!!!!!!!! my arc now is just a piece of crap force closes on almost everything after i update it to 2.3.3

  • Roro Malal

    hi i have issue with whats app is not working 

  • Rika_tokue

    use the repair phone option in the pc companion software

  • Sole41

    SE Pc companion said that I have the latest upgrade which is not true I’m still on 2.1 version 1 (it is not giving me the Gingerbread updated) Why? and What is going on? somebody have the same issue? or USA people has to wait more  for the last version?

  • Sole41

    The Gingerbread 2.3.3 updated is just for Xperia X10a and Xperia X10i

  • Sole41

    Try to download another options from the market. Also there are a lot another markets out there like Slide (SAM 4.1) amazon appstore, appbrain, aptoide etc… good luck!

  • Sole41

    You should full charge you phone before anything

  • Jeffthrasher

    And What About if You Don’t Want Your Facebook contacts inside your phone??????? ;-(((((((   I just upgraded and ended up over riding  my previous 300 phone contacts with 2600 Facebook Friends that I DON NOT WANT IN MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGH
    I use Linux O/S Ubuntu and cannot upgrade my phone from my computer…..I’m shaking my head at the lack of foresight into the use of this product….IT HAS BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR 1 YEAR SO FAR ;-(

  • part

    Theres is an option to disable the facebook contact.. bust ur head a bit

  • Durrty_xtina

    i used to have a problem with my xperia arc’s wifi stability. the update did not do anything about it. i followed some advices on other forums especially to download different apps to correct the problem, but it did not work either. what worked for me, was simply unplugging the router from the socket and plugging it back.

  • Splash

    you are so right, i dont have arc i have x10 mini pro but i got the exact same prob, which seems to have calmed down after 2 days or so of 2.3 ginger. but i still have lags..

  • Jeff Thrasher

    I fixed my forced closing problem by going to settings and then Privacy and do a Factory Data Reset….solves a lot of problems…..PS/that was after upgrading to Gingerbread 2.3.3 which is not affected by the RESET ;-)

  • Lucionunes

    Since the Wi-Fi bugg being introduced, ive ended up with excess data usage resulting in a $600 phone bill.. Since then ive had to keep a close eye on my bill since the WI-FI is useless and keeps dropping out or not connecting!!

  • Lucionunes

    Fix is as simple as updating your wireless routers firmware…i had the same issue for months and fixed it today by updating my Billion router with the latest firmware!! FINALLY WORKING AGAIN!!

  • Kennethdam83

    Almost One year later, and still no bug fix update…gues what you dumb ass sweeds, this phone and company sucks more dick then bush when meeting with his sponsors….stay away from sony-ericsson. there a bit like apple, only with out the propper tech support.

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