Sony Mobile provides official response to Xperia S display issue

by XB on 31st March 2012

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Sony Mobile has responded to the yellow tint display issue that is affecting some Xperia S users. According to the company this is a hardware defect which has now been fixed and affects only a “small number of units”. The yellow tint materialises when the phone reaches temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius according to the statement. If you have the problem Sony says you should send it to your local service centre who will fix the phone free of charge. See the statement in full below.

Sony Mobile Communications has identified that the display on a limited number of Xperia S smartphones may show a slight yellow tint if exposed to temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius. This is limited to a small number of units and the cause of this has been corrected. Any consumer observing this slight yellow tint on the display of their Xperia S is welcome to contact their local customer service centre and Sony Mobile Communications will resolve this at no cost to the consumer.

Via Sony Mobile Talk.

Thanks @OSAlamri!

  • sufy

    That’s is good customer service from Sony right there !

  • Childish

    1. hardware defect, if you are lucky enough, you waste time to deliver and fix it.
    2. Outdated software, no one knows when update is coming.
    3. Last gen dual core, quad core beasts are all coming, leaving no room for this one.
    I was trying to get this beauty, but give it up for now, a little bit sad.

  • Asad Mulla

    Its nice of them but I dont want somebody opening my phone. I would prefer a straight replacement. I know i am being picky but I know from experiance, when you open something up it almost never goes back to its original state. (I am an engineer)

  • Tareq Aboshosha

    btw xperia s have a dual core processor ( 2 x 1.5 GHz )

    and the android 4.0 will be available in the 2nd quarter

  • Yellow spot will disappear with a new firmware or not? 

  • No. It is a HARDWARE FAULT. New firmware can’t fix bad hardware.

  • Afrit

    Quad core is overrated, dual core A15 FTW

    Sony is skipping Quad core in-favor of a dual core A15 for the next flagship phone on next half of the year.

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  • Guest

     Haters will hate no matter what, Buyers will buy it ( As for me, I already have my Xperia S & I’m happy with it ).

    Buy or not, your choice. No one forces you to buy


  • jeffrey vandenborne

    I must say that you did a terrific job choosing your name!

    (it really explains your post)

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  • Chiecheung25

    I have an x xperia s. It is the best screen on a phone i ever saw. Haven’t seen the htc rezound yet

  • Sony Mobile provides official response to Xperia S display issue

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  • RaxaBoo

     I have a bigger problem -my phone won’t update to ICS until May/June. you make me feel like crap, Sony :(

  • SRM

    Use of 4 cores?

    Consuming battery?And no phone has recieved official ICS update,except nexus which was already on ICS,and of course,GS2 received a beta version.

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  • Qias saif

     you are right ,  i feel like i’m fool ( from April to June ) !!!!!!!!

  • AlexBurnout

    Wow. I’m really amazed by Sony’s customer services, trully the best out there. Sony make.believe

  • AlexBurnout

    You are freaking damned

  • AlexBurnout

    Indeed, brotha

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Hope until the end of April the units are already good.

  • Asad Mulla

    I am actually lucky as i dont seem to have this problem. I waited for a sim free white and maybe its the reason.

  • Sony BRAZIL WONT FIX MY XPERIA S    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bought my Xperia from ebay and cant returen it cos it had 10 days return policy and i contact sony brasil and they say they wont fix my xperia cos i didnt bought it from Brazil , that i sould fix is from the origin country its bought , that mean i have to go to HungKong to fix it ? i am really deapointed cos i payed 690$ + 300$ Taxes and now i am stock with a defective phone !!! Sony Brazil acts as if it has nothing to do with SONY brand !!!! plz need help or this will be my last sony mobile !!! really desapointed !!

  • betatesterz

    At first i thought i didn’t have this problem too. The yellow tint on mine will only show up on an extremely hot day or have me playing angry birds on my phone for 45mins to heat my phone up. THEN it’ll show up on a white background..

  • betatesterz

    Damnit.. But i don’t whana part with my phone for like the few days it takes for them to replace the screen…. >.<

  • AlexBurnout

    Sony has the best customer service

  • Henry

    Same here…. there were a few yellow spots on my screen right now after roughly 20 minutes of Angry Bird Space :(

  • jed

    Implying everyone could afford Quad core phones..

  • I wonder what they actually fixed. That it got hot or the screen itself…

  • Asad Mulla

     Man you guys love angry birds LOL. Myself, I prefer cut the rope. So far 5 levels completed with 3 starts on all stages

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  • Basharca

    If it was apple or samsung they would deny it right away! And it happened before, stupid ego and the customers are the victims.

    Another reason to stick to SONY, the most stylish company on planet earth :D

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  • Faalhaas

    Mine doesn’t lock and unlock the screen :P Only way i can use it is take a fast picture and go back to the menu.

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  • Sony told me that 16 weeks will not stain! Who has what kind of week? I have a 10 -yellow spot is! 

  •  I got the same problem in the US. No service fore the phone since it is not for the US market?

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  • Meghu doshi

    Sony Xperia S is quite similar to Xperia P as well as Xperia U. Most Important feature is 12 mega pixel camera. This smartphone have many features such as 4.3-inches HD screen, powered by a Qualcomm dual-core MSM8260, 1GB Ram. For more details refer

  • Simran smily

    hey i got display problem on sony ericsson xperia E15i model, wen the phone is charged or downloading updates, its often get locked and display gets off, wats the problem with it????????

  • Ritesh Dogar

    Sony did this to get away with the poor brand image as its their first smart phone as SONY. What about people who use older models and have manufacturing defects on their phones. I own a Xperia Arc and the material used on that phone is so pathetic and third grade that the phone develops cracks on its sides without rough usage…forget dropping the phone..Sony doesnt acknowlwdge that problem. Its a known issue with the Xperia Arc S and the Xperia Arc. SHAME ON YOU SONY

  • James MacDonald

    Why don’t yous update the s first afterall it is the newest!!

  • Gbrspratt

    Sony have massively disappointed me. They won’t replace, only repair. How is that no cost to the customer? What am I meant to do with this stupid micro sim card while they have my phone? I don’t have anything I can use it in. Carphone warehouse have instantly replaced but second phone also faulty. Why the hell haven’t Sony recalled all the faulty phones from suppliers? Regretting having so much Sony gear in my house now.

  • Ahmed Saeed

     yes, i got this problem too, just discovered it after 10 days from buying it, i had to contact the local service center in singapore, i was told that there was no replacement for the phone, why?!!! it’s not my fault that i bought sony phone and found it faulty, i don’t want to get my brand new phone to be opened, but what should i do else?
    i’m really so frustrated,if Sony really cares, they should announce direct replacement.

  • alvin

    I agree with u, my xperia s also have yellow tint and I contact sony service center to get a replacement because their head of marketing say everyone who had a yellow tint problem they will replace it with a new one cause we care about our costumer and when I do it they refused it just want to repair it and forced me to wait screen replacement shipment coming for two weeks after that I need to wait two more weeks for my phone to be repaired, great job SONY what a great aftersale service and what a great marketing u promised but u can’t even deliver

  • Likc

    Liar!!! I took my phone to the customer service center 5 weeks ago, they told me they didn’t have spare parts to fix the faulty screen, and told me spare parts would arrive around April 20. When I went there again a few days after April 20, they told me to wait until May, the center was full of angry people with the faulty xperia S. I phoned the customer service hotline again yesterday, the staff told me they have NO information about the availability of the parts needed to fix the Xperia Yellow S.  OMG….they sold faulty phones AGAIN! and provided the worst customer service AGAIN! And NO repair service AT ALL!

  • Likc

    Yes…SONY in Hong Kong SUCKS…the SONY is still the same SONY, i mean the one b4 it got Ericsson many years ago. Good design, terrible hardware and customer service quality, and NO follow up or repair service.

  • no not at all sony turkey services is refusin to repair it

  • Frustrated

    People still having problems trying to get there phoned fixed? Sony in the UK told me it could be 2 months till I received my phone back and wouldn’t provide a temp phone while mine sits waiting around for a part that doesn’t seem to be turning up … I’ve had my phone 1 month and 15days and my battery last me about 8 hours when i’m in work and not using this (i’ve followed the guides in behalf of screen brightness and background programmes) Anyone else having battery problems?? 

  • Marej2708

    What can I do in Serbia with this problem?

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  • abhi

    I found dat yellow tint and gt my phne replaced nw again in my new handset m facing the same problem,whn approached service centre again they wnt to replace my phone.replacing the phone is gud I appreciate bt hw mny times and hw mny days I shld be around service centre without my phone in addition to dat restoring my data bck in new phne is a big pain again.

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  • I purchased the Xperia S in June 2012 and have a defective screen towards the bottom right hand side. I was out today in conditions of 30 degrees celsius and spent 30 mins chatting on the phone. All of a sudden the phone cut out and I got it fixed once I got home. That’s when I realised this so-called “yellow tint” on the screen (it’s actually more than that cos it stretches towards the bottom right hand side of the phone)

  • i have Sony Xperia S and i have one issue

    why when i stretch my captured pic i see that it isn’t in high quality but i made my xperia’s camera at high settings

  • muad nagi

    i have this problem

    can i fix it while i’m living in libya

    living in libya it’s like live in the middle of no where

  • sudarsan

    why dont work a I BEATS Dr.DRAY Head set in your all sony smarts phone.when i connect always tells do not support this device.its really shame for sony.

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