New live concept of an unidentified ‘Sony’ Xperia surfaces

by XB on 13th December 2011

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Xperia CurveEarlier this month, we reported on some concept pictures of a couple of unidentified Xperia handsets. These were very much concept pictures with the phones badged as ‘Sony’ rather than ‘Sony Ericsson’, giving the game away. Now it seems as though the guy that had created those renders has gone one step further and created a live model of one of these concepts (he also did the same for Nozomi recently).

From the front it looks very much like an Xperia arc, although the hardware buttons go to the edge of the phone. The top has a front facing camera, whilst the side shot reveals a bulge towards the bottom of the phone and strangely no buttons/ports, highlighting once again that this is likely to be concept prototype. We’d love to know how this guy is making these live models (unless they’re real of course!) Click through for more images below.

Xperia Curve

Xperia Curve

Render of same concept phone from previous post

Xperia Curve

Via Concept Phones.

  • owl

    aw. was kinda hoping to at least see the thing turned on. now that’s what i call a “live” concept.

  • Anonymous

    Real or not, looks better than the Nozomi!

  • Adrian

    Maybe this is Arc HD?

  • Radoslav Petrov

    It’s great but I don’t like the hardware burrons. I expect a little more, since Android IcecreamSandwich came out

  • Anonymous


  • pica chu

    Completely disagree

    I prefer hardware buttons over the ICS type of screen buttons. Have u used a Nexus? Gets annoyin when u typin a message in landscape and try to hit P only to hit Home. Samething happens in portrait with the space bar. Capacitive buttons were bad enough and now it got worse SURPRISE.

  • ZyxeLa

    It hasn’t HD display… I think Arc HD is only rumour

  • recursive

    He went through all that trouble to build the ‘concept’. But he couldn’t wipe the fingerprints before taking a picture.

  • look at small finger…..photoshopped i think

  • moe joe

    i think that the design is sort of dumb especially if you hold it in landscape mode it would be thicker on one end than the other resulting in an awkward feeling

  • Ronish

    why would they make a phone which exactly like the arc ???? n the pics of the nozomi has the 2.3.5 software shown on the screen this is fake !!

  • Anonymous

    It is concept, read full article.

  • Anonymous

    … concept, read full article.

  • Anonymous

    It is concept, read full article.

  • chilodaone

    thats exactly an X10/arc  haha with front camera

  • vikas619

    if this phone comes to market tomorrow , i will be booking it today.
    a awesome design

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