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by XB on 17th February 2012

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Xperia S UnboxingWe’ve got the first unboxing of a retail Sony Xperia S. It comes from Rog of SE-First, who despite closing his website, couldn’t resist posting the first unboxing video of a new Xperia phone once again. We saw the first picture of the box yesterday and whilst it looked big, it was difficult to get a sense of scale. We can see from the video that the box is indeed quite wide although it is much thinner than the traditional Xperia boxes we’ve seen in the last couple of years.

Inside the box, Rog unboxes a black Xperia S and the retail box includes a charger, headphones and the usual documentation. There’s no sign of a HDMI cable, promised for the UK version, but we imagine the bundled accessories will differ from region to region. See the video below.

Thanks Jan!

  • Uni3que

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. frst commnt then vl see the vid :D XD

  • Alek

    #1: Sony Ericsson Logo spotted <3
    #2: I thought, the S will have a sealed battery?

  • Hojurek

    The Phone is just Amazing!!!! :—)

  • Lhco22

    If there was such thing as a sexy piece of plastic this would be it by the way anybody catch what headphones it comes with

  • Is white and black gonna have same rate or white is a bit expensive?

  • Anonymous

    the box looks really plain .
    Is it really retail version?

  • Dmitry Pashkevich

    What about the NFC tags?! Aren’t there supposed to be three tags in the package? How come the package contents varies THAT much between markets?!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Sony’s Xperia line should have boxes similar to the link below. This box is high end but they should do something like this considering the price range of their phones. Most watch companies box their pieces in high end boxes for watches that costs about the same as an unlocked Sony Xperia phone. I would love to receive my Xperia in a custom box that was also a docking station, speaker etc… 

  • Rene Pedroso

    It does have a sealed battery. The back comes off to access the SIM card

  • anyone ordered a pizza? ;) the box is so slimmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • Anonymous

    yes, it will have a sealed battery, having a sealed battery does’nt mean that the backcover can’t be removed.

  • Xda-developerslover

    this is no uk region because the charger is not the uk one so there is  a chance that  the hdmi cable would be delivered  dont know whether that true but some arc unboxing  got the hdmi  some other does not. but the uk version had. we will no that when release it. 

  • Xda-developerslover

    i mean arc as a perviouse experience 

  • Anonymous

     True, but S(E) have been trying hard to be green, think about how much greener it is to use a cardboard box, which can be recycled and is also lighter than a high quality plastic box and uses less process to manufacture.

  • Can someone PLEASE confirm that the light bar will have a function? All the reviews I’ve seen thus far have said it does absolutely nothing and seems to have no function. However all of the phones reviewed have not been final production models, AND all the Sony promotional material says it will light up for notifications. So is it true or not?! This video did not show me anything in terms of function. I’ll be upset if that light-bar is just a useless design feature. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME ARRRHGHGHHG >.<

  • I’m curious about this as well. I have already preordered the Xperia S and even though the led notification bar feature didn’t help me in this decision, i can’t deny that I’d be rather disappointed if this were not the case.

    Then again, the bar does seem to light up when you watch some videos. I do think it’s safe to assume that it’s able to handle different color shades

  • angel morales

    This phone is so amazing cant wait to get it!!!!!!!! 

  • angel morales

    this is awesome

  • Unforgivez

    Does it come with HDMI cable?

  • Steve Fucking Jobz

    Fucking idiots! All the accessories have Sony Eriksson written on them. FAIL!

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  • Anonymous

    Questions: Why is there a Sony Ericsson wording at the back of the box?

  • Shanefalco

    I prefer the old sony ericsson box…

  • lee

    Im waiting for white

  • Carlod879

    Seems like a good product. Can see the haste in the Sony team. Some things have Sony Ericsson written on them, while others got just Sony. Get your act together, if you want to be taken seriously.

  • Sakrateno

    you gotta love the music though :D

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  • osamaH Al-Amri

    Do you have any information about what does Xperia NXT Series on the side of the box 0:11 means ?

  • FriedEgg

    why bother with a removable back, if all you can do is put a sim card in?  that battery looked locked?

  • Mootun_mm46


  • Mootun_mm46


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  • Anonymous

    looks and smells good too, hope lots of people get a bite 

  • packed with lots of “ingredients” too!!! heh! X)

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  • Lolyoulol

    Fucking idiot. Get the hell over it, you fucking fag. FAIL! You want Sony Mobile to delay these phones to another 3 years just to slap the Sony Mobile branding on them? What a fag. Fucking idiot. LOL

  • Uni3que

    What a fag. Did you sleep with daddy last night just so you had to post that worthless comment? What a faggot.

  • Ah yes, the documentation and guidelines have sony ericsson written on them. I better not buy this phone, walking around with a Sony mobile phone and having Sony ericsson documentation supplied with it will make me look like a retard, RIGHT XD? 


  • Steven

    Yes it does. 

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  • Alexkkarlsson

    Well, some sources say that it helps the antenna gainin
    g better reception.

  • I fucked your mom

    You mom really proud of you now. But the only fucking fag here is your dad, so that should be known to you already, so fuck off! ;-)

  • Feel like taking a video of it an uploading it? I would love to see it in action. Does it flash in different colours as well?

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  • Anonymous

    Looks nice

    @fa606ad1350580d95ce91f5d48e16afe:disqus I have never seen a mobile phone with a fixed battery so I don’t think that this one has it.

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  • Albert Octavianus

    Not sure if this is a mistake, but seems to have sim-free version of Xperia ion which they claimed is a global version and has no AT&T logo on it. I have been in touch with 2 of their CS and they said that it is going to be global version, running global firmware without AT&T logo on it. Weird, for the fact that Sony hasn’t even announce the phone for global market.. link

  • it looks like it’s not final retail box… and contents too.

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  • Tkhummer

    There’s another unboxing video in Malaysia. No HDMI cable found as well

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  • Pros10493

    series of other xperia phones will be launched like xperia p and xperia u they are collectively called xperia NXT series

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