Sony ST26i appears in benchmark

by XB on 24th May 2012

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Sony ST26i XperiaWe’re losing count in terms of how many new Sony Xperia models seem to be appearing. Another low-end model on the horizon is the Sony ST26i, which we’ve already heard of previously. The phone popped up in the GL Benchmark and revealed a number of specs at the same time.

This includes the fact that it will be running the 45nm Qualcomm MSM7627A chipset that incorporates the old Adreno 200 GPU. The benchmark suggests the phone will be running at 1GHz even though the official spec of the chipset suggests an 800MHz speed. The ST26i will have a 480 x 854 display resolution and is likely to launch on Android 4.0.4. If this phone does see a release, it’s likely to be another emerging market offering.

Sony ST26i

Via Blog of Mobile.

  • Nine

    OMG sony .. Release your current phones first then work on new ones .

  • DragonClaw

    Xperia Blog should list all the phones Sony released, or are yet to release this year. Its really
    getting confusing now, with so many phones rumored.

    The old processors being used in these rumored cells are not at all powerful. Hope they will run the IceCream Sandwich without much hitch.

  • confused

    I don’t get it, ST 26 but with the lower spec than ST 25 xperia U?? did I miss something here??

  • Xperia

    Guess this is the AFFM due on September,given its specs.

  • DragonClaw

    Sony is keeping something secret from us. -_-
    They have something which will make this phone better than the Xperia U, assuming the model numbers are incremental.
    Or may be this phone will be aluminum body or something like that. For example, the Xperia S is LT26 where are the ion is LT28, and the higher cost is due to the fact that the latter has aluminum body.

  • I did a bit of research. The MSM7627A chipset has the same architecture as the MSM7227A (just with the addition of a CDMA2000 wireless radio technology support) which is currently the processor inside the Lumia 610 and the Galaxy Mini 2 which are both entry-level/low-end smartphones. What is confusing is that it has a higher model number than the Xperia U (ST25) but it seems to have lower specs.

  • DragonClaw

    The chipset suggests a 800mhz but the benchmarks a 1ghz. Sony surely has something more to offer than the lumIa or the mini 2.

  • It should be better, but probably not as much as a dual-core processor. It’s just confusing because I thought that having a higher model number means having better specs or would have a higher price. There’s something mysterious about this phone.

  • Ambroos

    Since this one has a CDMA radio it’s probably a phone made for specific markets, probably targeting a low-budget market that just wants a telephone to text.

    You guys seem to forget that Sony has a featurephone gap to fill. Many people with Sony Ericsson featurephones are really starting to need a replacement at this time, and since Sony is going 100% Android this could be the alternative.

    I know I started something with the model number system, but it’s not set in stone. In the end they can do whatever they want, can’t they.

  • paul4id

    The numbers are surely just chronological?

  • eisuke

    with so many phones, Sony is gonna struggle when it comes to updating software; no? resulting in delays. wonder if I should give up on the gx or ion or s (whichever ends up being the uk flagship!) purely for this risk…

  • Duncan Law

    is st26i xperia s

  • Muhammad Zohaib Rizwani

    no that is LT26i

  • rafi

    Sony make new line up replace all old se…

  • DragonClaw

    Or maybe, their model numbers are not incremental? Its decided by the order of release?

  • I doubt it. ST25 got released before ST21 and ST23, right? I do not know what’s behind those numbers. Let’s just probably wait for the official announcement.

  • christo

    ST26i aka Sony AFFM

  • KF

    a low end phone with big screen seems to be a good idea

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  • x8 user

    seriously wats the point om releasing so many phones when there hardly any difference between them. they should stick to 1 or 2 models and improve on them instead of a million phones that become useless after a year

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  • dilharo

    samsung going to cry

  • dilharo

    samsung thought they can sell galaxy y with 2.3 for 3 will not allow that..

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