Xperia arc gets USB OTG app for rooted phones

by XB on 30th December 2011

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USB OTG Xperia arcBeing able to mount USB storage on an Android phone is one of the most requested features. Even the Galaxy Nexus does not have official support for mounting USB flash drives yet, although it is on the way apparently. Anyway, we came across an app on the Android Market called “USBOTG STORAGE MANAGER for ARC” that seems to do the job fine (we’re not sure why the title is all in caps though!)

It will only work for rooted phones and you’ll need to have BusyBox installed. Once installed it will read USB flash drives as long as you have the appropriate cable, although it doesn’t seem to work with microSD card readers in our testing. It may also work with other handsets too as Xperia neo users and even Galaxy Nexus users have got it working. The app costs $1.85/£1.11 on the Android Market. See a video of it in action below.

  • And €1,30 here in The Netherlands

  • Asad Mulla

    I read that using this for too long can damage your device. I cant remember properly, but i think its something to do with the output current to the connected device

  • wow ._. epic touch boobs video too ._.

  • Guest

    There is already an usbotg.apk in my /system/app/ folder. Not sure what it is for……

  • Devilbabi

    I can get this too work on my Arc, with a mouse, but not a thumb drive! Why is that?

  • this mi9ght work for the xperia mini/mini pro and ray lines.

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