Xperia S Disassembly Guide

by XB on 30/04/2012

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Xperia S DisassemblyThere are various reasons why someone may want to disassemble their handset. Whether it is to try and replace a damaged screen or even to change the internal battery, in the case of the Sony Xperia S. We would recommend any user to think long and very hard before attempting to open their phone, but if you’re curious then we have the guide for you. went through the arduous process of detailing the step-by-step process in taking your Xperia S apart. We are reproducing the guide here to bring this information to the wider English-speaking Xperia community. If you are thinking about taking your phone apart, please read the instructions carefully and if you get stuck don’t force anything. Check out the full guide after the break and the disassembly video below.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

[The Xperia Blog absolves itself from any responsibility should you decide to carry on and you break your handset. Please proceed with caution and at your own risk.]

Step 1: To disassemble the Sony Xperia S, you will first need the right tools. A Torx 6 screwdriver and tweezers are a must.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 2: Removing the back cover gives access to the micro SIM card slot. Unfortunately the battery is sealed, but we’ll show how you can get reasonably easy access to it.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 3: Given the large chassis there are quite a few screws to remove. Make sure you also remove the screw near the camera.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 4: In total, there are nine screws and they come in two colours which determines their location.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 5: Once you remove all of the screws, you can prise open the shell. This is the first step to dismantling the phone.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 6: The shell is also connected to a cable and the integrated NFC module. Be careful to disconnect it.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 7: Here you can access the battery – as you can see it resembles the batteries that Sony (Ericsson) has used in the past.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 8: The 1750mAh battery can be easily removed and replaced if needed.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 9: Here is the battery on its own, showing the minimum 1700mAh capacity.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 10: The next step is to remove the 12MP back-illuminated camera.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 11: The camera cable is very fragile so please proceed with caution.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 12: This is the front of the camera once removed.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 13: This is the back of the camera.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 14: Once you remove the camera you can access the phone’s tiny motherboard.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 15: Some further screws need to be removed to get access to the transparent section of the handset.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 16: This chip controls the transparent light functionality.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 17: This is the cable connection at the bottom of the electronic components.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 18: The bottom belt (housing the transparent element) is very fragile and needs to be removed with great caution.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 19: Once done, you will be able to completely separate the bottom part of the phone.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 20: Here you can see the metal connections in the middle of the belt that controls the antenna.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 21: The antenna can be seen in a grid fashion through the transparent bar of the phone.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 22: Once you open the motherboard cover you can see the Qualcomm chipset.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 23: The front camera is integrated directly on the motherboard, this is relatively rare when it comes to smartphones.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 24: Here you can see the back of the Toshiba memory. The read and write speeds of this module are very fast.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 25: This is the micro SIM card slot.

Xperia S Disassembly Guide

Step 26: Finally, here we have the phone and all of its accessories laid out in all of their glory. Well done if you managed to get this far!

Xperia S Disassembly Guide


Thanks Guddu!

  • Brian Tan

    No wonder it is so difficult to disassemble, you need a pair of long thumbnails…

  • Andrey Gromak

    i want see Xperia P Disassembly Guide

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Um okay can anyone help me with this is the screen attached? is it one unit or a separate thing? the glass sheet on top thats what i am talking about

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  • lovebmw

    and why is this not rated mature?

  • Asad Mulla

    sony ericsson battery.

  • Jenge

    As far as I know it is glued to the glass

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    Well then that sucks!!! i shattered the screen and well suffer from yellow tint issues on the lcd . I wonder what the service center guy will say now.

  • baby0503

    I wonder how can we remove the plastic cover with the “XPERIA” from that bottom part?

  • max

    how can we remove the plastic cover with the “XPERIA” from that bottom part and is it normal whan it is not spot hard on the new phone?

  • Rick

     Can you seperate the black part from the antenna? And how? ( Mine has a crack in it.. :/

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  • Human

    Then how do you assembly it?

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  • Muhaimin Risad

    Where can I buy the xperia s parts? My Xperia S has some scratches on the bottom “Xperia” part below the antenna. I wouldn’t mind purchasing the entire antenna and reassembling.

  • pixza

    step 6, where u disconnect the golden cable, is it magnetic? i read that somebody lost connectivity when he reconnected. can you describe how is it reconnected correctly

  • Lukas Budiman

    Sony Ericsson battery and Sony Ericsson IMEI label too…

  • Escalop Prajit

    when Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread), planned to upgrade v4.0 will be available for XPeria S, how can that be replacing the v2 OS, if ever could… ?

  • Joshua M

    That’s seem to be the hard way… but if you don’t have any plan to re-assemble it after disassembling it, there is a shortcut way… you only need a good pair of eyes to find the parts because they will surely scattered around…

  • Zaki Rox

    Can’t we remove the bottom cap of Xperia S?

  • Zaki Rox
  • Zaki Rox
  • Ac

    Is the screen attached to the front part(also the sides) of the housing? Please answer

  • Martin Quilitz

    very  nice! 

  • Martin Quilitz

    i would like to now the location of the 32 gb eMMC flash memory on sxs. any ideas? 

  • Raja Simon

    i like to change the outer frame , is it possible ? where ? anybody…

  • Pepe Capirote

    My xperia S has main microphone failure. tried to reboot, reinstalled software/ firmware a number of times, stopped using live wallpaper etc, but still no mic function. any ideas? would the mic have become unplugged by any chance?

  • WeWe

    Is the screen attached to the front part(also the sides) of the housing? Please answer

  • Martin Christiansen

    The front glass in my girlfriend’s Xperia S cracked a few weeks ago.
    The LCD and digitizer stil seems to work fine…

    I would like to just replace the front glass is that possibly?
    Sellers seem only to be able to provide LCD+digitizer and glass in one pack.
    Is it possibly to replace just the front glass and could anyone send me a link
    to the part.

  • Mike

    same problem here :/ need help too.

  • Joy Cruz

    well my mobile felt from second floor window, i just bought the entire thing LCD+touch, now i can’t find anywhere to replace it !!!!

  • Tom

    Hi…I was changing changing a battery in my XS, but when I reconnected the NFC antenna and turned phone on, I wasn’t able to turn on the NFC…it looked like it’s turning on and it was loading, too, but after a while it turned off…the phone works fine, but NFC doesn’t work…where’s the problem? Can anyone help me? Thanks…. PS: Sorry, if my english is terrible :)

  • Tom

    Why I wrote twice changing? LOL :D

  • Vasilis K.

    Cut your nails!!!!

  • Ulises

    Good afternoon Someone know, where’s the wireless card and antenna ?

  • Kirsten

    Thanks for helping by this guide! It was very useful! I just wanted to say that a Torx T6 didn’t fit for me, but a T5 did!

  • inayatullah khan

    is the micro sim slot connected to the back Camera?
    because i repaired my Xperia S now there is no micro-simSlot in my phone. and the Back camera in not working. while the Front camera and the phone is working All Fine.

    can someone Tell me how to make Back camera Working? ASAP.

  • Shah Rukh Qasim

    Hey people! My Xperia S is completely broken. Is there any chance I could recover data from it’s internal storage by plugging in memory chip etc? Note that it cannot be turned on by anyway. Please tell me!

  • pol

    question sir, where is the part of these pictures shows the wifi antenna? thanks

  • Humberto Barrientos

    Hi everybody, so heres my problem. I’m trying to fix a Sony Xperia lt26i because the touch screen does not respond. It starts perfectly and the operative system starts as well. I replaced the touchscreen already but the problem stays the same. I am unable to unlock the mobile and start using it. Since it is not the screen it should be something else….. Do you have any suggestions what might be the problem? Thank you for your suggestions!

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