Sony Ericsson’s new Music Player skin leaks?

by XB on 1st January 2012

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Xperia Music AppWe know that Sony Ericsson plans a revamp of its Gingerbread skin for Xperia phones prior to the release of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update. Last month we reported on the screenshot of Sony Ericsson’s new user interface. There was not too much we could infer from that single picture, but now we have a couple of more screenshots, this time reportedly from Sony Ericsson’s new Music Player.

The first picture is of the equalizer with separate controls for the different frequencies and bass. The second picture is that of the “My music” app which looks very Metro-esque (Windows Phone). One of the icons is for “SensMe channels,” a Sony technology that allows you to create a playlist based on your mood.

You can tell from the notification bar that these are Gingerbread screenshots, so it looks like Sony Ericsson may be revamping the UI and then porting this over to ICS once that update starts to roll out in late March 2012. See larger versions of the screenshots below, which incidentally are in 720 x 1280 resolution. This highlights that these pictures have probably been captured on a new dual-core Sony Ericsson handset, expected to be announced on 9 January 2012 at CES.

Xperia Music App

Via Esato.

  • Ouuuu too much Metro style >.<

    don't understand me wrong i love this Metro design but it doesn't fit into android :S

    but this equalizer and the cover art design is very sexy :D

  • israelian

    Love it much! I think it’s doubtless fancy music player!!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it would look better if they used all the space and used rectangles (not squares) in a 2×3 matrix so it would have a look more like the Android market.

  • israelian

    Yess!! Clear bass feature!! Good work sony!!

  • BG

    But presently i have Andriod 2.3.3,, but will get a update for my XPERIA X10 in India.
    as per the mews from sony, no more updates for XPERIA x10 after the Gingbrd,,,,,
    can any one cofirm will i get a update for my phone,,


  • ahomad hosin


  • Anonymous

    …. looks very WP7ish~

  • This is really interesting.I could imagine that espacially Sony forced SE to change the lock. Maybe Sony wants to streamline the experience on their devices. I bet that Sony will sell Windows 8 tablets in the furture and is also considering right know about the deployment of Windows Phone as an additional OS for their mobile devices. SE couldn’t really keep up with the pace of their competitors in the Android business. The pace of the Windows Phone market is much slower because of Microsofts limitations. So, I could imagine, that Sony will use more often Windows for their phones and tablets. And it is only rational that they try to streamline the user experience on all of their devices.
    So, with a lot of interpretation ( ;-)  ), you could guess Sonys plans for their future.

  • jinga

    very beautiful, i must confess. i know sony audio chips will find its way into 2012 model. keep it up, SE.

  • SuperAMOLEDsuckzzz

    Sony never takes a step forward without takin at least one back. If this WP7 style is all across the 2.3.5 update Im not gettin this crap. I’ll wait til Ice Cream and hope it looks different -.-

    Only way I’ll jump on board is if they fixed the photo compression, if not…. GFYS!

  • Jak

    Will this all work with google music? Would it be a skin to that or a separate system requiring us to download our music manually to our phones still?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder… will it’s now playing nwo include a random/repeat button? =/ cause honestly thats all thats missing from the stock music player to make me happy ^^;

  • Pingback: ??Xperia?????? ??????? ????? - ??.???()

  • I’ve been waiting for them to create an automatic playlist creator. It took them long enough to add SensMe. I hope they integrate this player with Google music so that you don’t need to install Google music as well. 

  • Anonymous

    Sony + Good Spec + Sexy Design + Good material = Smack Samsung in the @ss

  • Anonymous

    I’m liking, very much. :)


  • Anonymous

    Only 2011 xperia phone will be able to upgrade to ics

  • Anonymous

    I must say that the search button look like windows phone 7

  • i’m a gamer

    we like it , finaly SE returned back a good music player , with equalizer to us . this music player can cover a big hole on xperia series , cause they have weak music player.

    i looks very veery goon on my xperia play :)
    i’m in love with my beautiful xperia play :)

  • Dafuq


  • Mario

    YES YES YES YES! :) OOO I sure do hope that old Xperias (6 months old..) get this UI and functionality as well..

  • Ronish

    its sony bieyatch  although they r a little late in updates but the kick samsungs assssss samsungs toooo androidy n they copy apple n most of the koreans r bisexual soo if u own a  samsung ur phone has been built n designed by a homosexual > n sony make their icon n effects themes helll lot different n sexy n its obvious the music player is gonna look like dis its sony !!!!

  • Anonymous

    homophobe much?

  • Shanefalco

    this music player is for android 2.3.5 !!! ics will release in april or may.

  • OMG i like this :D

  • Ste Crossley

    Yeah, because bisexuals and homosexuals are the same thing and using something that’s designed by a homosexual will make you the gayest gay in gayville! – detect my sarcasm??

  • That looks amaaaaaaaazing. Totally drooling over here. And I freaking LOVE SE’s SensMe playlist maker feature. It rules. I recently had to take a 18hr road trip to Florida, and to make a playlist, all I had to do was select songs that were uptempo and happy… and all I had to do to do that was click on a quadrant and widen a circle. Whoever came up with that is a genius. The resulting playlist was absolutely PERFECT. All 10 hours of it. So I’m excited for this new revamp with the music player… I can’t wait until I can skip tracks over the lock screen. Wohoo!

  • head to

  • Anonymous

    This is the main thing! Just saw it on the Xperia Ion video from Developer Blog.

  • Killing Spree

    dude listen to music of xperia play and live with walkman it will probably kick you in the ***

  • Icerround

    The contract looks like a walkman music player has a contractwith the appearance walkman.

  • genefer s

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  • JK

    Eu sou leigo no assunto, gostaria de saber em quais aparelhos o clear bass funciona… apenas nos xperia ? e o Sony Ericsson Live WT19a  funciona ?  abrigado

  • JK

    Eu sou leigo no assunto, eu gostaria de saber em quais modelos da sony o clear bass funciona. O Sony Ericsson Live WT19a  funciona clear bass?  

  • Wow, very comprehensive review. I’m thinking about learning HTML5.html5 media player

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