Xperia S will ship with Micro HDMI cable – at least in UK

by XB on 31st January 2012

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Micro HDMI XperiaUK retailer Clove confirmed today that the Sony Xperia S will have a Micro HDMI cable bundled in the box on release. This is good news as not many people have these kinds of cables lying around. The cable will mean you can connect your handset to a HDMI-enabled TV to watch videos, photos or play games.

Sony (Ericsson) did a similar thing with the Xperia arc on launch last year. However, last year the cable was not included in every market. Therefore we don’t know whether this will appear in UK SKU’s only. We’ll only get a better idea of this closer to launch.

  • Anonymous

    My arc came with the microHDMI cable, and it will be nice if Xperia S came with it also if I bought it ( to my wife )… so we will have two cables.. for the living room TV and for kitchen TV.. this is nice..

  • rich people have it so easy :)

  • Hojurek

    I hope for Europe too :-)))

  •  Hope for USA too:))))

  • As far as I understood it. There will only be the Lt26i with US and EU 3G bans. Hopefully that means everybody gets the micro HDMI cable in the box. 

  • Every country has a different version of every Xperia. There is a small difference in the apps that come with it, the memory card included and the extras that come with it. It’s always been like that and won’t be any different now.

  • Anonymous

    I hope I’m a rich guy, I’m still paying for my arc :D

  • sumegh

    I hope 4 india also…

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