UAProfs disclose new Sony Ericsson handsets including LT22i, LT28i, MT18i, MT27i and ST25i

by XB on 21st November 2011

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There’s no doubt Sony Ericsson is working on next year’s Xperia line-up. We already know about the Sony Ericsson LT26i, dubbed Nozomi, believed to sport a 4.3-inch 720 x 1280 display and dual-core processor. However, we now know that it is also working on a few other models (five altogether), which highlights that SE may have almost as many phones in its 2012 range as it did in 2011 (nine if you include the Xperia acro).

The user agent profiles for four new phones have been released including the LT22i, LT28at, MT27i and ST25i, whilst another handset (MT18i) has appeared in the AnTuTu benchmark. The UAProf for the LT26i is also live. UAProfs are used to reveal a device’s properties for web page rendering and MMS exchange.

The ‘LT’ in this case stands for large touchsceren and carry on from where the Xperia arc (LT15i) and Xperia arc S (LT18i) left off. Looking at the UAProf’s we can see that the Sony Ericsson LT22i will have qHD resolution (960 x 540 pixels), whilst the LT26i and LT28i will have a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. These handsets are likely to be the flagships of 2012, with the LT22i possibly sporting a smaller screen size than the LT26i/LT28i.

Moving on to the mid-tier, we have the MT18i (which could be a cancelled prototype) and the MT27i, that is likely to be the successor to the Xperia neo (MT15i).The MT27i will come with the same resolution as the Xperia neo (480 x 854), providing some differentiation from the LT range.

Moving to the smaller end of the spectrum we have the Sony Ericsson ST25i that is likely to be the Xperia mini (ST15i) successor. Interestingly, the ST25i will have a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels, meaning it will have a high pixel density. This would be welcome news given it has the lowest PPI for the 2011 range. However, the high PPI may mean that this is the Xperia ray (ST18i) successor instead.

Much like last year, we would expect at least one new handset to be announced at CES 2012 in January with the rest announced at MWC 2012 in February. We imagine there’ll be plenty of more leaks before then though to give a bit more clarity to the above.


  • So are you back with blogging?

  • Anonymous

    Yep, see our earlier post from today!

  • blackvodka

    Great! Looking forward to buying one of those already:-D

  • Wael Faddah

    may the idea of the international and american version burn one day… come on give us a break.  do one that has all frequencies.  so frustrating  

  • Asad Mulla

    Certainly I missed being “in the know” while you were gone!!!!!

  • Asad Mulla

    If LT26 is Nozomi the “flagship” then what is LT28at?. (Jap version?).whats “at”

  • Anonymous

    But isn’t Sony Ericsson shut? Isn’t it just Sony now?

    Also what about the Xperia Play 2? No information on that yet? My Xperia Play already feels kind of old. Maybe ICS will freshen it up,

  • Felimenta97

    Any idea of Xperia Pro sucessor?

  • Ppmanguin

    JUST USE THE APPLE BUSINESS MODEL OF UNIFICATIONAlso, North american market is discriminated by SE –  “i-international” models get all the color choices.  So, I had to buy an LT15i Arc in silver and swap housing onto my LT15a so I can use 3g here. 

  • Anonymous

    (ICS + PS Suite) release will freshen it up :)

  • Anonymous

    Yep I agree. I just want a some news on a new Xperia Play 2. 

    Was there an ETA on a release for ICS and PS Suite?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I think every PLAY owner is probably excited about PLAY2
    However, the buyout for SonyEricsson is expected to be completed by the end of January next year. so I think phones entirely developed by Sony won’t come out till 2013 or late 2012 at best and Sony more likely want to design the next gaming phone by themselves next time. (but I could be wrong)

    So far, there isn’t any ETA for ICS on Xperia yet, but I can guess it might take 2 months -or more- from now at least to be ready for all Xperia line.

    PS suite official release will be around spring next year.
    But I think true PSN integration with the ability to login with PSN ID might come to the PLAY sooner than that.

  • nfs2010

    ‘at’ is most probably AT&T (a carrier in US)  version as AT&T uses slightly rare 850/1900 MHz 3G bands. My AT&T xperia play model no. is r800at.

  • nfs2010

    Yep, they really need to start making pentaband phones just like Nokia. It’s cost effective and they don’t have to deal with ‘i’ and ‘a’ garbage anymore. SW upgrade would be easier and faster as well.

    Btw, I bought a silver LT15a – I don’t know why you had to swap its housing!!

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  • Ppmanguin

    I got it way before any retailers stocked the Silver Lt15a!
    In Canada, I’ve yet to see a silver Arc anywhere, as Rogers Canada stocks only the black color. To this day…the Silver Arc is still such a timeless design compared to everything else out there, in the league of iphone 4’s. The other thing is…hope that SE stands tall and don’t let At&T/Verizon put their fugly logos on our future SE devices! 

  • Asad Mulla

    I see, I did think that but I thought it would be LT26at not LT28at

  • n31n

    “whilst another handset (MT18i) has appeared in the AnTuTu benchmark.”
    “Moving on to the mid-tier, we have the MT18i (which could be a cancelled prototype)”
    I believe so… the benchmarkresults of the MT18i are except from a few points the same as the one´s from a LT18i (running with some stuff in the background) – so it could be something like a Neo S – but in fact they released the Neo V – so the 2011 range is full and if they would really upgrade something – and with the V i believe could be reached about the same performance after overclocking the device as the MT18 should bring – like the difference between the Arc and the Arc S… 
    just some ideas what the phone could be: 
    …but maybe the “Neo S” will come to the market – but then i think it would be before the 2012 range would released – otherwise it would be, in comparison, simple two slow
    The LT-Series and the ST-Series became both already their update to the 18-model  
    So i don´t believe that the MT18i will come… it would be a bit senseless in mine mind, except they plan a “new” beginner-device – which is the most probably idea after that it didn´t arrive at the market, when you look at samsung… Their Galaxy range increased somwhere out of the nowhere with a S+, W, Y, R    — OR “melting” an other device, which hasn´t the 2011 / 18i upgrade into the MT-Series

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