Sony Xperia S Android 4.0.4 rollout begins [Video]

by XB on 21st June 2012

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Good news, Sony Mobile has commenced the Android 4.0.4 update for the Xperia S. The update brings amongst other things a new lock screen with improved functionality (this has its own settings menu), resizable widgets, better mobile data control and a recent apps button. The 200MB update will be available via the PC/Mac or OTA. The video below shows what Xperia S users can expect in the update and we’ve attached another video that shows how to update to Android 4.0.4.

Along with the update, Sony has, as expected, announced new media applications including the “WALKMAN”, “Album” and “Movies” apps. The WALKMAN app replaces the ‘Music Player’ app and includes the equaliser along with social features allowing you to share favourite content information with your friends. The Album app is the new gallery and this is one we’ve been looking forward to for some time, it has a new UI allowing you to browse through your media much faster. The Movies app has an intelligent database that grabs relevant information of the media you are watching.

As with other Xperia ICS updates, the update will roll out gradually. You can see if your SI number has been updated to ICS here.

Via Sony Mobile Product Blog.

Thanks subben2003!

  • ali


  • loms

    The long wait is over!!!

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid


  • loms

    Wait, is that a blue light on the transparent bar?

  • Well I was almost right hihi. 3Sweden will release it next week. :-)

  • Still not availiable for Slovakia:/ BUT I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER! :D

  • i’m a happy proud xperia s owner today :-D

  • reptile64

    Nothing yet! I eagerly waiting for it!!! :-D

  • Dakata

    This is good news :) I hope to be avaliable in Bulgaria soon. Also hope network dissconect problems to solved.
    Can’t wait to update me Xperia S.

  • morten

    When will it be in Denmark?

  • Jake

    ok most of the chance are usefull

  • Udhab

    have not received the update yet, but very much looking forward to this update :))

  • DragonClaw

    +1 if on reading the t itle of thisarticle you got a mini heart attack.

  • rohimch

    When coming to indonesia

  • blurb8

    Any idea if the walkman/movies/album apps are available on the 2011 devices?

  • lOVExperiaS


  • minur

    I wonder when officially published?

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  • thank you sony. looking forward to get an update

  • Jake

    Well stay tune for the port ~

  • I Love you sony !!! Really you are like no other

  • Nine

    Gratz to all owners of the phone, Now whens XPERIA P getting an update =)

  • Aokde Gharra

    not available for the meantime, might or might not be available in future updates…

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  • The nice thing about this is that Sony have shown that they are really committed to android and bringing it to older phones, and so the likelihood of Jelly Bean hitting the S is high, meaning people on the fence with phones can now base their choice not just on specs, and looks, and performance, but also long haul support.

  • I think it would be fair, especially considering Sony has really delivered with updates to a lot of phones in the last couple of months. This bodes well of Android JB coming to this same device, and so it makes it a good device to invest in as it likely won’t get left behind.

  • Damn double post because I thought I lost this one… sorry.


  • freddy_krueger

    YEAH !! Thank you SONY !!!!

  • Jiakushi


  • By the way, I was right. I said today…. but my operator release it next week… hihi. So I was right…. not almost right. hehe

  • Nikhar Jain

    wat about wifi direct??

  • This is Xperia U, isn’t it ?????!!

  • i am curious to see benchmark, antutu and neocore results, hope ics will bring better performance than s2

  • Iqbalimovic

    Yeah, I’m waiting too :)

  • Vi får den sammen med Sverig ! Tror den kommer i denne uge til os.

  • Dakata

    Teh release first group of SI numbers !

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  • my si number is 3318 it’s not in list.what can i do now

  • my si number is 3318 it’s not in list.what can i do now?

  • rafi

    200mb data only for update. Thay small amout compare previous update 304mb maybe sony already put some of ics flavor in the previous update .76. Thanks sony. Very proud owner of xperia s.

  • boosook

    Now sony users will have to find another reason to complain, so I’ll start…
    Sony, you suck!!! I’m still waiting for ICS for my K850i, and it’s only 5 years old! You left all K850i users disappointed, we won’t buy Sony anymore!!!

  • Vivek Kutty

    now all we need is for Sony to give us these goodies in a future update for all 2011 Xperias :)

  • owl

    what about “why can’t your phones breakdown every 3 months so that i get excuses to get new phones every quarter?”

  • SonyXperia

    What about SI 1257-2756 ..? I can’t waaaaait !!!

  • boosook

    wait? :-)

  • a1haider

    my si no 1257-2734 is on list but pc companion says phone has latest software

  • Ashadian

    Anybody know when the Xperia Acro HD will get the ICS update???

  • a1haider

    my phone si is on list but no update . xperia s india
    plz some1 help

  • lovebmw


  • v1ctorleu

    i found my phone series on this update link…but stiil can’t update…PC Companion says your phone is up to dateand Update Service: u have the latest software…:(((…still 2.3.7

  • meld


  • a1haider

    whats ur si no me also having same situation
    mine is 1257-2734

  • rob

    its being released with ICS

  • lovebmw


  • Evita

    no forever, seek it over 3rd party and prepare for performance hit

  • is there a way to update if the di numbers dont match? cheers

  • v1ctorleu

    mine is 1257-2735…:)))

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  • a1haider

    u tried updating through website

  • Jan

    reject with message is very intresting, will be useful

  • Jan

    te? czekam!! pzdr ;)

  • Wow and the update for my SI number is already released :D ! Thank you Sony!

  • v1ctorleu

    yes…but still not working…:(

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  • boosook
    (if you can understand…)

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  • My phones Si number is also
    1257-2735 but no updates via Pc Companion and Sony Mobile Website. Downloading the released ftf file to flash it myself.

  • blackhats

    wong goblok!
    goblok koq dipelihara..
    baru bisa internetan y??

  • rrw

    is it just me or sony hire Flight attendant to do the video

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  • Avery

    mi SI number is 1257-2734 and the update is not yet released for us. That report is wrong. No update on dutch for now…

  • avery

    i would like to do the same and as well I will really appreciate your feedback!

  • AlexBurnout

    It doesn’t work with me. Waiting for my SI number.

  • Chemiclus

    Lots of convenience in this update it seems

  • AsadMulla

    I am current updating my phone using SEUS. I am in UK on generics S. Not sure if its ICS though.

  • M Usman

    Do let me know which update you have. I am doing mine now using flashtool

  • AsadMulla

    Didn’t think so. It was just 6.0.A.3.75. bump.


    Rowniez czekam, ale w UK, wciaz nic!

  • roeshak

    most of the phones released this year by all the major manufacturers will receive JB next year.
    that’s just the way it goes. Android devices get updated at least once. the xperia will probably get 2 major updates but that’s only because it began with dated software.
    fanboys need to stop making this out to be something exceptional. that’s the way it just is..if anything sony are always late to join in in one form or the other. be that software or hardware…they are always late somewhere.

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid

    Dzi?ki za pozdro, a do update’u mamy u?ywa? PC Compainion czy jak na filmie ze strony Sony’ego lub w telefonie? PS: Polska zaleje cyber ?wiat ;)

  • altitud63

    I have “Xperia S (LT26)1257-2734” and still waiting

  • M Usman

    A very proud of owner of the Xperia S. My faith in Sony has finally been restored. What an amazing update. Phone is just slicker and smoother with no lags whatsoever. Thank You Sony and Xperia Blog! x

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  • Now., who’s waiting for the leak apk’s too?? ^_^

  • Pedram Rasti

    When Release For Middle East? 

  • Avery

    Hi all! Maybe someone can help me. I have a device with SI # 1257-2734 ; it’s positive on the update for ICS but when I plug to PC companion or try the web based update it replies: “Your phone has the latest software” and I’m still usin GB 2.3.7 FW .75 on it… please someone share some light here… :-(

  • M Usman

    I flashtooled mine! I think you should do it too Asad!

  • . Visit SonyMobile forum for answer.

  • Raffy

    Hi, I think it’s because the roll out of the ICS update doesn’t happen all over the world in just one day. This will probably take a bit of time and it will all depend on your network provider as well I believe.

  • webusermy

    Can anyone confirm if the LED issue that has been plaguing the other XPERIA ICS upgrades is also affecting the 4.0.4 update on the XPERIA S?

    I really rely on the LED notification a lot, don’t want to lose it.

  • Now, time to wait for the leak apk’s to install on 2011 handset ^_^

  • DragonClaw

    Did any Samsung device other than the Sii and the note get ICs? And what about LG?
    Only HTC and Sony gave proper updates for all their phones. HTC is still in the process, but Sony is definitely ahead in this race.

  • jacobdsilva

    my SI number is 1257-3318… its not on the list.. any idea when it’ll be available? i reli cant wait anymore… but i appreciate sony for keeping up to their promise…SONY U ROCK.. :)

  • king

    sony please change the lockscreen like the Sony Walkman Z series its very cool =(…please~~~~~

  • Raffy

    I think the P will get the ICS late July..

  • Raffy

    My ICS will depend on my network provider seeing I have just had a chat with a guy working for Vodafone. It seems like I have to wait for about 2-3 weeks before they roll out the ICS.

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  • Ravi Shankar Bhaskaruni

    My Si Number is 3318 and its not in the list what i have to do………still how much time i have to wait….

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  • asdffs

    A shit I want that music player on my xperia ray :(

  • Jan

    Ja wczoraj zflaszowa?em sobie ICS’a wed?ug tych instrukcji i ?miga jak ta lala… :) nie by?o du?o roboty z tym. b?dziesz móg? to Over-The-Air (przez wi-fi), ale przez PC companion te?.

    Ja nie mog?em ju? d?u?ej czeka? :)

  • Brixboy

    hi are my apps going to be deleted after the update or not?

  • Soban

    Does the update improve sensitivity on the capacitive buttons?

  • Xperia S forever

    Sony, youare so cruel! Why do you make us wait for our SI numbers to be updated while other xperia s already have ics?? That’s so mean… But anyway still a big hurray for bringing ics!! Love Sony

  • Soban

    Probably, you should do a backup just in case.

  • sfu11


  • 24 hours later how is the ics update

  • Mamallan

    My model (
    1257-2735) is also in the List but i am not getting upgrade

  • zymil

    My si is 6705 (the last numbers) please put it on the list i cant wait!!!!
    Sony rocks i just wrote this with my xperia s :-P

  • no problems with led notification – everything is working

  • daniel

    Does always president come early to a party?? Hahahaha…

  • webusermy

    Many thanks!

    Highly appreciate! :)

  • damn, it’s still unavailable for me(

  • ProWeirdoJustSaid

    Te? mnie ciekawo?? kusi?a, ale nie umiem si? bawi? we flashowanie, rootowanie itp. wi?c wol? zaczeka? na 100% dzia?aj?c? wersj? par? dni ni? sobie telefon rozwali? :)

  • Same problem here!

  • same problem here :(!

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  • I need update for sony xperia s meadle east origin

  • Teng How Lai

    Can anyone who has updated to ICS tell me how’s the changes? smooth? laggy? Thank you.

  • my xperia s is showing yellow tint continuously should I get replacement or Sony is only lying

  • my xperia s is showing yellow tint should I get replacement or Sony is only lying

  • Teng How Lai

    I got my screen changed.. perfect thereafter…

  • ryler

    Need help please. I am having trouble upgrading to ICS. I when I link my phone to my computer it says there is no update available. I am currently running android 2.3.7, build 6.0.A.3.75

  • monyo

    the sony service Philippines said to me that i should pay Php 11,800 for the yellow tint issue they will change the screen.!

  • rickerlr

    i have the 1257-6711, but my phone didnt updated… why?

  • i have SI number there 5177, but why i cant update???

  • My SI number is on the list, BUT I STILL CAN’T UPDATE!

  • Xperia blog maybe should try to make an article about why so many people cant upgrade their phones, I among many other users cant upgrade and our SI-number is on the list? And it seems to have been like this since 21 of june.

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  • now i got the update… 1257-2735

  • but update failed

  • AsadMulla

    The reason I haven’t is because i have a generic sim free XS. I dont want to change it to a different firmware. I want the actual firmware my phone should have. I flashtooled my RAY because it was a Vodafone Handset. Hopefully I wont have to wait too long.

  • M Usman

    so you still don’t have it yet?

  • zymil

    Hi my Xperia S SI is
    1257-6705 (Portugal) and its not on the list. I am Worryed because sony dont put numbers on the list at least 3 days or something.I wanted to know if there is any problem with it.
    I wanted to know if when i update xperia S to ics i lose my apps or they are not compatible any more.
    Please don’t ignore this coment
    Thank you

  • Tham Rui Yang

    After i update to ics, my phone power saver will auto shutdown and reset by itself. anyone noe y or anyone also have the same prob??

  • Trantoan1127

    7802 when @facebook-1616211255:disqus ??????

  • Victor

    tengo un xperia active cuando actualice a ICS 4.04 ( yano puedo darle internet a mi laptop) en otras palabras la zona wifi portatil no funciona . sale como si todo estubiera bien pero no me abre ninguma pagina de enternet

  • Victor

    no se si abra alguna actulizacion futura para que corrija este problema

  • HG

    Apparently my phone is up to date as it has 4.0.3, i’m at my wits end with the phone now due to the bugs and can’t put it back to GB or upgrade it. I’m close to getting a new phone and i’ve only had this one 2 months!

  • I don’t want to show the system update on my phone scren, how can i do?

  • samier

    i want to play every normal videos without any convert, is that possible in xperia s ??

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