Some Xperia S users complaining of yellow tint display issue

by XB on 21st March 2012

in Problems, Xperia S

Now that the Sony Xperia S is out in many markets across the world, we are starting to hear about some users complaining about problems with their display. We’ve seen comments both on our forum and over at xda-developers about a yellow tint (or spot) towards the bottom of the handset. We’ve included some pictures below from different users that highlights the issue to varying degrees.

For some people, the yellow spot is very prominent, whereas for others they are seeing a yellow tint to the very bottom of the screen and is much harder to notice. It typically can be seen on a white background, for example when browsing. Just to be clear, our Xperia S exhibits none of these traits, so we imagine this affects a minority of units.

From the sounds of it, the first case seems like a display defect and people who have had this problem have had their handsets exchanged by Sony. Their new phones do not appear to have this problem. Regarding the yellow tint, it is difficult to know whether this is a display or software issue. It could simply be the glue that holds the display together that should vaporise over time. If anyone is experiencing any display problems then please let us know in the comments below.

Yellow spot issue

Yellow tint Xperia

Yellow tint Xperia

Yellow tint Xperia

Yellow tint issue

Yellow tint Xperia

Yellow tint Xperia

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  • ahomad hosin

    I don’t seem to have such issue

  •  No yellow tint on my xps. Screen is perfectly fine.


    Yep mine has it.  Only noticable on a white background.  Don’t think I’ll be getting too fussed unless it gets worse.

  • No, I don’t have it on my Xperia S

  • RaxaBoo

    |feel so sorry for people suffering this defect. Maybe the S stands Syria lol. 

  • Znaturekid

    i got yellow in white background ?? how to fix this ? 

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  • Lewis

    Haven’t noticed it on mine but I do have a dead pixel. But you can only see it if you look for it thanks to the awesome resolution.

  • Terry Shakespeare

    Mines OK   :)

  • Tarekali

    why do people complain about that? is their life so boring that they have no other problems apart from this, and cry about it?!
    It’s not like ruining the picture when you view one. only when it becomes really noticeable and ruining the screen as a whole then you can complain about it, but you have to really see that there’s a problem, cor

  • Kjetil B. Thomassen

     You should complain about that dead pixel. It should not be there, at least not so soon. There is a known problem with dead pixels on LCD screens, but I have only seen that on my 19″ TV, and the supplier replaced it with a new one.

    Kjetil B.

  • XperiaX10lover

    my one does not have it so  at  least i dont see it 

  • Jack

    Got it. It’s ain’t big, but when I see the picture include white or other bright colours, it’s looks like surface with wallpaper. Like there is something under the picture. Hm.. S x S was bought on the Polish market.

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  • WaelFaddah

    dont have it on my s 

  • When the biggest feature and selling point on a phone is the screen, I would think that people have reason to complain…

  • Herosaviour

    When i used  “any do”…i saw it.    Damn it!!!!!

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    Angela Neacsu

  • Robert

    Have Xperia S, and saw another one and both have the yellow tint like the last picture!

  • songE xie

    yellowish at the bottom of the screen

  • songE xie

    yellowish at the bottom of the screen

  • it’s the pressure, when you press so hard on the screen… i’ve the same probleme on my old sony vaio and my arc…

  • Sonyworld


  • i had it and also i was scared and i commented on XDA developers, but all of a sudden its gone today.. its been 10 days it was showing.. and the tint was ontop in the middle and in the right side and on the bottom of the display..

  • Marcus Crx

    Got this exact problem on mine

  • Kms899

    you cannot complain about the dead pixels, the international standard is 3 or more, then you can exchange it, or it’s upto the seller to replace it if less than 3.

  • Asad Mulla

     XB I dont think this should be allowed here.Keep it clean.

  • Asad Mulla

     a dead pixel on a screen with such high ppi is allmost invisible.

  • Asad Mulla

    I used to have it quite heavy on my X10 from day one.

  • Eyefly69

    I have this issue

  • Ali Abou-Zeid

    I have that on my Xperia arc, showed twice in the past few days, very random, don’t think it’s heat, ‘coz it’s seen summer already with me, I bought it in May last year, no idea what this is, a lot of people are complaining about it!

  • anotheryellowtintvictim

    I have it.

  • Dr Mah82

    I have it

  • Pirate

    I have it as well.

  • doraemonboi

    My have the yellowish spot at the bottom of the screen. Not really noticeable. Only noticeable when browsing the web and using twitter. 

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  • avex

    wow thanks for using my pics without permission xperia blog!

  • Wapoobox-ipod

    I have that . But I guess is the heat causing it. I had tht comes up when charging and surfing the web for quite a while. But it goes away after the phone is cooled down

  • Noblewolf414

    It is the screen burn! I have it too.. Look at the home screen, at the home icon on the center, there is an illumination around it. That causes the yellow tint overtime.

  • Lint Fabrik

    I noticed mine today, bad times all around!

  • guest

    I have just stopped ordering and waiting for clearer infomation _ _)

  • John Smith

    I do notice a slight tint when i am using the market but other than that, my phone seems fine. 

  • Thjh

    I have it too, after about 2 weeks it showed up. It isn’t pressure related. We mostly all have it in the spot. Mine looks identical to above…makes be believe software.

  • trowfd

    Got my xperia s this morning, have been using it all day but can’t see any tint/ colour issues on white or dark backgrounds. 

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  • Sam

    yellow patch on mine too.omg returnnn

  • Rene Pedroso

    Mine has it

  • Adrian

    Mine has it! And the staff needs 4 days to fix it!!

  • becuase they are tech enthusiasts , why are you on this site? fool

  • Tarekali

    I can see that your life is boring…….just sitting your ass posting crap comments everywhere in the internet. (what a gay picture…..thats what girls do you pussy)

  • I’ve got it too. I noticed it after browsing for a 30 minutes or so.
    It seems like a weird place to have a heat issue as the phone gets hot at the upper end of the device and then only when playing games and other more demanding apps.

    Maybe there’s less isolation at that place or something…

  • Dr Mah82

    Fucking sony in my country is refusing to exchange my device. Thumb down Sony. No service like apple. How the fuck international warranty and not covered here in saudi arabia. And i have very prominent yellow spot which i noticed come after using the devise shortly. It is for sure has something to do when the device become more hot.

  • S stands for shitty.. Like you :D

  • Same here!

  • kyletroi

    I have the same exact problem. Still existing after 3 weeks of usage.

  • kyletroi

    If you would see it – as I have it on my phone – you would complain too. It’s very annoying. Especially, that this is supposed to be a high-end device and not an entry level piece of plastic.

  • Pauvincentg

    Hows your phone now? Is theyellowish tint still gone?

  • same problem here in hong kong..

  • Rene Pedroso

    Has anyone reported this to Sony? Have they responded?

  •  After being fine for two weeks, mine has developed the issue :(

  • Adnan_1986

    Hello Sony, I am getting same issue in bottom of screen like a yellow bar, kindly advise

  • I’ve got the yellow spot on the bottom of my screen

  • Melodies

    There is an official reply from Sony on Gizmodos.Com. According to it its not a software issue and you should turn in your phone for repair/ replace it.

  • XperiaBlog

    These pictures were posted on a public forum which we have linked to. Welcome to the interwebz.

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  • MikeMOOMOO

    Finally a forum that has this problem! Thanks for the pics avex btw; sorry that you felt ripped off.
    My phone screen also displays this problem. I was fuming about it but my provider has offered a rapid replacement. I hope the next one does not do this as I adore the phone but this problem is infuriating due to many people desiring the phone for the crisp display; the high quality makes defects stand out that much more!

  • Your MUM

    I smell a troll! Tarekali – you sad little keyboard fiddler, get back to 4chan dude… WHY ARE YOU ON THIS SITE? FOOL

  • Pmac2k

    My unit has this issue, O2UK are going to do a doorstep swap for a new one.  The problem occurs as the phone get s warm, it starts as a spot about 1 third of the screens width and is noticeably yellow (think urine in snow!). As the phone continues to warm up it spreads to be a frame around the entire screen.  

    The problem I have now is that O2 can’t replace it at the moment as they are out of stock of this phone completely.  Its liveable with but when your phone costs near to the £400 mark you’d want it to work correctly (and sony are saying this is a hardware issue).  I’m happy to wait as it just appears that this phone is in great demand and this appears to be a manufacturing oversight that they are willing to rectify.  

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  • xperia play

    I have it on my xperia play

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  • The yellow tinted problem also occur on my xperia S. I have send the hp to the sony Ericsson’s service center. All they can promise is check my phone without even promise for changing the display screen. I am so disappointed with the Sony in Malaysia branched.Moreover, Sony claim the UV coated of the cover will repel dirt but it so obvious that the cover will turn to yellow and some of the stain are hardly to be removed!!! Again, i ask the people in service center. All they say is the cover not under warranty and very expensive if wan to change it…Sony design…i have no more good comment to this product… 

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  • yes even i m having same issue in the in my phone 

  • Savejuanoh

    Not only at the bottom portion but also at the top. Try to open google, then view it in landscape and you’ll see a yellow tint or smudge like at the top of the screen. When you view it in landscape, then it should be at the left part of the screen.

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  • Auronis

    Same issue here in France but mine is in top of screen but it is smaller than picture, and it is only when i am  playing too much video game on my xperia s

  • Auronis

    Sony says just a little share of xperia has this issues but when i read your post i am in trouble about this issues
    On a french blog we think if after 2/3 week this issues appear, what happen in 6 months??

  • disappointed

    bad thing, i decide to buy it but this issue make me think to search another phone.

  • Pixelblazer

    How they fix it? will it be ok after that?

  • WickedMonkey

    I have the same problem. Question is, if I get a replacement, will it be any better?

  • Imanity

    Be released from NTT DOCOMO of Japan, Xperia acroHD there is a yellow spot. Not long to buy, I want to replace it.

  • Felix

    I’m having that kind of problem and the staff in the sony service centre was horrible I asked her about the yellow tint and she just dodged the question and said our service centre close at 730pm

  • Kimhilton

    The yellow smudge burns my eyelids so now, I’m wearing dark glasses to protect my beautiful eyes. Hey, it’s one of my assets!

    However, when I’ve red the whole documentation that came with the box, it says there that IT IS a product feature – and I quote “…..a yellow smudge will appear on the screen after 1 – 3 weeks use to remind anyone who bought our super ‘duper’ deluxe smart phone that it is equally a bloated junk like the ip4s by people from hell like in any typical marketing deparment. This is a reasonable ploy for neurotic, stupid, naive people brought upon in this world not because of love between their parents (but plainly because of libido). This is for those who think that having a cool expensive smartphone would improve their miserable lives when they could only heave a lonely sigh every night because they were born to suffer. So, thank you for your purchase!!!”, end quote.

    Well, there you go. Can anyone post a cool place where I can download more stuff to ease the pain of living our miserable lives?

    Toodle looh!

  • Bieberboyo

    do you know what you just posted? do you know what are you doing?!!!

    are you saying that our lives and happiness are just defined by these big companies AND that we are nothing but stupid programmable beings?!!! what is my true happiness then? cross-stitching and feeding homeless rabbits?

    i wish i reincarnated as a volcano! huhuhu….sniff, sniff. you’ve hurt my feelings all because of that yellow smudge!!! yellow is the color of……i don’t really know but i love violet.




  • Remi_macho

    I Have It Left, Right & Also Bottom Of The Screen!!!

  • Remi_macho

    Hope Sony Malaysia Will Make Repair Of It ASAP!!!

  • Ahmed Saeed

    yes, i got this problem too, just discovered it after 10 days from
    buying it, i had to contact the local service center in singapore, i was
    told that there was no replacement for the phone, why?!!! it’s not my
    fault that i bought sony phone and found it faulty, i don’t want to get
    my brand new phone to be opened, but what should i do else?
    i’m really so frustrated,if Sony really cares, they should announce direct replacement.

  • My Xperia S just hanged …. Now the screen is stuck …. Not doing anything, not any key working … Since its sealed , dont know how to restart it ……

    Can anyone help me out pls ?


    Agriman@gmail:disqus .com

  • Ravikiran822

    iam facing with the same problem will they replace the mobile?

  • press and hold power button + volume up key it may help

  • Anandhkumar phone has this tint…is it because of the theme?

  • victor08rhcp

    Hi.. How can I fix the problem with my Xperia if I life in the United State? Please help

    Art: Victor Barrera
    Xperia user

  • madchester1990

    I have yellow tints on left, right an bottom, help?

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  • ivo

    Experiencing the yellow tint issue. Bottom screen. Also top screen very subtle discoloration. As dont have a warranty (but phone is in mint condition) i wonder if they will repair it, change screen or other. In Sweden they charge screen subtitution without warranty. Are there some consumer rights that apply here even if you dont have warranty? On another note, phone is perfect. 

  • Sathishsa651

    I am also have the yellow screen problem and many problems .worst phone

  • Topazz71

    I’ve had my Xperia S for just over a month and mine has developed the ‘yellow tint’ at the bottom of the screen. Also at the very top edges. Contacted Sony who said I have to send the phone to them for repair which meant I’d be without a phone for up to 2 and a half weeks! I’m not going through that so contacted Carphone Warehouse as thats where I got the phone and they have said to call in at any of there stores and they will do an express replacement….whatever that means! Fingers crossed they’ll sort it as I’ll be heading there tomorrow [18/5/2012]

  • N Trecias

    Yes I have the same problem. As well my phone stucks some times. I mean on some game or program. And while batery is not discharge you can’t do nothig its just stuck. You can’t reboot, even: internal memory :-! :-D

  • Rodney Norman

    hi, I have purchased my Xperia S a month ago (11 April 2012). initiall the screen did not show any sign of yellow tint or should i say it was so light i could not notice.  its a month now and it is very pominent. i had a talk with the customer care and they informed me that my phone cannot be exchanged as its 1 month and xchange can be done within 1 week of purchase
    Q: where is this documented, nither the site nor the manual.
    another question is if Sony is accepting that this is a manufacturing problem with some of the initial manufactured hand set, the sony should help its customer and xchange ther handset. (its just a month old).

    Sony can contact me.

  • chan

    No yellowwish for xperia s, but the messaging touchscreen got problem on the day i buy it.And on the next day i went back to the shop they would let me have a one to one back.So i have to got a repair for 7 to 14 days.i have a new handphone on the first day and the next day i have a repair handphone. Is there anything i can do about it.

  • chan

    No yellowwish on my Xperia but my messaging touchscreen got problem on the day i buy it. So the next day i went back to the shop for a one to one back but they refused.they say the only thing i can do is get a repair for 7 to 14 day. i have a new handphone for first day and the next day i have a repair handphone. Is there anything thing i can do about it?

  • reynold

    I am having the problem.what should I do?

  • Decker

    This annoying yellowish “stain” just appeared on my Xperia S’s screen today.

  • chan

    I purchased on (20 may 2012), and went for a exchange on the (21 may). Sony say cannot and the only thing i can do is send it for repair for 7 to 14 day working day.its just a day.

  • Stephen Katchi

    I’ve just noticed the problem on my Xperia S today. So, I’m not the only one with this problem then!!!

  • chandar

    i getting this yellow tint in my brand new LT26(15 days old) what can i do now…..will u pls do me the favour my mail id is “”

  • DrLove

    Have been without my phone now for two weeks. Keep being told that they are awaiting a part. The units should just be replaced. Had the initial batch as I had mine at the end of March.

  • SapphireHawk8

    There sewms to be another problem which I have noticed with the Xperia S White. It freezes and when it does this the battery inside gives off incredible heat. It does this when it is turned off. For some reason it gets really hot. Does anyone else have his problem?? My bf has it in black but he doesnt get this effect.

  • i had this problem,,,i bought this mobile from america and i live in egypt..what can i do?? i went to agent in egypt and refuse to fix this problem..whta can i do

  • Alex

    Doesn’t seem like a software issue to me, more likely a problem with display quality. I think the spot appeared in hotter weather when the phone was pressed in a pocket against a wallet (no extreme force though, so such things should not happen to a quality product). The spot comes and goes and may appear in different areas of the screen, but mostly in its lower part.

  • Andry122

    Hello, Im a new user of XS. I just bought this phone yesterday, and I just found out about this yellow tint now.

    Reading LOTS of people complaining about this yellow tint, and Sony WON’T give any responsibility to people who already spent LOTS OF MONEY BUYING THIS DEFECT PRODUCT, I’m just thinking WTF is Sony thinking, releasing a product with factory defect like this? This phone is not cheap for God’s sake, and it’s a flagship too.

    Geez, have you guys really lower your credibility into some shitty brand?

    Anyway, it’s still a wonderful phone though :)

  • matt

    Mine has just been returned with a yellow screen.


    i have a problem i love my xperia u, while i capturing photos the blus spot is diplyed and i thought it to be ok but the same spot showed in my pictures when i take photos kindly help me please i realy get worried

  • My phone has this, and i haven’t got round to fixing it. I have had the phone for three months now and i was hoping the problem was something to do with software, the new build system update proved me wrong.. would i be able to get it fixed by Sony? I don’t want to fork out for something that has been bought faulty.

  • Mine has yellow tint what should I do about it

  • It gets to the stage it’s annoying and you pay hard money and should expect a decent phone

  • sovanseiha

    I got it since the first day of my using. I feel disappointed with this problem too much. Any solution for this problem.?

  • Nickson

    I have notice my Phone which i bought less then 2 month is having this yellow tint colour at the bottom of my screen… will taking it back to sony and ask for a replacement most likely this week,

  • Msgeorge

    Yes, my Xperia S is showing two of those spots one on the right and another one on the bottom of the screen, am in Egypt and I called the agent and will go check what to do tonight :(

  • avea

    I have the same problem and actually i dont trust local phone services right here and problem occured in 4-5 weeks i guest that would happen but shouldnt that much quick and i am having also problems with adobe reader cant afford well with e-books always lagging :(

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  • Rajesh

    same problem,what should I do




    may i ask if this problem can be repair? how long it will take

  • hehe

    lol are u stalking me? just cause i have good looks and know how to take pics and your some fat ugly fool yh? doo i care lol

  • jj

    Yes I have the yellow tint too looks horrid and even at 0% brightness. I I thought maybe screen burn but you can’t have screen at 100% as battery won’t last 5 mins lol. It seems to be where most functions are so maybe heat transfer or pressure? Any how great phone shocking battery with yellow tinge phone max 2 months old.

  • That doesn’t give you the right to steal the pics, Your articles are posted on the public internet but I bet you wouldn’t be happy if I stole them without permission would you?

  • DC

    Well, I finally had time to take my Xperia to the o2 shop. They sent it away for repair and it came back two days later (nice fast turnaround, o2). The display is fixed and I’m happy with the phone. Just hope it stays fixed. But let’s face it, Sony should never have released this phone like this in the first place should they?

  • Rajilsk

    Yes i have the same problem on my Xperia S. i just used the phone for two weeks. first time i couldnt notice but when the white back ground comes it turns orange fade on the defected area (bottom middle side). And for the black background the defected area looks faded. i gave back my phone to the shop for warranty and service but its almost one month they havnt gave back the phone yet. Really disgusting

  • Gunroopsinghbolaria

    I bought my xperia a month ago,
    but watching hd videos with a yellow tint, annoys me like hell.

  • Nikos

    Kidding me right?
    You should by a 600$ phone and then we will see if you are bored or not having a yellow screen all the time… I had the same problem and OF COURSE I complained and Sony changed it for free! If YOU have money to burn, I don’t care, but I don’t….

  • Seng Sothun4444

    My White Sony Xperia S also got the same issue. The Yellow tint. It’s annoying. I hope the company will solved this problem ASAP. Thx god

  • Smdc Von

    I have a problem with my xperia s, hd games problems its showing the game but screen is flicjering and not accurate it shows triple images of the screen game, dont know wat to do. .. Im afraid if I updated my xperia it might be worst than this. Email me if someone can help me with this problems, thanks in advance (

  • Kylenewman22

    my sony xperia s the screen has all of a sudden died after 2 weeks of having it but can still receive calls whats going on?

  • Pacl786


  • Frankie Then92

    My Xperia suffers from the same problem, it’s really annoying that yellow tint on the bottom screen, I would like to replace mine ASAP

  • Rayees_ac2001

    I got replacement because of this issue
    on April.Now again the same issue for this
    second mobile.

  • Ylime725

    Even my xperia s have yellow spot below and I want to change with a new one.and if the background is black the yellow become white…

  • Shaunstarkey1

    Yes my xperia s has yelloow orange line at bottom of screen

  • Chrispearce1984

    I too suffered this problem after a month of using the phone.
    Ive since had it replaced twice and about o recieve a third one all because of the same issue..

    The phone seems to be very poorly designed, all that extra power from the dual core causes it to overheat. Ive never felt a phone get as hot as this does when using the screen for anything longer than 10 mins.
    Major dissapointment after waiting so long for what looked like a very good phone.

  • Julia

    Hey I have this problem, can sombody tell me what to do? :/

  • dirty_magic000

    my “yellow tint” is located across the bottom abouve the buttons and also in two places along the top precicly where the battery indicator and notifications display recomendations?

  • craig henderson

    Ive had my Sony xperia s for 2 months now and I have started to experience problems with the on screen display. It has happened twice now where by the screen totally goes blank and has no back light or display present yet the light bar along the bottom of the phone still works when I press the on / off button and the phone rings when someone calls. This would be great but you cant answer or know who is phoning.

  • dan

    I have an xperia neo , same problem …….. :(

  • Shah

    U know what since Sony left erricson they are just doing rubbish! Waited likr so long to grab this phone n got it the same day of launch paid extra forit,used it like a baby n now I got a yellowtint on all the corners while using n it heatsup like hell! M so so disappointed with this! END OF SONY FOR ME@@@

  • Jamesmacdon

    I sent mine in for repair. It was quick, only took a week. How ever they appear to have fixed my screen by making it all slightly yellow. It now looks like the phone of a heavy smoker. :-)

  • I just got a bug today… can anyone help me?
    my sony experia S shows all the mouse-tracks and leaves them on screen…
    is it possible to turn this feature off?

  • shubham shukla

    I’m having yellow spots at bottom and slightly at right side bottom at display.. During browsing it can be recognized clearly… What I should do for this..

  • stupidblog

    So if i steal your money just because you forgot to keep it in your wallet, is it Ok? what a ridiculous reason… shame on your “cheap blog”…

  • Asad Shah

    i have the same problem with sony xperia S my mobile is working but the screen is totally yellow can any body help me plz what should i do ??

  • XperiaBlog

    Stupids, Don’t have sense. Discuss about Phone alone, Don’t discuss about Images. They are telling about mobile problem clearly.. You Stupid blog and Gereth Lees are scolding. Stupid Fellow.

  • swatika

    ya i have the same problem..:( wht should i do??

  • Sherif Samy

    yes i have this problem…just like the pictures … apperes specially in browsing..wish i have it fixed

  • Its either just totally froze up or the full screen goes yellow and then a black screen, all you can do is force close the phone as nothing works, do I goto sony or o2. Thank you

  • LE

    I have a very clear yellow tint to the display, how do I contact Sony for a replacement?

  • junaid

    I am having the same issue with my Xperia s.. Whay should I do now??

  • curter

    he’s not a xperia s (or any) use … even if he has one, that might snatched from someone else… people like him should not worry… -_- cuz if such probs occur he can snatch another from other person…

  • curter

    he’s not a xperia s (or any) use … even if he has one, that might snatched from someone else… people like him should not worry… -_- cuz if such probs occur he can snatch another from other person…

  • vishnu

    my xperia s screen completely went white…!:O

    pls help me…

  • Hi. Were there any reports of the same issue happening on Xperia U? I have one here and it’s just 4 months old. It is also having problems with the screen. Particularly with the tint thingy, I think it is also occurring on my screen everything I play games for like more than 15 minutes. It looks like a discoloration on the 4 corners of the screen. It is more like pink color rather than yellow on the xperia S as reported by users. It also happens after 15 minutes of browsing the net, on google play and playing videos. Any suggestion or any sort of help will be highly appreciated. thanks.

  • kapil

    recently i have got an white spot on left hand side of my xperia s.can any body tell me waht is the reason behind it and how to get repair it..

  • Sasa

    I have a yellow screen as I bought one of the first versions of the phone last year.. My mom got it this year and has no problems. What can I do to solve the problem?

  • Danny van Oostrom

    I got this for the second time and i’m not sure if i’m buying a sony phone again my sony charger is broken both of the side flaps are broken my battery is broken as it stops at 12% and the entry of the charger is loos so everytime i put my phone into thencharger i have to see if the red light burns or else its not charging and at last i have the yellow tint foe the 2nd time btw i use a flipcase and never dropt it

  • daniel jones

    can this issue be resolved any 1?

  • Awais

    i have bought xperia s and second day i spot this tint at bottom of screen any fix …..?

  • sanehdeep singh

    i have same problem yello tint screen and some time it increase and some time it decrease

  • sanehdeep singh

    dear it is always there when reade sms e mail all white bacgroud have same yellow tint colour and letter under that goge little bit blur

    so don’t angre on others they have paid for that

  • willock

    a blue frame has appeared around the screen, how do I get rid of it?

  • bob

    its heat, my acro s does this when charging and being used in car as a gps for long periods of time, its the lcd getting hot

  • Gareth Lees

    Wow, just because we are pointing out legal issues with you you have a pop at us? What a moron! Want to explain your little rant though please? I don’t understand it as it seems to not be in English.

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  • chad222000

    Having this issue on my z2 but in the top left corner

  • Sai Prasad

    I have a problem to my xperia c at the centre like last image of above but little small… wt i shud do now…!!!


    yellow tint present on my xperia t2 ultra dual DISPLAY SIDES……… what to do?????

  • vzangel

    This also happens with the Xperia Z2 Tablet, mine has developed the yellow spots and there are complains from other users:

  • SAL

    My Sony Xperia Z2 now has a yellow stain to the upper right corner and wouldn’t go away for a week now.

  • Hemamalini

    Hello i have found the yellow tint on both sides of tbe the screen

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