Sony SmartWatch unboxed

by XB on 10th April 2012

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Sony SmartWatchThe Sony SmartWatch is still yet to be released in many countries however that didn’t stop securing a handset from France. We’ve got their unboxing pictures below and the main surprise for us is that we didn’t realise the microUSB port has been dropped in favour of a proprietary charging cable. Inside the box you also get a black wrist band (apparently six other colours will become available in due course). See the pictures below including a comparison pic against the LiveView and Motorola MOTOACTV.

The SmartWatch is the successor to the LiveView, bringing remote Bluetooth access from your Android phone to the 1.3-inch OLED display and measures just 8mm in thickness. Unlike the LiveView it features a 128 x 128 pixel touchscreen, capable of displaying 65,536 colours, defined into 9 distinct touch areas in a 3 × 3 matrix.

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch

Sony SmartWatch


  • I’d love one, but I think I’d need to see it in reality before I could buy it. It still looks a bit too fat to wear as a wristwatch all the time if you ask me. Is it waterproof?

  • reptile64

    yes it is waterproof and to be honest it is a refurbished liveview, which liveview IMO is a huge disappointment.. it loose connection with the phone at all times, and the screen is too small with low resolution and ugly in both of them :P

  • Francesco 72

    I shall take it, use it as a monitor for the heartbeat! My question is if you can not see how aApp on MapMyFitness Smartwatch??
      Using a band during the race with the Garmin Ant + Arc +Smartwatch!
    The price is € 120?I m waiting…

  • Asad Mulla

    whats the third one? I bought the liveview a little while ago for only £18.99 from play but I never used it. I didnt think the liveview was any good.

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  • AlexBurnout

    Hey guys check this out 
    Also read the description

  • Davis

    Poster above is wrong – it is ‘Splashproof’ but NOT Waterproof

  • trafro

     Wow this is amazing to actually get your hands on one early. Theres this great interview from the gadget show 2012 that gives a bit more detail about the use of the watch.

  • It is most certainly NOT waterproof. Just a little rain KILLED mine after owning it for just 2 days.

  • Paolo

    Was it acid rain? Because mine is totally waterproof.

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